[UPDATE] FIVN Player v2.7

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

FIVN Player has been updated !

New features:
- Sleep timer (time base or clip end base)
- Rewind/fast forward dual mode (quick press for 20 seconds, long press for time increment)
- View clip details
- Custom folders (can be set to any drives and folders)
- Marque for clip long name

- Power consumption optimization
- Memory use optimization
- Quick response with user interaction
- Meet more "Symbian Signed" specifications

- Not show file name extensions in the list
- Swap button 2 and 5 functionalities
- From protected UID to unprotected UID

- Play position can be set more than 34 minutes
- Not overload CPU when receive calls
- The software crashes when the next song is being initialized and volume is adjusted at the same time

Help (does not work with unprotected UID)

buy it if you like it!


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