[UPDATE] S60Ticker v0.7.7

Friday, February 1, 2008

S60Ticker was updated to add some new features and bug fixes !

- New option "support issues". Over here, the appearance of the tape run automatically on the basis of Current theme (themes / Skin) can be set.
If the themes support disabled, the color selection on individual attitudes of RGB color values for text and background. The "Theme support is enabled by default.
- New option "time to the standby mode." The ticker will achieve the timeout automatically hidden or renewed user activity reappear - if still active ticker elements are present. This attitude is directly related to the option "standby mode" phone. If this is activated, the treadmill only disappear when no other ticker elements are active.
- Maximum speed of the conveyor at level "5".

- Maximum length of an incoming SMS is (theoretically) unlimited
- Long pressing is only for other applications available again.
- Ticker is now always above dialogues or menus. If the screen saver to use the whole screen, then also there.
- SMS acknowledgement will no longer be displayed.
- At Nokia N95 (depending on the font) flickering almost no longer visible.
- Setup application S60Ticker now automatically adapts to changing the screen settings.
- On all devices is now the symbol of letters received by SMS.

Known issues:
- "Incompatibility" with the "A4".
- Translation for the SP languages, TC, HK, ZH incomplete.
- White bars the camera mode and partial screen saver.

Download S60TickerServer ! + Download S60Ticker!

NB : (A signed version S60TickerServer *. sisx follows shortly)


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