Mobiluck : Finally Ported To S60 3rd Edition OS !

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The very known mobiluck is know available for symbian 3rd edition devices, dor your information, with it you can :
Detect constantly all Bluetooth devices around you. You phone rings or vibrate when a new device is detected. You can easily send messages, files and contacts to nearby Bluetooth devices. You can also enter your personal profile in your phone and exchange profile with other MobiLuck users.

Downlaod it!


PhoneBAK is an innovative lost and found anti-theft software program that sends the thief's contact number to a pre-defined mobile phone number when your mobile phone is stolen. Install the software program into your device and the program works quietly in the background by automatically checking on the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card, all without the knowledge of the unauthorized user. It will send out 02 SMSes (local and/or overseas) using the thief's SIM card to the pre-defined mobile phone numbers. SMS will include a customizable message, thief's own mobilephone number, IMEI, IMSI, Area Code and Cell ID. No subscriptions or annual fees. Owner can contact the thief directly to retrieve back the stolen phone.

Download it!

Handy Profiles v1.00

Do you remember Handy Profiles which I talked about last week, well, it's now officially released, but curiously, i didn't find anything in their site...

Anyway, it's a powerful replacement for the built-in Profiles application. Handy Profiles allows you automatically switching profiles according to Calendar events, location or time schedule.

Author's Description

Your phone rang during a meeting?
Forgot to turn on the sound and missed an important call?
Profile management takes too much time?

Handy Profile will solve these problems for you. This new utility for Nokia S60 smartphones will change your understanding of phone profiles. Handy Profiles automatically switches profiles according to the rules you set.

Use Pager profile at your office? Configure Handy Profiles and it will automatically activate Pager profile while you are at your office (using GSM cells).

Use Meeting profile during business meetings? Add your meetings to phone’s Calendar application and Handy Profiles will automatically activate Meeting profile for the meeting times.

Do not want to be bothered by phone calls at night? Configure Handy Profiles and it will activate Silent profile, when you are asleep.

Going out to the cinema or theatre? Use timed profile activation for a movie time and Handy Profiles will activate General profile, when the movie ends.

Handy Profiles extends possibilities of your smartphone profiles, using 3 types of rules:
- Location rule – a profile is activated, when you are at a specific location (e.g. office, gym, or home).
- Time interval rule – a profile is activated for the time you set (e.g. since midnight till 7 o’clock).
- Calendar entry rule – a profile is activated, when a Calendar event with specified keyword (e.g. meeting) takes place.

You can set one or several rules for each profile.

Handy Profiles allows you to completely configure smartphone profiles, saving you a lot of time. Set your Handy Profiles once and one of your daily routines will be solved.

Download it! : An Alternative to Outlook?

Steve Litchfield has posted a nice article about Mobical as a Web-based PIM, totally online and totally free. So, for example, you can sync while mobile, even picking up new entries or revisions from your assistant or boss and backing up changes you have made. Syncs are slow at first, but then the system just transfers over changed data and it's very quick, only a few seconds.

So you're not tied to your PC. And you're not tied to Microsoft. And you'll never ever again have to worry about reinstalling Outlook after a PC system crash and hoping that your activation key still works....

Jump over to see the whole post ;)

Smart Calc Lite

Smart Calc Lite by Splus is a Smart Calculator with multi colors, view calc history, save and send via SMS.

Download it!

[UPDATE] TextQuick BETA3

TextQuick has been updated to new Beta3 release, here's the changes made in this version :

Call Someone
TextQuick beta 3 supports a new feature allowing you to call your favorite people by just pressing the green call key. Download the latest edition of TextQuick here and checkout this new feature

Download it!

Tracker v1.02 : The Most Advanced and The Must Have Solution on the Market?

Sunday, July 29, 2007

This is the new baby from smartphoneware called Tracker, Tracker is a real and fully customizable desktop application designed to help a user to optimize, simplify and organize most common everyday actions. Hundreds of unique functions and possibilities transform your device from a simple organizer to a powerful and great looking handheld computer.

Tracker highlights
- Fully customizable look;
- Unique and intuitive navigation;
- Real desktop;
- Ability to put on desktop: notes, applications, contacts, speed dials, sms/mms, emails, documents, links to webpages, different actions, etc;
- Ability to assign hotkeys for everything;
- Built-in extended task manager and task switcher;
- Unique "Recent" view that tracks all imprortant events and shows them in one view. - Last used applications, recent calls and messages, calendar and todo events - all on one screen;
- Fast separate application launcher and "Communicator" style "New call" function;
- Autostart function;
- And a lot more unique and powerful functions to explore!
- Tracker desktop look in some different modes with some different resolutions..

The best of the best is that It can be integrated into system and fully substitute the built-in "Menu" application and built-in Task manager highly improving their functionality. Tracker consists of 3 main views: Desktop, TaskMan and Recent. You can switch between them using Left/Right joystick buttons.


In this mode, you can place any number of sticky notes, shortcuts to applications, contacts, documents, speed dials, speed SMS, webpages, and even different actions on your desktop. You can organise all these items to any number of folders, subfolders and put them on different pages.

By using a unique intuitive navigation and "Pages pane" built into desktop you can switch between pages and folders very fast and access any item by some key presses. If it's not enough you can assign to any item, folder or even page a hotkey to access it with one key press only even if Tracker is in background.

Such approach will allow you organize your work with the device in the best way. For example you can create Business and Personal pages then place on Business page some speed dials to the most used work contacts, shortcuts to recently used documents or webpages and so on. If there are too many items you can organise them between folders and subfolders.

How to get started

Please note, at first start Tracker creates automatically 3 empty pages. It does not copy your current "Menu" structure as on Tracker desktop you can organise better all your applications. Now you can create any number of folders and place any applications on your desktop using "Options \ New" commands.

Hint: You can use "Options \ New \ Applications.." command to place several applications at the same time to the currently selected folder.

Manage pages

You can create your own desktop pages or edit/delete the existing ones using "Manage pages" command from menu. Hint: to switch fast between pages use shift + ok (center joystick button) key combination. This can be useful if you want to hide "Pages pane" from your desktop.


Tracker desktop supports device skins and its own looks can be fully customized to fit all users needs.

By using "Appearance" menu you can customize desktop look.
- Columns: you set the number of columns you want the desktop grid to have. The more columns you set the smaller the icon will be. You can set "Auto" (on default) so Tracker will determine the optimal number of columns automatically depending on your device resolution, zoom factor, and item layout.
- Item layout: you set the item appearance on desktop: Icon top, Icon left, Icon only

--> When the Icon only mode is selected you can see only icons on desktop and on the bottom of desktop screen you can see the selected item description. Using Icon only mode and setting large amount of columns allows you to see over one hundred items on your desktop at the same time.
- Zoom: allows you to select zoom factor of your desktop. The smaller the zoom is the smaller items will be and more information will fit the screen.
- Pages pane: allows you to show or hide "Pages pane" from your desktop.


Tracker desktop has unique and configurable navigation. You can press left/right/up/down keys to switch between items on the desktop.
- When an item in the right column on desktop grid is selected and you press right key then Pages pane is selected
- When "Pages pane" is selected and you press right key then you open TaskMan view
- When an item in the left column is selected and you press left button then "Recent" view will be opened
- You can press shift+left/right to switch instantly between desktop grid, pages pane, TaskMan and "Recent" views ignoring current position in grid.

- Using Settings command you can assign hotkeys to Desktop, TaskMan, and "Recent" views to open them instantly in one key press.
- You can assign hotkey to any folder/subfolder or page to open it in one key press. E.g. If you're going to dial someone just press the hotkey to open the folder that contains your speed dials and select the one you need.
- In desktop settings you can set up "Tab key". When you press this key Desktop switches between desktop grid and pages pane. This can be really useful if you display large amount of columns in grid.
- You can block switching from left or right columns in grid to "Pages pane" or other view using "View navigation" option in settings. If this option is set to "Shift+left/right only" then smart navigation will be blocked and when you press the cursor keys selection will always stay inside the grid. To switch to pages pane in this mode you can press shift+right or the defined "Tab key"


You can set up hotkeys to any item on your desktop you want. To do so use "Hotkey" field when you edit desktop item.
Setting hotkeys is quite useful if you have some keyboard based device, in this case you have lots of key combinations to play with. But if your device is not keyboard based you still can use hotkeys to access some important actions instantly.
Note: 'Shift' button on most Series 60 devices is graphically marked as 'Pen' on device keyboard.


You can arrange items on screen using commands from Appearance\Sort\ menu. You can set "sort by name" and all your items on screen will be arranged by name automatically. You can set up "Manual" sort. In this case you can place any item on desktop in any order you want. To arrange items in "Manual" mode you can use Move up/down commands from Appearance\Sort\ menu or use shift+up/down hotkeys.

Task manager

This view shows the information about running applications. You can see what applications are running currently, switch to the needed application, get information about any running application, close some application or all applications at once. You may also see the amount of memory and disk space available on the right of the screen.

This view substitutes the built-in task manager (if enabled in options) and task selecting navigation here is the same as in the built-in one. You can select an application by using joystick or just pressing Menu key several times to select the needed application and then long press Menu key to switch to the application.

You can also select in Settings not to substitute the built-in task manager but to define your custom taskman activation hotkey, in this case both Tracker's TaskMan and the system task manager will work without conflicts at the same time (See Settings section in this documentaion for more information).

Hint: When this view is shown from background it automatically highlights the previously focused application so you can cycle between 2 last applications in a fast way.

Task Switcher

Tracker's Task Switcher is an alternative way to cycle applications (requires much less key presses to switch between applications). TaskSwitcher has the same look and feel as "Alt-Tab on Windows". You can configure your own TaskSwitcher hotkey in 'Settings'. Default hotkey for it is "Shift+Menu".

For example you can set up Shift+Menu button for this action. Then press Shift+Menu any time you work with your device, keep Shift button pressed and hit Menu as many times as needed to select some application. Release Shift button to switch to the selected application instantly. Absolutely the same as Alt-Tab works on Windows.

Hint: While you keep Shift pressed as in our example you can also use cursor keys to select the needed application and release Shift button to switch to the selected application.

One hand mode:

You can define any hotkey to use with TaskSwitcher. A hotkey consisting of Modifier (Shift,Fn,Ctrl) and other button could not be handy in certain situations, e.g. to use with one hand. So you can define TaskSwitcher key without any modifiers, e.g. to Dictaphone, Multimedia, Camera, etc key. If so TaskSwitcher will behave like the built-in one but with improved functionality.

For example you can set up Dictaphone key to be used as TaskSwitcher. Then press Dictaphone key any time you work with your device and TaskSwitcher will appear. Hit Dictaphone key as many times as needed to select some application. Or use cursor keys to do it. Now long press Dictaphone key (for 1 sec) in order to switch to the selected application (also you can press Ok or Enter buttons to do it as well). So you can hit Dictaphone button several times only (and no other key) to switch to any needed application fast and with one hand only.

Recent view

Recent view summarizes all important information and events in one view and allows you to perform different actions on these events. This view is in ideal harmony with Tracker's desktop and TaskMan making Tracker solid solution to control and get the most from your device.

Recent view shows recent incoming/outgoing calls, missed calls, received messages, last used applications, amount of unread messages, calendar events and todo.

When you select some phone event you can dial the number or send sms/mms instantly, when you select message, you can view it and reply, when you select calendar events you see them, etc

All these events are sorted by event date. In application settings you can set up the number of items for each type to be visible on screen. For example you can set up to display only 1 last incoming phone call, 2 last outgoing phone calls, 5 last used applications, etc

Note: if some application is started you can find it in TaskMan, it won't be displayed in "Recent" view until closed.

Please note: information about recent applications start/close is tracked only when our application is started.


By using application settings you can override the default application behavior and customise it to fit your needs.

* Autostart - if enabled Tracker will be automatically started in background when system starts
- Desk view hotkey - allows you to define hotkey to switch to Desk view in one key press
- View navigation - you can block switching from left or right columns in grid to "Pages pane" or other view using "View navigation" option in settings. If this option is set to "Shift+left/right only" then smart navigation will be blocked and when you press the cursor keys selection will always stay inside grid. To switch to the pages pane in this mode you can press shift+right or defined "Tab key"
- Tab emulation key - allows to define "Tab" key. When you press this key Desktop switches between desktop grid and pages pane, this can be really useful if you selected to display large amount of columns in grid.

- TaskMan activation - If it is set to "Instead of built-in one" then Tracker will replace the built-in task manager when you long press Menu key. If it's set to 'Custom key' then both Tracker's taskman and system taskman can work at the same time.
- Activation hotkey - Visible only when Taskman activation is set to 'Custom key'. It allows you to define a hotkey to pop up Tracker's tasklist from background.
- Menu cycle list - Visible only when Taskman activation is set to 'Instead of built-in one'. It allows you to define a list of applications cycled when you press Menu key.
- Switcher hotkey - Allows you to define a hotkey to use with TaskSwitcher.
- Show hidden apps - If enabled then hidden application will be displayed in TaskList
- Task list exceptions - Allows to define a list of applications that should be hidden in tasklist. It can be very comfortable to hide some applications running in background all the time and you switch to them very seldom. This option also applies to TaskSwitcher applications list (see TaskSwitcher section in this documentation for more information).
- "Close all" exceptions - As 'Close all' command in TaskList view closes all non system applications you can set up here an additional list of applications that should not be closed with 'Close all' command.

- Recent view hotkey - Allows you to define hotkey to switch to Recent view in one key press
- Keep history for - Define how many days you want to keep your events. Older events will be pushed out from the list
- Max missed calls - Define maximun number of missed calls shown in the list
- Max incoming calls - Define maximun number of incoming calls shown in the list
- Max outgoing calls - Define maximun number of outgoing calls shown in the list
- Max unread messages - Define maximun number of unread messages shown in the list
- Max recent applications - Define maximun number of recent applications in the list

Known issues
On pre FP1 devices the system can sometimes close Tracker when it runs in background (because of memory paging). We were forced to behave like this to make our application SymbianSigned. When Symbian will accept our waiver about this issue we will fix this situation as soon as possible. On FP1+ devices (Nokia N95, E90, etc) our application "resists" these close events.

On Nokia E61, E61i blue keys (keys with numbers) can be used as hotkeys only when Tracker is in foreground. These keys can't be handled by Tracker when its in background because of key code translation issue

Download it!

Reader Questions! : Playing Original Content of Youtube and Dailymotion on my s60 3rd edition?

Well, this is one the most Frequently Asked Questions about streaming real video's content from youtube or similare services. To make things clear, i'll be quick :

* Firstly : i'll remind you that YouTube, Google Video,, Yahoo! Video and MySpace uses FLV format to deliver video over the Internet.

* Secondly : This FLV format is not supported on the current symbian's integrated version of Adobe Flash Lite (2.1)

* Finally : Flash Lite 3.0 will support Flash Video (FLV) format for stored files and streaming on the rumored s60 5th edition (see here or here )

[UPDATE] Advanced Device Locks v1.04 (Build 58)

Saturday, July 28, 2007

I'll remind you that Advanced Device Locks by WebGate is a Symbian OS application for locking the phone or selected applications only, such as Messages, Pictures, Contacts, Video or any other. With Advanced Device Locks you can secure your phone by locking it up with a secret code up to 7 characters long. And here is the rest of it.

There's new update v1.04

Download it!

*Default lock code is : 0000

[UPDATE] SMS Spam Manager v1.04 (Build 57)

Well, as you know already, SMS Spam Manager by WebGate is a pretty good application that blocks the unwanted SMS messages without producing any sound or light indication.

The application has got an update to v1.04 but there's no chagelog from the developer about that.

Download it!

[UPDATE] Advanced Call Manager v2.65 (Build 123)

Just remember that Advanced Call Manager by WebGate is one of the most advanced manager tool for your call's activities, It will handle the incoming calls for you and personalize your approach to the callers - answer with a busy tone / drop, send a kind SMS, divert calls, mute the ringer or play a personal greeting and so on.

The application has been updated to v2.65 wich bring following changes :

- answering machine support for Nokia S60 3.1 devices (N95/N76/E90/6110)
- volume control for greetings and messages

Downloadt it!

[UPDATE] Voice Inbox v1.02 (build 37)

I'll remind you that : Voice Inbox is a very good application from WebGate that empowers your device with answering machine functionality, in other words, it enables to use your own independent answering machine with local storage of messages left instead of on your operator voice mailbox service.

The application has got an update to v1.02 and here's the changelog :

- support for Nokia S60 3.1 devices (N95/N76/E90/6110)
- volume control for greetings and messages
- notification of incoming calls when the caller hangs up during the greeting and does not leave a message

Download it!

Media Safe 2

After releasing a private beta version of the well known Media Safe, Epocnova has finally released Media Safe 2 for symbian v3, a competitor of Best Crypto.

I'll remind you that Media Safe 2 keeps photo/audio/video/note files secure and private on your mobile phone. Protect your important media files (only).

Main features of Media Safe:

- Ability to encrypt and store media files of different types: Images, Sounds, Videos and Notes.
- Strong and fast data encryption (BLOWFISH and SHA1), which provides ultimate security.
- Improved security system that encrypts file/folder names as well as the file content.
- Comfortable and customizable user interface.
- MMC support.
- Scalable user interface
- Ability to import multiple files with one operation
- Predefined short-cut keys for the most common operations

Donwloadt it!

Micro Counter Strike Demo 1.1

M3GWorks has released a free Java J2ME Game, Micro Counter-Strike which is meant to be a demo of their 3D FPS (First Person Shooter) Engine called M3GFPS. This mobile game offers features similiar to Valve’s PC version of Counter-Strike such as making money to buy a range of 10 plus weapons & equipment such as Pistol, Rifle, Sniper, Grenade, etc.

Forward: 2,Up key
Backward: 8,Down key
Turn Left: 4,Left key
Turn Right: 6,Right key
Shoot: 5,Fire key
Buy: 0
Buy Ammos: 3
Change Weapon: 1
Popup Menu Show/Hide: #
Collimator On/Off: 9

Micro Counter Strike Demo 1.1 is a refactoring of v1.0, and contains new features including:
A free knife available
Expandable crosshair
Small screen resolution(e.g.128x128) support
Performance and memory efficiency improvements

Download it!

* Note1 : You can change the controls of gameplay by using KeyMap and if
* Note2 : You can also change the game resolution does not fit your mobile device screen


Friday, July 27, 2007

Well, who doesn't know already IM+ from shapeservices? Simply, it's an All-in-One Mobile Messenger within AIM®/iChat, MSN®/Windows Live™ Messenger, Yahoo!®, ICQ®, Jabber®, and Google Talk™ client! the upcomping version will fix the memory out problem in symbian 9.2 caused by the current v6.07... v6.08 is available for test only for customer ;)

[UPDATE] Handy Blacklist 2.00

It seems that the amazing Handy Blacklist by epocware, has got a major update v2.00 ! but what's new on this update? i'll test it later and get you in touch ;)

Download it!

Psiloc PhoneGuard v1.01

And yes, another rival psiloc's application between Advanced Device Locks and Phone Guardian, simply, it is about the new PhoneGuard, it protects with password all applications you predefine against unwanted usage.

Application also doesn’t allow any user to install nor uninstall anything on the device unless providing the correct password (Default password is 1111)!

Download it!

[UPDATE] Mobile GMaps v1.35.02

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Well, after the v1.35.01, the amazing MGmaps was updated to v1.35.02 and here's the changelog :

* The Send option was removed completely and replaced by Invite, that allows you to send an a SMS to a friend (you can choose from your contacts) and invite him/her to use MGMaps.
* Language files are now downloaded over-the-air when you choose a different language in Settings. This reduces the size of the jar and thus makes MGMaps work better on phones with less resources.
* The last Search results (or directions) are saved when you exit MGMaps and reloaded when you restart it - to show them again just press 2.
* Settings are saved to a backup store that should help if they get erased by memory-full errors.
* Username and password input encoding was fixed in Web Tracking settings.
* Keyboard improvements: you can press 7 to quickly rotate the map, the scroll wheel zooms on Sony-Ericsson P990, the softkeys work fine on Samsung E250.
* Total memory and free memory are displayed in the Help/Debug Log screen. Please note that these values are NOT correct on most phones and they are included only for debugging reasons. The total memory shows how much memory is visible to the application at a moment, but that is increased or decreased by the phone when needed.
* Other small problems were fixed.

Download it!

ZoneTag Photos

ZoneTag Photos, a new application for flickr with support of location tags, some features included :

- Email photos settings enable to Set up email contacts for mobile sharing

- Activate scanR Scan business cards and more

- Send photos to Flickr group enable Using your phone to post photos to your Flickr groups

- Moblog your photos : Post photos to your blog same time as your upload it

- Customize your tag suggestions enable to Tag photos with RSS feeds of your events and interests

The application is still on beta stage i guess, so you could expect some crashes from time to time ;)

Download it!

*You can take a look into the FAQ if you have some questions :)

[UPDATE] Quickoffice Premier 4.5

Steve Litchfield over AAS has writed a nice article about the new update of Quickoffice Premier :

Quickoffice Premier has just received a big update, to v4.5, with added multi-language spell checking, improved document compatibility, Series 80-style keyboard shortcuts, extra features and plenty of bug fixes

Jump over the full story and review !

[UPDATE] Psiloc Font Magnifier V1.30

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Well, i'll remind you that Psiloc Font Magnifier is a great tool to increase or decrease font size on your mobile phone so, it has been updated now to version 1.30 wich brings some new features and fixes the other ones :

new, simplified user interface (one slider for all fonts)
real time preview of a new fonts size
improved compatibility with different phones

Download it!

[UPDATE] TextQuick V1.0 BETA 2

Dou you remember TextQuick? a new beta2 release appeared, and here's the changelog :

- Beta 2 Important Bug Fix :
A bug in Beta 1 caused TextQuick to close after processing the messages in your in box. This has been resolved in Beta 2. Download the latest edition of TextQuick here.

Download it!

[UPDATE] Psiloc Photo Tagger v2.00

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Just remember, Psiloc Photo Tagger is a tool which automatically tags and renames photos taken by your phone camera. Tags and filenames depends on location information sent by your GSM operator.. but in this major release psiloc has added the support for GPS tags, that's great!

Download it!

Psiloc miniGPS : Locate yourself in the GSM network

Finally Psiloc did it! Psiloc’s miniGPS collects details about GSM network cells and perform predefined actions such as sounding an alarm, switch the phones profile, turn the bluetooth off/on, change the phone background image or send an SMS as the phone switches in or out of the cell based on your location within the cellular network. Thanks to Psiloc miniGPS you can free your mind, make your phone more intelligent than ever and your life easier. Here are some points taken from psiloc's user guide :

When you open the miniGPS you will see the 'Main' Tab. It contains basic information about your current position in the network. You can switch between Tabs by pressing right and left on the joystick button.The available Tabs are:

• Main MiniGPS
• Events
• Locations
• Log

Events: In this tab user can add Events to Locations. If you don't have any Locations defined, the application will ask you to add one. Event type - you can select between five available options:

• Send SMS
• Run Alarm
• Change Profile
• Change Bluetooth State
• Change Theme

You can choose whether you want your event to start when you enter or exit location.

In the same window other options are displayed, depending on selected event. These options are:

• Message and Recipient (available for 'SMS' event) - you can input a message here, which will be displayed on the screen or sent by SMS when event starts.

• Sound file (available for 'Alarm' event) - allows you to select one of available tones to play when event starts.

• Profile (available for 'Change Orofile' event) - you can set the profile you want to switch to, when event starts.

• Change Bluetooth State (available for 'Change Bluetooth' event) - you can turn Bluetooth ON or OFF.

• Theme (available for “Change Theme” event) - you can set which Theme will appear on your display when event starts.


To add new Location select “Options” and choose “Define Location”. Enter Location's name and press “OK” button.

Once you create a custom Location you can help miniGPS to learn your new position. Select Options and then “Teach Location”.

You will see the information about how many minutes you would like to teach miniGPS your location. After your chose the miniGPS will start collecting cells to a Location. This way you can create your own database of network cells.

You can delete a Location using the “C” button or by pressing “Options” and then “Remove Location”


This tab is displaying information about details of the current cell. It is displaying time date and Location of the current cell. You can browse your history using the up and down directions on the joystick. User can clear log using Option “Clear Log” from Options menu.

Download it!

Multi Alarm v1.00

The software by Rock Your Mobile! adds smart and user-defined alarm management to the feature set of Nokia S60 3rd Edition smartphones. Several new functions offer a new dimension of alarm handling.

Features and functions:

Seven different alarm types (Once, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, Working Days, Non-Working Days)
User-defined screen messages
User-defined sound files
User-defined sound volume and vibration
Support of activated phone profile
Easy and smart usability
Built-in Help function
Symbian Signed certified and tested

Download it!

[Update] NStarter 1.05

NStarter has been updated so here's the changelog :

1. Fixed bluetooth switching
2. Added profile switching

Download it!

Warning: may be you'll need to delete previous version of NStarter before installing this version.

Don't forget to sign it.

[UPDATE] Y-Browser V.82(10)

Monday, July 23, 2007

Another update for the known file manager, here's the changelog :

Four more languages added to Y-Browser, Slovak, Greek, Croatian and finally also Finnish language is included. German language also updated one more time

Download it!

*For the other plugins, you can take a look here.

Handy Profiles : Best profile switcher on the market?

Sunday, July 22, 2007

This time it's from Epocware! one of my favorite developer by the way...

this is still on beta stage.

Major features:

- Profile switching by time schedule
- Profile switching by Calendar appointments (via keyword)
- Profile switching by location (via GSM cells)
- Timed profile activation
- Personalization (a la standard Profiles)
- Safety! Offline profile will never be turned off automatically

But is Handy Profiles the Best profile switcher on the market? i'll try to answer to this in my next review soon...but i can tell you that the feature i like the most is profile switching by location, that what i missed in Best Profiles...i'll remind you that SmartProfile included also this great feature but i stopped using it because I got so many false activations/deactivations that I couldn't rely on it, the particularity of Handy Profiles is that it has 10 seconds delay protection from "fake" cell switching. It means that if a fake cell appears, but then goes off during 10 seconds, then it will be ignored. There won't be profile switchig in such case.

In the past i asked myself about priority for Rules but didn't test it, If for example we have overlapping location and calendar rules (shouldn't happen I know) then what happens? Should at least be a warning? the good news is If some rules are overlapping, they activate one by one at their activation times. There is a kind of virtual stack of rules. The top rule (last activated) is always active.

What i miss till now is that Handy Profiles needs more flexibility for working with GSM cells i.e adding new cells to an existing location and ability for editing location cells.

Also, (and for that reason i'll say that it's not the complete solution on the market) Handy Profiles need some more features (by comparing it with best profiles), not just switching proifles but also turn on/off Bluetooth, WiFi, start apps, ... in other words, we need Advanced profile settings and by that, Handy Profiles will become the best solution in the market...;)

Br, Andrey from Epocware, said :

Unfortunately, the above changes requires lots of time to be done in version 1.0. They are scheduled to version 1.01.

1. Handy Profiles ver 1.0 to be released this week. There is one more change that we will make comparing to the current version. The location rules will get lower priority than time- or Calendar-based rules. There are several reasons for that. One of them is that manually scheduled rule (e.g. meeting from Calendar) must overcome a "random" location rule (e.g. office location).

2. There is one more BIG thing to be released in a few weeks (really cannot say anthing right now). And we are plannig a big/long public beta testing for it (not short like this one). There you will be able not only suggest, but also get the required feature.

Please feel free to test it, and comment to this post if you've some bugs or suggestions ;)

Download it!

Call Filter v0.6.0 !

Blocks unwanted calls?

Allows block/unblock calls on the go ..?

Maintains a log of rejected calls? .. and allows to send an sms or make a call to the rejected caller immidiately !?

The best of all .... its all at no cost ...?

Call Filter from Anfymobile is a utility application realised under the concept "Simple Yet Efficient" for your Symbian devices. It allows you to hang-up any incoming calls from contacts selected as a filter rule in main application screen.

Gives you a very convenient and quick access to block/unblock some phone number at runtime. This is convenient in situations when your BOSS is always on your head and you don't want to answer his call at certain moments during the day, it takes a few clicks and you are done blocking your BOSS calls. The logs screen maintains a list of rejected calls and allows placing a quick call or an sms to the rejected phone number. So this is what we call "Simple Yet Efficient".

Filter Rules

The rules screen allowing users to add any contact or a phone number that shall be rejected automatically. As soon as a rule is added it is set as active, note the green light, later if you would like to allow incoming calls from this number tap the light and that particular rule would become inactive.

- Add Rule : Adding a rule is simple. Select "more" -> "new" and you can add a contact from your phone book or you can add a phone number directly that shall be blocked.

- Edit Rule : On the main screen you will find an Edit button, it will allow you to edit a selected rule. You can only edit one rule at a time.

- Activate/Deactivate Rule : A rule when added is set as Active, to deactivate it you can tap the green button on the rule and the button shall become red hence its deactivated now.

- Delete Rule : You may delete a single rule or a marked selection of rules from more-> Delete.

Rejected Call Logs

The logs screen of the application, it allows you to have a very quick look to the calls that were rejected by the Call Filter application with time stamps and the date.

- Call : When a log item is selected you can place a call to that rejected contact quickly, probably it was your boss and now you realised that should get in touch to him : Press the call button on screen and you are done.

- Send Sms : You may send an sms to any of the rejected numbers by selecting More-> Send Sms.

- Mark/Mark All This : is convenient when you want to delete a selected set of log entries.

- Clear Log : When you wanted to clear all the logged items, select More -> Clear Log and its neat.

- Zoom : You may like to zoom the list to look a little bigger for a quick readability then use this zoom feature of your smart phone.

- Delete : Allow you to delete a selected log entry.

Download it!

Penrillian Packager for Symbian OS (beta)

Saturday, July 21, 2007

This is a tool from Penrillian to make installer files out of your own content. It takes files from your PC, and creates SIS files that will install them in the user-visible file system on each phone, in other words, it creates Custom Symbian SISX Installer file packages for Nokia S60.

It supports UIQ 3, Series 60 Edition 3, UIQ 2, and Series 60 Edition 2. It runs on MS Windows and requires .NET 3.0; if you get error C0000135 on running the app you need to install this.

Use Penrillian Packager for whatever you will – the applications are limited only by your imagination:

Create suites of music tracks to install and play.
Install albums of photos, or videos
Distribute books written with browser markup (WML, HTML, etc).

We wish to thank Symbian for permission to redistribute versions of MAKESIS with this application.

This package is free. The software is supplied with no support or warranty either expressed or implied.

Download it!

[UPDATE] Mobile GMaps v1.35.01

Just remember, Mobile GMaps is a FREE application that displays Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps, Windows Live Local (MSN Virtual tual Earth) and Maps and satellite imagery on Java J2ME-enabled mobile phones, PDAs and other devices. MGMaps can connect to a GPS receiver use internal GPS features on some phones in order to automatically display the map for your current position.

Mobile GMaps is distributed under the Attribution - NonCommercial - NoDerivs Creative Commons license. You may download, use and distribute the application free of charge only for personal, non-commercial purposes.

v1.35.01 (July 20th, 2007)
MGMaps v1.35.01 (development version) is out, here is the change list:

Stored Maps: the new version of the script (MapTileCacher v1.21) stores 1 map tile per file by default, as larger files slow down the application on most phones.
bug fix: input in "Go to" or "Favorites" is now allowed in DD.ddddd, DD mm.mmm or DD mm ss format.
other small bug fixes for KML support.

Download it!

[UPDATE] Y-Browser v0.82(8)

A new update of the great file manager (y-browser by jukka appeared (0.82(8), here's the changelog :

Three languages added to Y-Browser(Chinese(Taiwan), Lithuanian & Turkish)
Danish language strings fixed (was accidentally mixed with Hungarian) and German translation updated a bit, also two new languages (Hebrew & Romanian) added
Some of the graphics on the pages have been updated, these graphics were provided by p@sco many thanks to him for the help.

Download it!

Google requests removal of Google Maps support from MGMaps !

Cristian Streng the developer of Mobile GMaps has received a letter from google to stop displaying maps tiles from Google Maps for mobile in his own application, as this violates their rights and the rights of the entities that license those map tiles to them...
Jump over the full story! to see the original copy of the letter...

[UPDATE] FExplorer v1.17b

Friday, July 20, 2007

A new version of the famous file manager appeared, sorry because i don't have any chagelog ;)

Download it!

*A new version (1.18) is on its way...

[UPDATE] ThreadSMS v1.13

Just remember that ThreadSMS is a funy chat-style SMS communication tools in S60. You can read and write SMS in a cool user interface like Msn Messager.It gives users a handy follow up screen to track the sent and received sms messages to and from one particular contact.It also supports emoticon ! It has many other cool features.

The new update (1.13)included some new features and fixes other ones :

-When incoming SMS received, ThreadSMS will pop up. Replace the native SMS app.
-Send FlashSMS directly.
-Optimize the code much to cut down the SIS's size and run-time memory cost.
-Fixed the "multi-conversation one contact" and several other issues.
-Add setting page to set the count of loading SMS and whether pop up .

Download it!

* Full version-No limit when using.
-The full version will be sent to you in 6 hours

Trial version-You can't use the phonebook.
-Every message will be add '-sent by ThreadSMS' to the message rear.
-You only can load 5 messages.
-It's a unsigned version, you need to self-sign it with your IMEI.

Nokia Computer Vision Library

Thursday, July 19, 2007

The NokiaCV Library builds on the Symbian OS, extending imaging capabilities and standardizing the OS image internals. The library provides standard image operations, as well as a set of linear algebra operations needed in many advanced imaging applications. This serves as a building block for future advanced libraries. Some of the extensions are likely to be created by our research teams and be provided in future releases, but anyone can extend the library.

Here are some use cases where this library can be applied to:

Capture Enhancement:

With color conversions and image wrapper, we can modify images and manipulate pixels directly and easily.
Developers can make high-quality algorithms for panoramas.
Developers also can implement complex algorithms without requiring building and debugging of a platform.

Gaming/User Interfaces

The library provides robust motion estimation as a software component, it is ready for games and applications.

Post-capture Editing

Image warping operation can be used to create standard warping or in other entertainment uses.
By image compositing, we can add items to captured images.

See the library overview to get a glimpse of the features of this library.

Downlaod it!

[UPDATE] NStarter 1.04

NStarter (from nomiel)is a tool for starting any application or changing writing language or switching bluetooth on/off by pressing a hot key (Pen+*,# or numbers). Also it can reboot the phone without asking protect key and to start automatically after reboot. It starts any of exe files from your phone (and Java), so be careful when starting some system applications (phone may hang).

*NStarter doesn't display itself in task list, so to bring it foreground press Pen+C.

changelog of the new 1.04 version :
1. Fixed bug with Pen-menu opened after changing language in editor field.
2. Added option to switch bluetooth on or off.

Download it!

*Application must be signed.

[UPDATE] KeyMap v1.1

there's a minor update for the keymap application.

Version history:
1.0 - Initial version
1.1 - Fixed a potential problem

Download it!

Remember that the application must be signed.

[UPDATE] NoRedClose v0.30

When you are playing so hot,your finger catch the red key,all what you did is over./_\,The attribute since from 2nd FP3 devices,it means if you press the red key,that`s not only switch to menu.the program you running will be,NoRedClose for S60 3rd is released from the3sky OPDA's Team as a freeware.

Change log:
v0.01 able to perform base function
v0.02 add setting item,can switch to menu if you want
V0.10 add show time on screen.lots of settings was improved
V0.30 Fixed bug about hung up when running,you need change "go back to desktop" as "Yes"

Standard control
1.sign this software NoRedClose.
but if you want boot it with Operating system
you need to install powerboot.

When function of red key was disabled,please press left soft key to hang up

Download it!

NB : You have to sign the application to be able to use it...

Devicescape : Free software to connect hotspots and configure wifi settings!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Devicescape is a free service that automatically connects any Windows, Mac OSX computer or Nokia S60/Windows Mobile device to WiFi-WLAN Hotspots without having to manually configure the settings on the device or remember the username and password. You can also choose to share settings & credentials for your own hotspots with your friends and family members securely through the software so that they can access your networks. Devicescape is typically an online service where the username and password used to log in to a hotspot is stored on a server and supplied to the requested device on-demand.
Devicescape allows you to connect to:

-Public Hotspots (even WEP encrypted ones)
-Personal WiFi WLAN networks

You can manage a list of devices where you want the settings to be pushed. For example, you can add your PC, Laptop and Mobile device to the list of managed devices.

The software is useful for mobile devices wherein you can save the hassle of manually entering long username and/or passwords.

You can consult the FAQ for more informations..

Download it!

[UPDATE] Active File v1.21

ActiveFile for Symbian OS is FREE program to browse all folders and files in your Symbian 9 mobile phones.

Here are some key features of ActiveFile(File Explorer for S60 3rd Edition):

* File management with 2 panels(File manager similar to Total Commander). so, you can view one folder in the first tab and browse to another folder in the second tab, this is the major feature of this file manager.
* File sorting by name, extention, uid, size, date, and ascending, descending
* Full file management with copy, move, rename, delete, make directory, make file, file properties, and set attributes
* Compress and decompress file using gzip format
* Modify the attributes of files and directories
* Quick check of available storage on your drives
* Allow multiple instances. So, you can launch ActiveFile more than 1 instance.
* Searching thru the directories
* View running processes, tasks, kernel objects, and display system information(phone info and network info)
* SMS creator tool to create SMS(fake SMS) and save it to a destination folder(Inbox, Drafts, Outbox, Sent folder) without used your sim card credit
* Capture screenshot and save it to a file in JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG, and MBM format
* Memory monitor tool
* Have an option to access inbox files
* Add shortcut
* etc

You will find below a signed version of ActiveFile v1.21 for Symbian S60 3rd Edition(without allfiles capability, screen capture tool and network location)and Unsigned SIS without AllFiles capability.

Download signed version! Download unsigned version!

VoiceMode 2.0: Speech-To-Text Dictation Application for Mobile Phones

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Have you ever wanted to send a text message from your phone but didn't want the hassle of keying in the text one character at a time? Now VoiceMode 2.0 makes entering text as simple as saying it. You just: Say It! See It! Send It!.

VoiceSignal has introduced VoiceMode 2.0, a new application that makes it easy to input text by simply using ones voice instead of the keypad.

VoiceMode 2.0 is an easy to use text input method that lets users create text messages by saying what they want rather than having to use the keypad. In addition to creating messages, VoiceMode 2.0 allows users to enter text into any text based application on the phone that uses text entry, including: SMS, MMS, email, notes, calendar, and office documents, simply by using their voice.

Users can launch VoiceMode 2.0 from any text based application by pressing on the talk button. Once activated the user simply dictates their message and VoiceMode converts the message from speech to text.

The VoiceMode dictionary has tens of thousands of words, so it covers almost all normal situations. In addition, words can be added to the dictionary allowing individuals to customize it to meet their own individual needs.

Buy it!

KeyMap : Map your device's keys for playing game more conveniently!

Another little application from the3sky, it allows to change the map of the keys for playing a game more conveniently :

1.Mapping keys while playing games.
2.Supported keys including Arrow keys,OK,0-9,*,#.
3.Disable mapping at desktop,SMS,MMS,Email,and so on.

How to use?
1.Run app and select "Mapping key".
2.Press original key,then press mapping key.
3.You can do it once again for more key's mapping.
4.Select "Save",put it to backgroud running.
5.Now you can play games with your custom keys.

Download it!*

Application must be signed to be ready for use !

TextQuick : ranks everyone in your phone book by how popular they are !

TextQuick is a small application for your S60 mobile phone. TextQuick provides a quick way for you to text your best friends and family. It ranks everyone in your phone book by how popular they are. This means it's always easy to find the people you text the most.

In other word, TextQuick presents you with your list of contacts ordered according to messaging popularity. Contacts that you exchange messages with most frequently are listed at the top and those with the least frequent correspondence are further down the list. Contacts with whom you have not exchanged any messages are then listed beneath in alphabetical order !

you can read a mini review of this application here.

Download it!

Palringo : Free PTT, Chat, and Photo Sharing

Monday, July 16, 2007

Palringo is a vocal Instant Messaging and text chat/photo sharing on your mobile device (compatible with GPRS/EDGE/3G/WiFi) and PC.

What is Vocal IM?
» A great, inexpensive way to connect and communicate
» Transforms your mobile into a walkie-talkie: communicate with a contact or a group at the touch of a button
» Like Instant Messaging, but with the option to use voice as well as text and photos

Key Features:
» Voice: use your mobile to chat with friends by speaking or texting
» Messaging: leave messages even when contacts are not connected
» Availability: Instantly see status of contacts
» Interoperability: Connect to users of popular PC IM systems
» Open: Works independent of your mobile service provider

Presence and group PTT/Chatting is also supported!

Download it!

MailSpace v1.00

MailSpace is a freeware application developed by Budapest University’s Dept of Automation and Applied Informatics that allows you to map a POP3 server as if it were a local disk drive in the mobile device file system and upload and download files to and from it. You can upload files, view the stored files on the POP3 server and choose the required files to download.

The application uses SMTP to upload files to the POP3 server. Therefore, after the software is installed, the following details need to be specified in the Settings of the application:

-email address on which the mails should be stored
-address of the POP3 server for the email address
-username and password for the POP3 server (the username and the password belongs to the email address)

The review will be available shortly!

Download it! Download the user manual!

[UPDATE] : Timebar V1.61 Build 0715

Sunday, July 15, 2007

the very usefull timebar application that displays the current time as a digital clock that is visible on all screens (and in all apps) in the foreground. [and automatically plays an alarm sound each hour] has been updated to V1.61 Build 0715, and ther's a little translated changelog :

One to change the way synchronization using the automatic adjustment of the model, and the basic time synchronization system, the error should be in 3 seconds
2, the frequency that is not associated with the timekeeping slots bug
3, amended the silent mode timer bug

Ordinary version can be installed directly, since the launch to tie powerboot
Since the signature version of the development of the use of the certificate can be signed since the launch of the configuration file to c : \ data \ timebar \ settings, copy to other places, updates will be returned after copying

sorry about the bad translation, but i can't test the application right now because i don't have my N95 with me at this time.

Download it! : self-singned version and unsigned version

YOYAP! a personalised Animated Video Messaging!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Skyestream (known by their fantastic full screen caller ID image/video ringtone products) has just released another funny multi-media software named YOYAP!

(...) YOYAP! is a fun new tool that lets you create customized 3D movies (in 3gp format) starring a wide range of characters, add your own audio message (voice, music, or anything else), change the background image, and send the finished product via MMS or bluetooth. You can even control the character’s facial gestures (eyes, eyebrows, blinking, etc)! The character’s mouth will automatically move in relative accordance with the audio that you add and you can also set the character’s overall mood to match your message (happy, sad or angry). If all of that isn’t enough for you, YOYAP! can also engage with voice calls and provide live animation that mimics the audio pattern of the caller on the other end of the line so that it looks like the character is talking to you! Long story short, YOYAP! packs a whole lot of punch into a fun little package (...)

you can read the rest of the symbian in motion's review here.

Download it!

CellTrack for Symbian 3rd Edition out now!

The work on the version for the 3rd generation of the Symbian OS is in progress - since January 2007. I finished the first version with an unsigned and untested status and plan to sign it when all things are verified by using the software. If you are interested you will need a Symbian developer account to sign it by your own. as Axel Fischer said !

CellTrack is a program to collect some phone information about the cell you are connected to - like the net monitor and so on...

Most things are equal to the old version for the 2nd Edition

New things:

- using internal or external GPS, select in settings and restart the software

Problems at the moment:
- no CBS functions available - not available in this phone api or not found at the moment
- bitmap as picture for the cell are not shown
- WCDMA signals seems a little bit of frozen - that's what the telephone api gives back
- bitmap for the signal values are only scaled so in some screen sizes it doesn't look very nice

--> A detailed review will follow in the next days ;)

Download it!

[UPDATE] LogExport v1.1

Sunday, July 8, 2007

LogExport is a small program to Export the Call Register data to a CSV file. It only does that thing, no more and no less. You will only find one menu: Export, the analysis task can be done by a spreadsheet. I was actually planning to give analysis options, but after reading so many subscription plans from different providers, there are some many differences which makes it hard to program.

So, it will be interesting to be able to analyze our call log. By analyzing call log, we can answer questions like: How long is my average call duration?, did I spent most of my money for SMS?, would it be better if I take this plan from the provider X over the others?.

Most provider doesn’t send the bill in digital format, and for those that do send in digital format, we need to parse the data (because they are usually in PDF format), and match the phone numbers with our phone book (because they don’t have our phonebook). It will be nice if we can just pull/export the call register data from our phone to a CSV file. We can then analyze the CSV file using any spreadsheet programs (including the default Spreadsheet on S60 3rd edition).

A new version 1.1 that uses local time (instead of UTC) is available. The default filename is now the current date/month/year. Sorry, it took me a long time for this minor bug fix.

Download it!
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