CellTrack for Symbian 3rd Edition out now!

Friday, July 13, 2007

The work on the version for the 3rd generation of the Symbian OS is in progress - since January 2007. I finished the first version with an unsigned and untested status and plan to sign it when all things are verified by using the software. If you are interested you will need a Symbian developer account to sign it by your own. as Axel Fischer said !

CellTrack is a program to collect some phone information about the cell you are connected to - like the net monitor and so on...

Most things are equal to the old version for the 2nd Edition

New things:

- using internal or external GPS, select in settings and restart the software

Problems at the moment:
- no CBS functions available - not available in this phone api or not found at the moment
- bitmap as picture for the cell are not shown
- WCDMA signals seems a little bit of frozen - that's what the telephone api gives back
- bitmap for the signal values are only scaled so in some screen sizes it doesn't look very nice

--> A detailed review will follow in the next days ;)

Download it!


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i've been waiting for this! thanx a lot slipkornsaad

by the way i like slipknot and korn too lol ;)

dear all,
i can run this thing either on the n73 or n80. the error says 'required application access not granted'. can anyone please help me out as to wht i need to do to be able to run this thing. i'll be highly grateful.
thanks a bunch. im hoping to hear from you soon.

same problem. I'm getting a 'required application access not granted' error on my 361 with 3.06 firmware. Looking forward to maybe using this app in the future?

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