[UPDATE] Fring v3.30 : File Transfer Added !

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Fring has got a major update with some new features and fixes !

You can now swap music, pictures, video clips and other files via fring over WiFi or 3G from mobile to mobile and mobile to PC! Its quick, reliable and of course free! No need for MMS, cable, Bluetooth or Infrared.

The new fring version 3.30 is also :
1. Multi-lingual – available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian & Chinese. It automatically installs in your handset’s default language unless you choose another language from the settings menu. See your local language blog for more details.
2. Chat enriched – with display features & icons to let you know when your buddy is typing, improved navigation between concurrent chats & more…(Chat shortcut! - Pressing the joystick in when selecting a buddy in the main screen opens the chat tab)

Download it!

NB : file transfer is currently available from fring to fring, fring to MSN and vice versa, with more services to be included soon!


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