Devicescape : Free software to connect hotspots and configure wifi settings!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Devicescape is a free service that automatically connects any Windows, Mac OSX computer or Nokia S60/Windows Mobile device to WiFi-WLAN Hotspots without having to manually configure the settings on the device or remember the username and password. You can also choose to share settings & credentials for your own hotspots with your friends and family members securely through the software so that they can access your networks. Devicescape is typically an online service where the username and password used to log in to a hotspot is stored on a server and supplied to the requested device on-demand.
Devicescape allows you to connect to:

-Public Hotspots (even WEP encrypted ones)
-Personal WiFi WLAN networks

You can manage a list of devices where you want the settings to be pushed. For example, you can add your PC, Laptop and Mobile device to the list of managed devices.

The software is useful for mobile devices wherein you can save the hassle of manually entering long username and/or passwords.

You can consult the FAQ for more informations..

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