[UPDATE] Guardian Beta 3 by Symbian Toys

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Guardian by Symbian Toys has been updated And it's almost ready !

- Secret code request now completely hides the protected application, so it's not possibile to see any application data (eg. contact names).
- In the protected applications list is now possibile to search for a particular application.
* new menu' to test Guardian's Remote Control features :
_ Delete: Deletes sms/videos/pictures/records/contacts
_ FakeSms: Receives an sms using a fake sender user choosen
_ Forward: forwards sent/received sms and the incoming/outgoing calls list
_ Alarm: sounds aloud siren
_ Config: modify Guardian's configurations parameters< br />Localize: Sends on interval basis, the current device's GPS location or the device's cell-id retrieved from network.
_ The Protected Applications list has been improved.
_ To avoid continuous secret code requests on every application launch an inactivity timer has been introduced.

NB : Some features will be improved in the final version ;)


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