Calling All Innovators : In case you missed it !

Monday, September 22, 2008

At the An Evening with S60 event last week at the NYC Nokia Flagship Store, Forum Nokia announced the Calling All Innovators contest. S60 is one of the global sponsors.

All three categories (Eco-Challenge, Emerging Markets, and Technology Showdown) are open to S60/Symbian developers to win $25,000 and a free trip to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona!. (via "See into S60" )

[UPDATE] Mobile Web Server v1.4.1 : Nokia N96 and other FP2 devices supported !

MWS now fully supports, If you're already running MWS 1.4 on a pre-FP2 device, you can ignore this release since it's only for FP2 devices.

And if you're reading this via your S60 device, you could just press this link:, and the correct version will be automatically served for you ;)

[UPDATE] Projekt v1.20

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Projekt has been updated to v1.20.80 !

Download it !

[Move] Follow me on S60 sphere !

Friday, September 19, 2008

Well, after about 6 months or so of being away from posting in my blog , I finally got my Nokia S60 3rd Edition Apps/Games/Tips Review blog off the ground. I will try to update the blog at least twice every week with a new apps, games news/reviews or with some helpful Tips and Tricks.

Please take a few minutes to check out my blog and feel free to leave comments. Also if you know of an app or game that you’d like me to review please let me know and I’ll do my best to accomodate you. I am not affiliated with any third party app developers, i’m just another symbian freak, so rest assured that my reviews are unbiased.

For S60 Sphere!, The main focus is applications, tips and tricks, functionality of Symbian devices, issues surrounding the world of Symbian, and a variety of additional related content !

Also, i want to thank everyone who supported me and keeped motivating me to do what i’ve to do !

Enjoy your trip into my blog !

[UPDATE] HappyWakeUp v1.10 : Make your body and brain ready to wake up naturally !

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

HappyWakeUp works as a smart alarm clock. HappyWakeUp is based on medical research of the human sleep and its structure. It smartly monitors your sleep using the microphone of the mobile phone. It gives you an alarm signal in the morning - but only if you are awake or almost awake just before the final wakeup time.


At this kind of moment your body and brain is ready to wake up naturally and without any extra stress. See details of the medical research data on How it works -section! With HappyWakeUp all mornings are created equal.

Download it!

[NEW] Hidden Contacts by Tektronic : hide and protect any contact from the phone built-in public Contacts !

Hidden Contacts is a special phonebook application which allows you to hide and protect any contact from the phone built-in public Contacts list. The software shows you the contacts list currently defined in your phone. You can hide any contact from the list. If a contact is hidden it will not anymore appear in the phone built-in public Contacts list.

Hidden Contacts is a special phonebook application which allows you to hide and protect any contact from the phone built-in public Contacts list. The software shows you the contacts list currently defined in your phone. You can hide any contact from the list. If a contact is hidden it will not anymore appear in the phone built-in public Contacts list.
A hidden/protected contact can only be visible and accessed using the Hidden Contacts application. You must enter a password to start the Hidden Contacts software and access the hidden/protected contacts. Nobody can see and use the hidden/protected contacts without to know the password.
It is is also able to automatically remove the phone call logs so that you can have confidentiality for the phone calls you have. Nobody can know what phone calls have been made or received by your phone.
For more protection the Hidden Contacts has also extended settings like Lock Messaging application or Lock Installer.
More, the Hidden Contacts phonebook application allows you also to call, add, remove, edit contacts or send SMS messages.

User Guide !

Download it!

[UPDATE] CorePlayer 1.2.0 "Preview"

Saturday, March 1, 2008

CorePlayer was updated yesterday !

So, whats new? Well since our last 'Beta' Symbian release, this version has the largest amount of overall changes/additions/fixes. But the biggest thing many ppl will find is the stability. This was a top priority for us with this milestone.

- FIX: Over 500+ Fixes
- FIX: Improved v1 skin UI
- FIX: Qualcomm QTv / Camera issue
- FIX: CoreAVC AVCHD streams
- ADD: Multi-language support (14)
- ADD: Google GData support
- ADD: Google / YouTube Integration (to be released in v1.2.1)
- ADD: RTP/RTSP support
- ADD: UDP Unicast / Multicast support
- ADD: HTTP Tunneling support
- ADD: RTCP (keep alive)
- ADD: IPTV / DVB-H Ready
- ADD: Enhanced Benchmarking (more accurate)
- ADD: Qualcomm QTv Hardware Overlay support
- ADD: CoreUI Widget Modular Isolation
- ADD: CoreUI Skin Enhancement
- ADD: CoreUI PNG Alpha Transparency support
- ADD: Core-C Enhancements
- ADD: Initial Pocket Internet Explorer integration (mimetype)
- ADD: Speex Audio support
- ADD: GSM Audio support
- ADD: WMMX Optimizations
- ADD: AVCHD M2TS support
- ADD: SMB Browsing Win32 and OS X
- ADD: Native Open Dialogue for Win32 and OS X
- ADD: CorePlayer Pro for Windows
- ADD: Coreplayer Pro for OS X
- Plus another 1000+ add/changes since v1.1

Buy it if you like it!

[UPDATE] Net60 Beta 3 Refresh

Friday, February 29, 2008

Beta 3 of Net60 has been refreshed !

The timeout expiry date is now set to 28 May 2008.
Whilst the team is busy preparing a great release with many fixes and improvements for the Version 1.0 release, these weren't QA'ed in time for the necessary replacement of the existing beta which times out over the weekend. In this way, beta testers will still be able to use Net60.

Download it!

[UPDATE] Screenshot v3.02

Screenshot has got another small update !

- Fixed a problem with <#>+<*> as shortcut

Download it!

[UPDATE] Jbak TaskMan v0.97

Jbak Taskman has been updated again !

The Spanish and Czech locale
Rules for programs
The list of processes with the possibility of a change of priority flows, and viewing
List flows
New versions of keys for the menu.
* All that concerned the functional keys menu - rendered in a separate obdtuning dialogue.
* High priority process, which allows normally respond to the pressing menu.
! To change the setting to display all programs in the list of "required restart.
! FUK'N memory to save preferences
! Tasks like "Creating a new SMS" considered to be hidden.
! After some action dubbed Digital hotkeys

Download it!

NB : NB : Don't forget to sign it!

[UPDATE] Nokia Text Messenger v0.0.9.0

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Nokia Text Messenger has got a minor update again !

- improved recipient selection and maturity improvements.

Download it!

RockNscroll : Available for "private" free download !

Yesterday i posted about RockNscroll, just to tell you that's available for download !

If you are already a member of their forum, then you can download it ;)

Sorry, It's against the copyright to repost the download link. So what are you waiting for? go and be a member into their forum !

[UPDATE] Profimail v2.88

Profimail has been updated to v2.88 !

2.87 Application password, option to reply from different account, Romanian language
2.88 Local folders in POP3 accounts, alternative connection access point (Symbian 9.x only)

Download it!

RockNscroll : Coming Soon !

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

RockNscroll wil be available for public in a few days !

KEYnetik has already completed a proof-of-concept implementation on the Nokia N95 (below). owners of an Accelerometer enabled S60 will be able to download RockNScroll for free by registering on the KEYnetik forums.

[UPDATE] BT Guard v2.0 : Now respecting BT-Headset!

The amazing BT Guard has got an update !

In the Version 2.0 the Active Connection Guard was added. Now when you are sending or receiving some data, the software can be set in that way that it will not ask to turn the Bluetooth off during the process of receiving or sending data.

So, You can deactivate permission asking while data sending/receiving or when using a BT Headset

Download it!

[UPDATE] Resco News v1.24

My favorite rss news reader Resco News has been updated !

- Improved navigation. Use Shift(pencil)+Up/Down to jump over channels in the list

Bug corrections
- Freezing when updating not working feed
- Nokia N95 8GB: bad drive list

Download it!

GDesk Finally Available !

I'll remind you that GDesk is a famous UIQ 3.x application that enables you to make your desktop system customizable and extendable. Icons can be placed on the desktop representing applications, page links and plug-ins; these can then be launched by tapping them. Plug-ins can be added at any time and as required; further plug-in functionality will be provided over time.

I'll provide screenshots later on ;)

Download it!

NB : Don't fotget to sign it!

[UPDATE] Shozu v4.0

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Shozu has been updated !

This version includes some minor improvements ;)


Download it!

Finanz : Finally Available !

Finanz is your all in one business and finance assistant:

* it handles classical business and finance calculations, including loans, annuities, compounded growth, margins, discounted cash flows, net present value... and also bond calculations. Calculations are handled in clever templates (19 available), which work like "solvers" in a spreadsheet and are particularly useful for repeat calculations and "what if" simulations.

* it includes a currency converter where 48 currencies are displayed on several pages. You can select the 48 currencies out of a list of more than 100, and display them in the order you want. Exchange rates can be updated directly via an internet connection.

* it is a functions calculator with 48 functions, which you can program to do just any mathematical calculation you decide, with one or more variables.

* it features a days calculator and a "percentages for dummies" module. A dedicated module helps you calculate the tip on a restaurant bill and share between several guests...

* it is also a plain vanilla hand calculator, which can be operated in standard algebraic mode or in RPN mode (Reverse Polish Notation).

Download it!

[UPDATE] FIVN Player v2.7

FIVN Player has been updated !

New features:
- Sleep timer (time base or clip end base)
- Rewind/fast forward dual mode (quick press for 20 seconds, long press for time increment)
- View clip details
- Custom folders (can be set to any drives and folders)
- Marque for clip long name

- Power consumption optimization
- Memory use optimization
- Quick response with user interaction
- Meet more "Symbian Signed" specifications

- Not show file name extensions in the list
- Swap button 2 and 5 functionalities
- From protected UID to unprotected UID

- Play position can be set more than 34 minutes
- Not overload CPU when receive calls
- The software crashes when the next song is being initialized and volume is adjusted at the same time

Help (does not work with unprotected UID)

buy it if you like it!

[UPDATE] Nokia Location Tagger beta 2

Nokia Location Tagger has been updated !

- Support more devices. There were reports from the previous version that it does not work on many non-Nseries devices. This version should work on most S60 3rd Edition devices. Please let us know if it doesn’t work on your specific device/firmware. Note that you can use Nokia LD-4W if your device does not have built-in GPS module.
- Improved usability. Many of you mentioned that GPS takes some time to lock and sometimes you miss the moment. There are two improvements in this version.
°If there is no GPS signal when you capture a picture, it will be tagged with the last known good position in the last 1 hour. The previous version uses 10 minutes only.
°If there is no last known good position in the last 1 hour, the picture will be put in a queue until timeout. You can set the timeout value from the Settings menu. If your device is able to lock the position before timeout, all pictures in the queue will be tagged with this new position.
- Added “Show on map” feature. You can now select Options | Show on map menu from the Logs tab to show the location of the picture on Nokia Maps. This feature works only on S60 3rd FP1 devices with Nokia Maps installed, such as Nokia N95.
Many bug fixes. We have fixed a nasty bug that may drain your battery very fast in certain situations.

Download it!

NB : NLT will be integrated into N82 soon !

FunVoiceMail : Let it be your secretary !

Monday, February 25, 2008

FunVoiceMail is an Intelligent Mobile Phone Manager that allows users to have full control of all incoming calls when they are not available to answer their mobile phones. It provides a wide range of greetings for users to greet their callers and a complete management of voice mails left !

Users can create different profiles for different callers and FVM will then manage the callers as users have configured. For example, if the user cannot answer the phone, FVM can :

* Accept or Reject all or certain calls from unwanted callers or a list of callers
* Automatically send a customized SMS to callers
* Play a Fun Greeting to entertain callers (fully customized for each of them).There are more than 50 greetings available for free
* Play any MP3 file to any caller
* Record and play a personal greeting for each caller
* Allow or disallow callers from leaving a voice mail
* Fully manage all the voice mails left by callers: users can listen to them unlimited times for an unlimited period of time and for free, send them to friends via Bluetooth or email, and store them either in the phone, memory card or PC

Download it!

ShakeSMS Goes public !

ShakeSMS is available for download !

Main Functionality(V1.00 Beta):
- SensorTimerout : 30, 60, 90, 120 (seconds) ---- To save Battery
- Sensitivity: Very, Less, Normal, Not so, Not Sensitive ---- how hard you have to shake
- ShakeNewSMS: View&Unlock, ViewOnly ---- When New SMS is In
- ShakeAgain: HomeScreen&Lock, OnlyLock, OnlyHomeScreen ---- Shake a Second Time
- AutoStart: No, Yes, Yes&Hide ---- Start the Application automatically

Download it!

NB : Don't forget to sign it!

[UPDATE] QuickWrite v2.60

Sunday, February 24, 2008

QuickWrite has been updated !

Sorry, no changelog available :s

Download it!

[UPDATE] Slick 0.38

Friday, February 22, 2008

Slick has got an update !

- Add/delete buddy
- Xmpp priority setting
- improved Xmpp compatibility
- fixed MSN typing icon

Download it!

[UPDATE] Wellness Diary v1.14

Wellness Diary has been updated !

- Spanish version
- 4 new variables added (blood glucose, waist, alcohol and tobacco consumption)
- Imperial units support

Download it!

[UPDATE] Nokia Text Messenger v0.0.8.1

Nokia Text Messenger has got a minor update !

- Sidebar crashed when connection was lost to the phone
- Contact database is updated when first time opening the gadget
- Several performance and stability fixes
- SMS sending is possible when the inbox is empty
- PCCS version check removed from the installation

Download it!

[UPDATE] Expenses v2.0

Expenses by symbianguru has been updated ! to remind you, it's an expense tracker for your private and business expenses. Just with one click you will get a full report on the mobile screen, or export your expenses report to MS Excel compatible format on your PC.

In version 2.0 the following features were added:
- In settings is now allowed to change font colour and font size of the on screen reports. In Preferences two new settings were added: Font Size and Font Colour, allowing to choose from a predefined list of colours and fonts. Then the chosen colours and fonts apply for the on screen report.
- Application is now protected with password for more security. Password was added to Settings. (Enter old password, Enter new password, Repeat new password)
- It is now possible to modify and add new categories –in Settings a new category Categories can be added. By default there are Business and Personal. Their names can be edited, but these two categories can not be deleted. User can add new categories as many as he wishes.
- Bug with wrong display of big numbers in MS Excel was fixed.

Key Features of Expenses v. 2.0:
- Customizable list view of all your expenses, also with the personal notes
- Secure password protection
- Application options lets user personalize the main page view, report view, all used expenses types, currencies and payment methods
- When recording a new expense, the most used expenses types will come first in the list to avoid much scrolling
- Unlimited number of expenses categories can be created for keeping separately different expenses types
- User can make a personal note to every expense
- User can get the total of all expenses just with one click
- Report on screen can be made, with custom data chosen for the certain period and fully customizable report view
- Easy export MS Excel (universal CSV format)

Download it!

Themes Launcher : Bring Back The Themes Icon !

Thursday, February 21, 2008

As you all may know, with v20.0.015 firmware for nokia n95-1, nokia removed the theme icon from the menu, and only access to change theme was going through the settings. Well now you can bring the icon (Thanks to the creator of MobiTubia) back with this very simple but yet very effective small application.

Simply install Themes Launcher application to your device and you will have the theme icon back on your menu, it will appear under the applications folder, later you can move it to wherever you like within your phones menu.

Download it!

[UPDATE] Smart Settings New Beta !

A new beta for Smart Settings is available (for beta testers of course) !

The following problems has been solved:
- Start Menu: Visibility problem in dark themes
- Start Menu: Show icons for Java applications
- Start Menu: Blinking several times when starting Java application
- Smart Settings: Start Menu/Order was renamed to 'Content Manager' with easy to find functionality
- Start Menu: Confirmation message for restart

[UPDATE] S60Ticker v1.00.01

S60Ticker was updated today with more features and fixes !

Release S60Ticker version 1.00 "consisting of S60TickerServer as (freeware) and S60Ticker Setup as (shareware).

Known issues:
- On machines with Nokia S60 (Symbian OS 9.1) and enabled themes support "for incoming message is in very rare cases, a device restart (via battery removed).
Solution: Turn off the option "support issues" again.
- Nokia E90 - At the opening of the device and visible ticker appears for about a second, a black area.
- Pressing the menu button S60 outside of the view screen appears, despite the option "Display only standby screen, possibly just an active ticker.
- Language file "France (FR)" will be in English.

Google Search Goes Native !

Google has released a native client for Google search for S60 phones!

The application, places a shortcut to a Google search box on the Idle screen ('Ctrl' or 'pencil/edit' key),



Of course, Google Search will be added to the Nokia Mobile Search application soon ;)



Point your mobile browser to and look for Search (Download) link.

VisualAlarm : Wake up to Videos !

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

VisualAlarm by Handygo enables you to play a video as an alarm!

The user will use the application to set the alarm time. He will have also to choose the default video which will be played, from a group of videos. Features: 1. Ability to set repetition time ? Eg. Daily, Monday to Friday, Monday to Saturday 2. Snooze ? after 5, 10, 15, 30 or 60 minutes 3. Set Volume level. 4. Preview, how video alarm will be played and at what volume. 5. Choose video from the available video’s in the mobile. 6. Hour Reminder, that will remind you on every hour.

Buy it!

ROK Talk : Revolutionary Conference Calling Application!

RokTalk is a new application in private beta that helps users to quickly organize on-demand or scheduled conference calls in groups of more than twenty attendees from a Nokia S60 mobile device!

Instant, ad-hoc group calling
ROK Talk lets you talk to up to 30 people simultaneously in just a few seconds, and manages introductions on your behalf. All using your existing Contacts list.

Scheduled conferences with invite management
No website or secretary needed, just use your phone to schedule those important conference calls, and let ROK Talk gather everyone's availability for the call.

In-call conference control
When on a call, you can easily invite additional people to your conference, individually adjust the volume of those "quiet" attendees on-the-fly, and much more!

Saved groups
Call the same people all the time? Save them as a group, and you can be talking to all those people simultaneously in just 3 clicks.

You can submit to the beta here!

[UPDATE] Guardian Beta 4 by Symbian Toys

Guardian by Symbian Toys has been updated again !

Fixed bugs:
- Localize Command correctly sends the Cell-Id after the desidered timeout for gps.
- Delete Command correctly removes Images and Videos from the device.
- Forward Command propely works also with partially-corrupted contacts entries.

- For better testing Localize Command, you can now specify the timeout for gps location retrieving.
Note that the Localize, will not search for Bluetooth GPS devices, but it will use them if they’re already connected to the phone and provides valid GPS Location.
- Delete Command doesn’t “freeze” the device during it’s operation (note that, like in Localize, to correctly test this command, you have to keep the Guardian’s interface opened until the operation has been finished…)
- In the final version of Gold and Platinum editions, will be possible to add unlimited sims to the authorized sim list.

- Registration menu’ is now avilable and partially working…
After you’ve selected “Register -> Via Internet”, enter this LicenseID “AAAAAAAA-AAAAAAAA” and a “Registration Complete” message will appear.
Entering any other LicenseID will result in an error message.
- Alarm Command has been introduced. Will sounds a loud alarm for 5 seconds.

Known Issues:
- Some navigation softwares, communicates directly with the Bluetooth GPS, (eg. tomtom) in such cases Localize will not be able to use the Bluetooth GPS device to provide the Location.

[UPDATE] Budzik v3.0

Budzik has been updated, and oh yeah, the latest version (3.0) adds also support for the SmartMovie and basically any other 3rd party player via the handy "Other" function.

You can set DivXPlayer or CorePlayer for example or any other player that has the play at start funtion, z:/sys/bin/.. is path where you can lokate the exe files that are neccessayr to associate application with the player (DivXPlayer.exe, CorePlayer.exe, FIVNPlayer.exe).

Download it!

Nokia Text Messenger

Nokia Text Messenger fetches you the latest text messages from your connected Nokia device. Naturally, the latest messages are displayed first.

A gadget for Windows Vista, Nokia Text Messenger comes in two different sizes. If you want to place the application in your Windows Sidebar, you can opt for Nokia Text Messenger in a smaller size. The sidebar gadget lets you view three text messages at a time.

If you want Nokia Text Messenger in a slightly larger size, you can have it floating freely on your desktop. In this case, text messages can be browsed in groups of five.

Download it!

NB : make sure that you have Nokia PC Suite version 6.85 or later installed.

[UPDATE] PowerMovie v1.01.057

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

PowerMovie has been updated !

It's much more stable and now works fine on most S60 9.2...

Download it!

Budzik v1.0 - Wake up to music !

With this application, there are thousands of interesting use cases such as starting an application automatically at the morning !

Budzik is a nifty little alarm-clock that can startup LCGJukebox or FIVNPlayer or VisualRadio at the set time so you could wakeup to your fav music/track in the morning.

Download it!

NB : Python v1.4.0 or higher is required

ShakeMe By Samir Coming Soon!

Monday, February 18, 2008

ShakeMe give you access to a lot of functions by simply shaking your phone.

Features: (Alpha 1)
* Key Lock: Lock/Unlock your keypad by shaking your phone.
* Bluetooth: Activate/deactivate bluetooth state by shaking your phone.
* Silent: Activate/deactivate silent profile by shaking your phone.
* Backlight: Switch the backlight on by shaking your phone.

* Reactivity: The higher this setting is, the longer you have to shake your phone.
* Sensitivity: The higher this setting is, the stronger you have to shake your phone.
* Play tone: Play a tone when a shake movement is detected.

[UPDATE] Handy Weather v5.0

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Handy Weather has been updated !

New features:
- Forecast provided by Intellicast
- Maps
- Hot keys

So, monitor the weather forecast in your area with the help of 3 types of weather maps on your smartphone. The Temperature map presenting the weather chart of the selected zone shown by shades of blue, yellow and green. The Pressure map displays pressure space and depression areas. And also you will find a Satellite map of various parts of the world.

Download it!

Travel Guides

Travel Guides is (are) quick reference guide(s) that turns your mobile phone in your travel companion and source of information.

Discover the most astonishing theme hotels, gamble in the best casinos, go to the greatest shows in town, enjoy the most thrilling rides, find the most fun places for kids, best hotels on every budget and much more.

Download it!

[UPDATE] IM+ v7.02

IM+ has been updated to v7.02 !

Download it!

[UPDATE] CalSync v0.1.2

Saturday, February 16, 2008

CalSync has been updated to fix some bugs !

- Fixed bug that some of the entries received from google were sent immediately back to the server as updates.
- Sync date was not updated if there was nothing to export.
- Added some new error messages.

Download it!

[UPDATE] Smart Settings v1.01 beta 3

A new beta for Smart Settings is available (for beta testers) that will fix the following problems:

Start Menu: unable to start unsigned application ( QReader, Papyrus, Aqua Calendar, Bible Reade, FExplorer, ... )
Start Menu: unable to show start menu when there is a java application ( Unable to execute for security reasons (-46)

NB : Release date was a bit little delayed ! Smart Settings for Symbian 3rd edition phones will be released March 2008.

Skimondo Mountain Intelligence !

Friday, February 15, 2008

Skimondo delivers Mountain Intelligence for groups of skiers and boarders. Skimondo is a GPS enabled information system, designed to get the most out of your skiing/boarding trip!

It uses both panoramic piste maps and accurate geographical maps to locate you and the rest of your party either on or off piste. It can track where you have been and how fast you got there, as well as helping plan your route. Plus Skimondo delivers the info on lifts and mountain conditions that you need to maximise enjoyment of your mountain holiday. Skimondo positions you and others in your party accurately in case of emergency.

Download it!
and Activate it!

[UPDATE] MobiTuba v1.76 build 3 Released for Public !

Thursday, February 14, 2008

MobiTuba 1.76 build 3 has been released for public as a gift for Valentine Day!!

- Fixed: Flickering Pause Bar
- Fixed: YouTube Open Web Clip is now available
- Improve Video Playback Speed
- Center Screen for high resolution screen device, for example N80 and E90 (i was waiting for this!)
- Reduce SIS file size in significant number (205 KB --> 180 KB)


Download it!

[UPDATE] S60Ticker v0.10.12

S60Ticker was updated today with more features and fixes !

* Section "Incoming SMS: About the new option" as read "can be displayed once short messages automatically marked as read.
* Section "Incoming SMS: About the new option" whole message "can be established if only the first 20 characters of a message or the whole content.
* The "demo mode": the new option "Startup" can be established whether the demo mode at restarting the S60TickerServers automatically be started.
* The startup process for the S60Ticker setup has been optimized.
* With active support issues, the color selection time (header) optimized.
* An empty ticker is independent of its offset only, in short 'appears.
* Possibly. Ticker remaining items will fade when new in the top position.
* Active ticker elements are no longer hide when stopped.
* Translation for Norwegian (NO).
* Internal memory consumption increased (stack size).
* Translation for French (FR) prepared.
* All existing language files have been updated.
* Support for licensing built.
* The dividing line between individual elements ticker will be no ticker for the first item.
* In addition to the above changes, the S60TickerSDK updated.


* "Incompatibility" with the "A4" - since version 0.7 fixed.
* Language translations for the EN, GE, SP, IT, DU, TC, HK, ZH updated.
* Several ticker elements are again separated successively displayed.
* Nokia E90 - When opening appears for about 2 seconds a black area - no longer with inaktivem ticker.

Known issues:

* Under (previously unknown) may also find it very rarely happens that the device "crash" and a restart (via battery removed).
* Nokia E90 - When unfolding appears with active ticker for about 2 seconds a black area.
* Pressing the menu button S60 and mode display only standby screen will be presented with an increasingly active ticker.

Download S60TickerServer !
+ Download S60Ticker!

NB : Don't forget to sign it!

[HOT] Mobifun Smart Settings v1.00 coming soon !

Today, i'll give some screenshots of the upcoming 3rd edition version of Smart Settings, i'll remind you that is designed to protect your phone and make its appearance unique. It combines the possibility to lock the keyboard, prevent from using the phone's 10 digits Master Code in case of lost, customize lock messages and access easily the most common applications (by exactly 2 keystrokes).



* Start Menu: It provides a way to customize your phone so that it looks in your own unique way. You can use these set of features for quick access of the your favourite applications. For them you can chose speed keys (1-9). After, these applications will be accessible by the Left Selection Key + Their Speed Key.
* Easy Unlock: Forget the boring Unlock + * and choose the most convenient unlock combination for yourself, your phone was never that cool
* Security: You can disable the Master Security Code, so no one can unlock your phone in just a few seconds.



NB : Due to some Symbian 3rd edition limitations, there are differences between Smart Settings 2nd and 3rd edition:
1. You can no longer change the name of the start menu
2. You can no longer disable the standart unlock combination (Unlock+'*')
3. There is 4 seconds delay if the start menu is on the left side button (there is no delay for slider phones or for the right side)


Smart Settings for Symbian 3rd edition phones will be released by the end of February 2008.

[UPDATE] Speaker v1.0.3 Available For Donators!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The upcoming update of Speaker is available for donators !

* Proposed Features (Under development !)
o Speak and exit (in 1.0.3)
o Super shortcut (in 1.0.3) supported shortcuts {Messaging,Camera,Web,Gallery,Calendar)
o Reboot (in 1.0.3)
o Autostart
o UI (in 1.0.3)

[UPDATE] ShakeLock v1.05 Available For Donators!

Shaklock has been updated !

* Added application hiding
* Added new settings screen
* Changes to UI

Proposed Features (Under development !)

* Switch to background (In 1.0.5 )
* Autostart
* Shake direction {set vertical or horizontal to lock or unlock} (in 1.0.7)
* Autolock in case of accidental unlocking (in 1.0.6)
* UI (in 1.0.5)

[UPDATE] Youtube v1.02

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Youtube official application has been updated !

Download it!

Nokia Maps 2.0 available for download !

Monday, February 11, 2008

Do you still remember my last post about Nokia Maps 2.0? Well, simply you can download it now !

Download it!

[UPDATE] Guardian Beta 3 by Symbian Toys

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Guardian by Symbian Toys has been updated And it's almost ready !

- Secret code request now completely hides the protected application, so it's not possibile to see any application data (eg. contact names).
- In the protected applications list is now possibile to search for a particular application.
* new menu' to test Guardian's Remote Control features :
_ Delete: Deletes sms/videos/pictures/records/contacts
_ FakeSms: Receives an sms using a fake sender user choosen
_ Forward: forwards sent/received sms and the incoming/outgoing calls list
_ Alarm: sounds aloud siren
_ Config: modify Guardian's configurations parameters< br />Localize: Sends on interval basis, the current device's GPS location or the device's cell-id retrieved from network.
_ The Protected Applications list has been improved.
_ To avoid continuous secret code requests on every application launch an inactivity timer has been introduced.

NB : Some features will be improved in the final version ;)

CalSync v0.1.1 : Two Way Sync Tool With Google Calendar !

CalSync is an utility that syncs google calendar with S60 calendar. It is two way and should work in most cases !

For example, when you add appointment to Google Calendar it will appear also in your phone. Just start the application and hit sync !

Download it!

NB : there may be issues regarding event synchronization etc. So it is recommended that you backup your calendar with PC Suite beforehand.

CellSpotting v2.0 : A Global Location Based Information Service

Use CellSpotting to find information for the place you are at! and even better, you can help and give information to others about places you know! CellSpotting is a Collaborate Location Based service built by its users.


This is what you can use it for:
- Find the name and location information about a place you are at.
- Track your Cellspotting friends. You can find the whereabout of your Cellspotting friends.
- Find the distance and direction to spotted cells!

Download it!

[UPDATE] emTube v1.0.12

New version of emTube is on the way !

- Transfer-Manager: Upload Videos
- Search for Updates
- Define Access Point

[UPDATE] FlipSilent V1.05 : Coming soon !

Saturday, February 9, 2008

FlipSilent 1.05 will be available soon, ideas are collected by beta testers ;)

CellSniper : Protect your phone, Track your lost phone, remotely delete confidential data

Protect your phone from misuse, Track your lost phone and remotely delete all confidential data with CellSniper !

CellSniper automatically locks the handset on restart. The handset can be unlocked by a password known only to the owner. The handset may also be locked remotely by sending the CellSniper password in a particular format via SMS to the phone.

Also it traces any new number that might be used on your handset. When a new SIM card is installed, alert messages are sent to predefined numbers entered by you,notifying them that your handset is in use with a new number. The alert message
will also recover your IMEI number for validation.

Last but not least,it can remotely delete all personal information on the phone via SMS using a WIPE string that you control. Even if the handset is operating on a new number, you only need to send the WIPE string in a message to the new number. The WIPE string is configured by the owner and can be edited or changed when required.


CellSniper can remotely delete the following data:
- Native Contacts
- Drafts
- Videos
- Images
- All information on Memory Card

You can how it works over here !

Purchase it!

Nokia Maps goes 2.0 !

Friday, February 8, 2008

New version 2.0 of Nokia Maps (in private beta for now) will be available in the upcoming days ! According to AAS, this version includes :
- The driving navigation interface has been much enhanced, with proper turn indicators and transparent panels.
- There's a new pedstrian mode, with no voice instructions but with “breadcrumbs” that are shown where you have been walking so you can easily see what direction to take. (Walk is included in the driving navigation license for car navigation but can also be purchased separately at a lower cost)
-Satellite maps are now included (a la Google Maps) for 200 cities worldwide. The satellite maps are downloaded over the air and are saved automatically. Next time you start Maps, the satellite maps will be there, no need to download them again.
- Upgrade facilities are provided to convert old navigation licenses and maps to the newer formats. There's also a companion new MapLoader utility.
- There's real time traffic information handling
- There are now some video items in an expanded group of city guides

Stay tuned ;)

The No-Touch : iPhone’s touch flow to your S60 !

The No-Touch is another Accelerometer (and flashlite) based musicplayer!

Stay tuned for more informations ;)

[UPDATE] SignMe! 1.08 (beta)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

SignMe! has got an update to fix some bugs !

1. Improve the Installer.
2. Add the right click menu command even if Nokia's PC Suite is not installed.
3. Fix the "runtime error 75" when a user don't have administrator privileges.

Download it!

[UPDATE] ShakeLock v1.04 beta goes public !

Do you still remember my last post about ShakeLock? Well, the first beta is out for public !

Notes :
* Certificate Error: You will get a "Expired Certificate" error during installation for current release, to over come this follw the steps below:
o Change your phone date to March 2007
o Install the app
o Change back your phone date to current date. Enjoy :)
* Sensitivity settings: Normal sensitivity settings are as follows
+ Lock - 2
+ Unlock - 2
+ You can set a higher value for unlock and a lower value for lock for best experience ( ie 1 for Lock and 3 for Unlock acording to usage). Enjoy :)
* Proposed Features (Under development !)
o Autostart
o Autolock in case of accidental unlocking
o UI

Download it! + Download Python!

[UPDATE] RotateMe v2.1 Beta 1 Available For Donators !

After the Final version of RotateMe V2.0 and as i said in the previous, a new version is available for donators, and of course, with some new features !

Slide behavor : If selected, it allows to rotate the screen only throught RotateMe ie. it turns off/on the landscape when you move the slide.

Landscape 180 : This feature allows you to rotate the screen at 180° also (this option is in alpha test)

[UPDATE] RotateMe v2.0 Final !

RotateMe v2.0 in its final version (out of beta) is available !

There's only some minor changes since beta 7, information note has been added at installation if the accelerometer dll is not installed...

Download it!

NB : A new v2.1 is available on the forum for RotateMe donators...

[UPDATE] Devicescape v2.0.6

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Devicescape has been updated to fix some bugs and brings some new features !

* Devices immediately connect to all supported free hotspots. There's no need to sign up first with Devicescape nor add each free hotspot to your Devicescape account.
* Devices are able to automatically connect to any open network. This can be enabled or disabled on the device. Note, this does not apply to Nokia S60 handsets.
* The username and password for a hotspot can be added directly on the device, and will be used to automatically connect at that hotspot any time in the future. If you sign-up at using your PIN code, this information will also be shared with your other devices.
* Devices play a sound upon making a successful connection to the Internet. This can be enabled or disabled on the device.
* Users can sign up for their Devicescape account at at any time using the PIN code.

Download it!

[PREVIEW] Opera Mobile 9.5 !

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Who doesn't know Opera Mobile (or Opera Mini)? Anyway, we'll see in the next upcoming days an advanced version of this very known web browser, it's all about Opera Mobile 9.5 ;)

• A true Web experience optimized for mobile phones
• The ability to offer Web applications right on the idle screen
• The full richness of Web 2.0 services using AJAX
• Blazing speed with Opera’s Presto rendering engine
• Accelerated time to market with Opera Widgets
• A proven product with focus on innovation, quality and user experience

[UPDATE] Fring v3.30 : File Transfer Added !

Fring has got a major update with some new features and fixes !

You can now swap music, pictures, video clips and other files via fring over WiFi or 3G from mobile to mobile and mobile to PC! Its quick, reliable and of course free! No need for MMS, cable, Bluetooth or Infrared.

The new fring version 3.30 is also :
1. Multi-lingual – available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian & Chinese. It automatically installs in your handset’s default language unless you choose another language from the settings menu. See your local language blog for more details.
2. Chat enriched – with display features & icons to let you know when your buddy is typing, improved navigation between concurrent chats & more…(Chat shortcut! - Pressing the joystick in when selecting a buddy in the main screen opens the chat tab)

Download it!

NB : file transfer is currently available from fring to fring, fring to MSN and vice versa, with more services to be included soon!

[UPDATE] S60Ticker v0.9.11 : Server Signed !

S60Ticker was updated today with more features and fixes !

S60TickerServer is now available for Nokia S60 3rd edition as Symbian Signed version.
Dutch translation for added.
Maximum number of simultaneous ticker elements to 250.
In addition to the above changes, the S60TickerSDK updated.

A too large font (twips) may result in a block of the server process.
Setting maximum 3000 possible again.
N-Series: ad or texts of the settings in the setup.

Known issues:
"Incompatibility" with the "A4".
Translation for the SP languages, TC, HK, ZH incomplete

Download S60TickerServer ! + Download S60Ticker!

[UPDATE] MobiTuba v1.75 build 3

MobiTuba has been updated !

Change Log from build 1:
- Fixed: Flickering Screen
- Fixed: Can't operate with Memory Card
- WAP access point support
- Thumbnails do not appear in Gallery anymore
- Fix some network issue
- Add "Network Error" message

NB : it'll be published tomorrow ;) stay tuned!

JoikuSpot : Turn your S60 to a Wi-Fi HotSpot !

Connect your laptop to internet easily using your mobile phone's internet connection? yes it's possible with JoikuSpot!

JoikuSpot software is installed directly to the phone. When switched on, laptops and ipods can establish instant and fast wireless internet connection via smartphone's JoikuSpot access point using phone's own 3G internet connection.

Multiple devices can connect to JoikuSpot in parallel and seamlessly share the same 3G internet connection. JoikuSpot acts thus as an internet gateway to external WLAN devices.

Known issues:
-JoikuSpot might also work with E60 with new hardware version. With older hardware the JoikuSpot is created, but for unknown reason the connection to internet is disconnected after 10 seconds. If you manage to successfully use JoikuSpot with E60, please let us know. Please also deliver your hardware version, you can get it with *#0000#

-JoikuSpot has been tested successfully with several laptops: Fujitsu-Siemens, Apple Macbook, Dell, HP and new IBM models seem to work well. With older IBM laptops (at least T40P) the connection is not working. The reason behind is the WLAN chipset that the older IBM series is using.

You can read more over here !

Download it!

[UPDATE] MyID SSwitch v1.00

Monday, February 4, 2008

MyID SSwitch has been updated !

- add multilanguage support:
* French - Unikm
* Spanish - Manolinp
* Portuguese - Meraj Chhaya
- some corrections in code,
- reduced icon weight 43kB->20kB

Download it!

[UPDATE] S60Ticker v0.8.10

S60Ticker was updated (Yes, again...) to add some new features and bug fixes !

Fixes :
- V0.8.9: Maximum size in twips was limited to 850, as this may lead to problems if in the next version back to a maximum of 3000.

Known issues:
- A too large font (twips) may result in a block of the server process.

Download S60TickerServer ! + Download S60Ticker!

Speaker v1.0.2 : Speaks tha phones mind !

Manu, Father of ShakeLock has released a new application : Speaker !

The application reads: time, date and phone IMEI simply ;)

Download it! + Download Python!

[UPDATE] S60Ticker v0.8.9

Sunday, February 3, 2008

S60Ticker was updated (Yes, again...) to add some new features and bug fixes !

- Timing the ticker elements has been optimized. Timing is now referring to the
Actually visible.
- Optimizing the internal character of the run-band routine. This somewhat more fluid presentation.
- Changes to the properties of the text demo lead now with active demo mode Its automatic restart.

- White bars the camera mode and partial screen saver.
- Installation is now back on memory card.
- "Standby mode" now.

Known issues:
- "Incompatibility" with the "A4".
- Translation for the SP languages, TC, HK, ZH incomplete.
- N95 8GB: Display and texts of the settings in the setup.

Download S60TickerServer ! + Download S60Ticker!

[UPDATE] Screenshot v3.01

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Screenshot has got a small update !

* Fixed a problem with idle screen when using <#>+<*> as shortcut.

Download it!

Jbak ThePencil - For who don`t "have" pen button !

ThePencil by Jbak is THE application for smartphones that do not have a pencil buttons!

This application does not have UI so how to use it?
You should know scancode of button, which you want to assign emulation pencil !
After install go to C:\System\Data\ and edit ThePencil.ini(write there scancode of button, which you want to assign emulation pencil) So, this button becomes a pencil!

Download ThePencil !
Download Jbak Tools !

NB :(Don't forget to sign it!)

[UPDATE] S60Ticker v0.7.8

S60Ticker was updated to add some new features and bug fixes !

- Italian language file updated.
- a white bar in the camera mode and partial screen saver - resolved in v0.7.8!
- N95 8GB: Display and texts of the settings in the setup.

Download S60TickerServer ! + Download S60Ticker!

[UPDATE] BlackBaller v 2.0.1

BlackBaller (tm) is a Call & Message Filter (Blacklist), & SMS Auto Responder for all Symbian Series 60 & Windows Mobile Devices.

Various bug fixes, Added SMS Auto Reply, Autostart now functions, Integrated User Guide & now Symbian Signed!

Download it!

ShakeLock : Shake it, lock it, Shake it, unlock it !

New Upcoming Accelerometer Related Applications by Manu Krishnan will be there, it's all about ShakeLock !

Where up and down shakes equal to lock and right and left equal to unlock the phone's keypad !

[UPDATE] Screenshot v3.00

Friday, February 1, 2008

Screenshot has been updated again !

* Change the license to GPLv3.
* Fixed a problem with direct-screen access.

Download it! (Don't forget to sign it)

[UPDATE] S60Ticker v0.7.7

S60Ticker was updated to add some new features and bug fixes !

- New option "support issues". Over here, the appearance of the tape run automatically on the basis of Current theme (themes / Skin) can be set.
If the themes support disabled, the color selection on individual attitudes of RGB color values for text and background. The "Theme support is enabled by default.
- New option "time to the standby mode." The ticker will achieve the timeout automatically hidden or renewed user activity reappear - if still active ticker elements are present. This attitude is directly related to the option "standby mode" phone. If this is activated, the treadmill only disappear when no other ticker elements are active.
- Maximum speed of the conveyor at level "5".

- Maximum length of an incoming SMS is (theoretically) unlimited
- Long pressing is only for other applications available again.
- Ticker is now always above dialogues or menus. If the screen saver to use the whole screen, then also there.
- SMS acknowledgement will no longer be displayed.
- At Nokia N95 (depending on the font) flickering almost no longer visible.
- Setup application S60Ticker now automatically adapts to changing the screen settings.
- On all devices is now the symbol of letters received by SMS.

Known issues:
- "Incompatibility" with the "A4".
- Translation for the SP languages, TC, HK, ZH incomplete.
- White bars the camera mode and partial screen saver.

Download S60TickerServer ! + Download S60Ticker!

NB : (A signed version S60TickerServer *. sisx follows shortly)

[UPDATE] FlipSilent V1.04 goes Public!

FlipSiient v1.04 is now available for public FREE downloads!

What's NEW?
1, slider down to answer a call with loudspeaker!
2, slider back to end up call!
3, hide FlipSilent from the task list !

Download it!

NB : Don't forget to sign it !

FreeCertReq v0.01 : Generate your *.CSR file from you s60 !

Thursday, January 31, 2008

junnikokuki over OPDA forums, has posted about FreeCertReq, an application to create csr files directly from you s60 !

You'll find in the *zip file : FreeCertReq_MR.sisx (MR version) and FreeCertReq_FP1.sisx (FP1 version)...

After installing it, select Options - Generate Cert Request, and wait 10 seconds to achieve the process ;) you'll find the Private key and document requests in the C: \ Data \ MyCert.key and C: \ Data \ MyCert.csr.

Download it!

[UPDATE] Mail For Exchange v2.3

Mail for Exchange, Nokia's enterprise. push email solution based on Microsoft's Exchange ActiveSync protocol, has got an update !

- When trying to synchronize with a server that has an expired certificate, the user is now given the choice of continuing the synchronization. Previously, the scenario resulted in an error and the synchronization was stopped.

- Nokia N82: Making phone calls from Company Directory is not possible in Nokia N82
software version 11.0.117. Phone software to rectify this will be available later

Download it!

[UPDATE] TextQuick v1.5 is now available

TextQuick v1.5 is now available !

Just to remind you, TextQuick is a small application that provides a quick way for you to text your best friends and family. It ranks everyone in your phone book by how popular they are. This means it's always easy to find the people you text the most.

The v1.5 includes :
- Rank contacts by popularity
- Text & call contacts
- Change name order, first name last name or last name first name.
- Control what TextQuick does after sending an SMS; send it to the background, quit the application or enjoy its current default behaviour.
- View a contact's details.

Download it! (One Month Trial)

[UPDATE] Net60 Beta 3

Red Five Labs releases Net60 Beta 3, the .NET Compact Framework for S60.

The QuickStart Guide is a great resource to consult to get up and running as quickly as possible. The use of the tools shipped with Net60 such as Genesis is described in the guide which shows how .NET applications are installed directly to the S60 applications menu.

Download it!

NB : This beta evaluation version will remain active until 29/02/2008

MobiTuba v1.75 build 1 : Goes Public !

MobiTuba is finally out for public as a Flash Video (FLV) Player and Full-Function YouTube portal application with real-time decoding for Series 60 3rd Edition devices. User interface was neatly designed to be luxurious look. More than YouTube client application you will get.

Key Featured
- View Offline FLV file (.flv file in device)
- View Online FLV file (access via http://...)
- Full-Functions YouTube
· Recently Featured - View featured videos listed in homepage
· Popular Clips of the Day, of the Week, of the Month and Overall
· Clips Search - Search through YouTube clips by Tag
· View by YouTube ID - Enter 11-digit YouTube ID and MobiTubia will play that clip for you
· Open Web Clip - Enter url of webpage embedded with YouTube clips and MobiTubia will display all available clips
- Lot of Customization Options
· Status Bar Visibility
· Max Frame Skip
- etc.

- FLV file must encoded in Sorenson-H263 codec (Flash 7)
- Video resolution must not exceed 320x240 pixels

Download it!

NB : Rename *z file to *sis file and then install it ;)

LoudUp : Coming Soon !

LoudUp (by Samir) is rumored as an application that allows you to answer calls directly using loud speakers !

You'll have to wait some days for some details :D

[UPDATE] FlipSilent V1.04 Available For Donators!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

FlipSilent is available fo donators !

New Features:
1, Slider down (See music key) to accept a call with LoudSpeaker!
2, Slider back to hangup the call (from both sides).

V1.05 — Collect bug reports, Make a stable version (ShakeSMS meantime)
V1.06 — SymbianSinged!

Make your Donation now! to get your copy ;)

[UPDATE] Jbak TaskMan v0.96

Jbak Taskman has been updated again !

Download it!

NB : Don't forget to sign it!

My Portfolio v1.0 : Google Finance on your Mobile !

My Portfolio for Series 60 v3 brings Google Finance information directly to your mobile: with details of your own online portfolio, auto-refresh function and history. Now you will be always up to date with your financial courses!

It updates your Google Finance portfolio in the real time on your mobile. You get the most needed information from your own portfolio displayed, such as: company name; symbol, last price and percent change.

All other data about your portfolio units is also available, exactly as you can get it online.

There is an auto refresh option available: My Portfolio will be automatically refreshed with the updated data every set period of time. Please note: the auto refresh function will work only if the My Portfolio application is open.

You can also get the history of every unit in your portfolio, based on time period defined by you.

Key Features:
- Real time update of Google portfolio data
- All Google Finance data overview with one click on your mobile
- Auto refresh function
- History of every portfolio item
- Freeware application

Download it!

[UPDATE] AppQLaunch v1.1

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

AppQLaunch has got an update !

New features are:
- faster startup
- textfield is cleared after an application is launched

Bug fix:
- “refresh list” now removes uninstalled applications

Download it!

[UPDATE] Mobile Web Server Extensions Goes public !

My Mobile Site Widgets is a set of widgets visible on your PC (Windows or Mac). With these widgets, you can view the contents of your mobile phone and initiate certain operations like SMS sending or call initiation over a secure HTTPS channel.

The widgets run on Yahoo! Widgets engine installed on the PC and Python scripts running under Mobile Web Server provide the functionality on the mobile device. The widgets are polling the phone regularly to update the presented information. User can set the update interval in the widgets preferences window available in the right click menu.

You can read more over here !

Read more about install process here !

NB : the Calendar widget is not part of this release. It might be released later

knfb Reader : Snap it, Read it !

Monday, January 28, 2008

knfb Reading Technology has released knfb Reader as a camera based documents reader !

The user takes a photo of the print to be read and the character recognition software in conjunction with high quality text-to-speech will read the contents of the document aloud. At the same time, it can display the print on the phone’s built-in screen and highlight each word as it is spoken !

Features :
- Reading modes for books, articles and labels; bills and memos.
- US printed currency recognition (knfbReader only)
- Synchronized text highlighting with output speech
- Text navigation by sentence, word, character.
- User self-training page for taking pictures
- Viewfinder for live field of view
- Field of view analysis (knfbReader only)
- Import/export TXT files
- Automatic or manual saving of documents and image files
- Automatic screen rotation for portrait and landscape reading
- Save settings to and from memory card

Purchase it!

SkyFire :Mobile Browser With Full Audio, Video, Images, Dynamic Flash, Ajax & Java support !

SkyFire is a new mobile browser in private beta that gives you a complete Desktop PC-like browsing experience from your mobile phone. You can watch any web video, listen to any web music, stay connected on any social network and browse any webpage with embedded content that you normally can open from a PC based browser on your device !

Skyfire Beta enables speedy page loading, full audio, video, images, dynamic Flash content, advanced Ajax and Java support. Unlike other mobile browsers, Skyfire supports the desktop version of Flash applications and as well as embedded content such as Flash 9, QuickTime, Java and other HTML features.
You can even bookmark specific content on a web page to get exactly want you want in one click. When you do a search, the results are presented in easy to view tabs: web, images, and videos, and maps. Navigating is intuitive with full screen, thumbnails and zooming while resizing, at speeds comparable to your desktop PC web browser.

You can Sign up and they can promptly notify you when Skyfire is available for S60

[UPDATE] Jbak TaskMan v0.95

Jbak Taskman has been updated !

It's now possible to Lock keypad from any screen and reboot your phone.

Download it!

NB : Make sure that you uninstall Handy Taskman before installing this one. If you have installed Best Taskman, then turn off Autostart in settings & exit from it before trying this one.

If you have installed EQ AltTab, then simply exit from it before installing this one.
Later if you decide to keep Jbak Taskman then you need to uninstall EQ AltTab.

Nokia Location Tagger

Nokia Location Tagger is a small application running on “selected” S60 3rd devices that allows you to tag pictures captured from Camera application with geographical coordinates from GPS.

Your GPS coordinates are saved to the EXIF header of the JPEG file. You can use this data later, for example, to locate your pictures on a map.

What can we do with the tagged pictures? You can upload them to the photo sharing sites, such as Flickr, Panoramio and Picasa Web, so that your friends know where the pictures were taken. If you want to keep them private on your PC, some photo organizer applications, such as Picasa (combined with Google Earth), are able to display location information...

- Launch Nokia Location Tagger application.
- On the main screen, you will see the status of your GPS module. It will show the coordinate if GPS module is active. Otherwise, it will show "Searching".
- To tag pictures with GPS coordinates, simply use the built-in Camera application. Press the Camera button of your device to take pictures as usual. When Nokia Location Tagger is running in the background, you will see small icon at the top left corner of Camera’s view finder. This indicates the status of GPS module:
Green: GPS module is active.
Amber: Nokia Location Tagger is connecting to GPS module or searching for GPS coordinate.
Red: GPS module is inactive.

Download it!

NB : Share Online 3.0 needs to be installed ;)

EQ Restart v1.0 : Restart Your s60 By A Single Clic !

Sunday, January 27, 2008

EQ Restart is a little app that Reboots the phone immediately after the launch with no extra questions or popups !

Download it!

NB : Don't forget to sign it!

[UPDATE] Handy BlackList 3.0 Beta

My favorite call manager Handy Blacklist is going to be updated to v3.0 and guess what?


Main features:
- Integrated Blacklist to reject unwanted calls
- Ability to make Allow lists for limiting incoming calls
- Ability to perform predefined actions in case of rejecting a call (reject, reject with SMS)
- Active Standby indicator of missed and blocked calls
- Timed activation






Download it!

NB : It would be great to be able to choose if one wants to block only calls, only messages or both (you may not want to pick up the phone abroad if roaming charges scare you but receiving messages is free) or you might want to wild-card block 06XX numbers on a business phone but you just wouldn't want to enter them one by one.

Anyway you can post your bugs over here!

ShakeSMS : Shake it, Read it !

Saturday, January 26, 2008

New upcoming baby from Flipsilent maker ! it's all about ShakeSMS !

Scenario: when you receive a short message.

Normally without ShakeSMS:
you need to unlock the phone first, then read the message, after replying, lock the phone again.

With ShakeSMS:
just shake your phone, you can read the sms;
shake it again, it goes back and phone locked!

[UPDATE] FlipSilent V1.04 Alpha Available For Invited Users

FlipSilent V1.04 Alpha sent out to ALL Translators, and selected Users who activly particiated in Disscussion on

FlipSilent V1.04 improvements:
1, hide FlipSilent from the task list!
2, slider back to hangup the call!

Stay tuned ;)

GSM Tracker v3.13 : Real-Time GPS GSM Tracking !

GSM Tracker a real-time AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) tracking device. Also for personal location tracking. See your track in real time on Google Earth or!

The application determines the location with a Bluetooth GPS receiver and transmits the tracking data to a server in real-time through a cellular packet data connection. The data connection to the server is usually made via the Internet.

The application can use the internal GPS chip instead of an external Bluetooth GPS.

Typically server stores the received tracking data into a SQL database. The data can be visualized with simple map software, (e.g. Google Maps for Enterprise, Google Earth) or it can be linked to a professional fleet management system or a mobile workforce management system.

Individual users can use Aspicore GSM Tracker for personal location tracking. They can e.g. automatically publish their current location and daily track on their web page.

Users can share their current location online with their buddies using the free service provided by Franson Technology AB.

The location of the mobile phone can also be determined by the network cell id, which identifies the cell tower the phone is connected to.

You can configure the timers and events, which trigger the data send action. The data is sent in a compact UDP datagram, only a little over 100 packet data bytes per message. This means that the data transfer costs are minimal compared to e.g. SMS and the communication transactions are very fast.

Download it!

You can read more details over here !
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