[UPDATE] TTmusic v2.0

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

TTmusic player has been updated to add more features !

v2.0 includes new features like :
- Increased mp3 balance, a variety of preset equalizer style. (Need to choose MP3 Format [TTMusic] decoder)
- Increased MP3 ID3 amended, no longer has trouble garbage characters
- An increase in the definition of shortcuts (menu item shortcuts tips)
- The pattern of increased songs List Management
- Increased侧键volume adjustment
- Increasing the volume adjustment wire
- Support lyrics fuzzy association,千千listened to the lyrics direct copy! : \ TTPod \ lyrics directory can be
- Improved speed adjustment lyrics that adjusted state
- Improving the "open file" in support of directories and files labeled
- Keyword amended the skin, the skin necessary to amend the previous keyword OggPlay to TTPod
- Changes TTMusic for TTPod, new directory structure:
! : \ TTPod \ data storage configuration file
! : \ TTPod \ skin skin document storage
! : \ TTPod \ lyrics lyrics document storage
! : \ TTPod \ favorite repository collections List

Download it!

NB : It doesn't work in some firmware variants...

NS BASIC Announces NS Basic/Symbian

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

NS BASIC Corporation today announced NS Basic/Symbian, an an easy to use rapid application development tool. With a look and feel similar to Microsoft's Visual Basic, it will allow many new developers to create applications for Symbian OS devices.

NS BASIC's tools allows developers who have worked with Visual Basic to use their experience to develop applications for Symbian OS, Windows CE, Windows Mobile and Palm OS devices. They provide a complete, powerful development environment enabling the creation of applications for the enterprise, business, personal productivity and education.

"The ability to create apps for Symbian has been a frequent request.", said George Henne, President of NS BASIC Corporation. "There are a large number of developers that would like to create applications for Symbian OS that are not interested in learning C++. By leveraging on the work we have already done for Palm OS and Windows CE devices, we've created something that will let them get up to speed quickly."

NS Basic/Symbian is a complete, easy to use BASIC development environment for Symbian OS devices, with a look and feel similar to Visual Basic. NS Basic/Symbian provides a full, modern implementation of BASIC, with proper subroutines, user defined data types and event driven execution. The development environment runs on a Windows desktop.

NS Basic/Symbian includes over 150 statements and functions. Support is provided for file handling, TCP/IP, graphics and more. A full set of standard screen input and output objects and dialog boxes are included. A 150 page spiral bound Handbook and lots of sample code is included.

The environment features a Visual Designer, which allows you to graphically lay out your objects, set their properties and write code that responds to and controls them.

NS Basic/Symbian runs on all Symbian smartphones based on UIQ 3 or S60 3rd Edition.

A release date has not been announced. Pricing details are to follow.

You can read more about that here...

Txt2Lock : Another soft to fight against portable identity theft !

Txt2Lock allows you to lock your device remotely by sending a simple SMS containing your secret password and a lock command.

- Protects your privacy by locking access to your mobile phone.
- Protects your content and sensitive data stored on the handset or memory card. For example contacts, pictures, text messages, emails, passwords.
- Can help eliminate your financial liability to mobile networks, by preventing unauthorised use such as outgoing voice calls, SMS, mobile Internet.
- Protects the handset from use by unauthorised SIM cards – whether the handset is locked or not.
- Assists in the prevention of identity theft.
- Back up your contacts and other content with a FREE premium account with Mobyko.

Also, there are 2 types of Lock:
Max Lock – when you believe your phone has been lost or stolen and want total peace of mind
- Blocks all incoming and outgoing activity such as calls, SMS, Mobile Internet activity
- Disables the screen
- Disables the keypad
- Encrypts the memory card

Lite lock – If you have misplaced your phone and want to recover it by calling the phone
- Blocks all outgoing activity such as calls, SMS, Mobile Internet activity
- Allows incoming calls & SMS
- Encrypts the memory card

Buy it!

Nokia Search 4.0 : Available for download !

Nokia Search 4.0 is now available for a number of handsets based on S60 3rd Edition FP1 (N76, N95, E51, 5700, 6110, 6121, 6290). it features the previous web and local search functionality with the possibility to search all categories (Music, Contacts, Calendar, Messages, Email messages, Bookmarks, Images, Videos, Landmarks, Applications and Notes.) simultaneously and results get updated while you are still typing your search term!

But, the active Standby plug-in is provided on handsets that ship with this version of search (N81, N95 8GB, N76...) it does not appear to be available in the downloadable version :(

Download it!

NB : You have to uninstal all the old Search related items using the Application Manager before installing this new version...

RotateMe v2.0 : Coming soon with auto rotation Functionality !

Monday, October 29, 2007

Most of you already know rotateMe as a freeware application for symbian OS 3rd edition devices, which allow you to use your phone in landscape mode. The new upcoming version will have a great new functionality : auto rotation like an iPhone.

The new version will be Available (unsigned) by the end of november.

Also a new version will be also available for n73, N80 and E65 with :
- New User Interface
- Rotate the screen by launching the app (like an E60)

NB : The auto-rotate functionality will only works with N95 and probably with upcoming high-end mobile camera phones that uses the built-in orientation-sensor to rotate pictures automatically.

[UPDATE] Mobile GMaps v1.38.03

Mobile GMaps has been updated again, the main changes are :

- Support for GPS on Nextel phones was added to the generic version. This feature is still in the initial phase and there are still some issues, it may take a while to get a fix and the application might lose the fix often — these will all be fixed in future versions.
- A memory leak on some Nokia phones (including N95) was fixed — the application will no longer crash after 15-30 minutes of use.

Download it!

Psiloc irRemote : Available for licensed users !

This beta version of irRemote is available only for those Psiloc customers, who have bought and activated any of Psiloc S60 3rd application on the device they are using now (the Smartphone is identified by IMEI number). To activate run irRemote, select Activate for free and follow the instructions. The beta version will be valid until 15 th of November.

The main feature of Psiloc irRemote is ability to remotely control audio and video equipment using your Smartphone. The database of compatible codes is continually being evolved by end users who can test and rate all the codes. It supports most brands of electronic devices available on the market. Moreover, irRemote is usable with no additional software or hardware required.

If you cannot find the codes you need, you can upload your own ones and build your own remote control using the online wizard at http://irremote.psiloc.com. Please rank the codes you have added within 48 hours otherwise they will be deleted.

We are still seeking the most proper way of communication between IrRemote and device you want to control so it will be a great help for us if you can choose different methods of communication and rank it. You can change the communication method by choosing: Options->Settings->IR mode.

Download it!

SkyeQuiKey : Instant key-and-find by Skyestream

SkyeQuickey performs a Global Device Search function using a predictive search algorithm based on skystream's intuitive QuickFind technology

it's integrated seamlessly into the device interface and appears to be a part of the devices' normal functioning, with the fewest possible number of key presses, it remembers the most frequently searched items (prioritised and placed higher on the serach list).

- SkyeQuiKey is an 'instant key-and-find' application using Skyestream's quikFind technology
- Quickly find of Contacts, Applications, Bookmarks and Other Data on device
- SkyeQuiKey reduces key presses and provides a 'global search' on your phone to quickly find what you want
- Integrated seemlessly into the S60 user interface
- Predictive-text technology used to minimise required input when entering search criteria
- From phones idle screen, start typing and SkyeQuiKey will present a list menu of 'items' found matching the keystrokes
- Contacts: Instantly start a call or send a message (SMS, MMS or email)
- Contacts: Search for contacts by phone number (a feature not available in the built-in Contacts application
- Contacts: Optimized Contact discovery. Contacts will be searched for using name, surname, company and email address fields
- Quickly action a 'found' item. A single key-press will allow you to call, text or launch the item
- Instant search results: High speed search algorithm used to instantly find and display search results
- Configurable shortcuts: With a single click, compose an SMS, MMS, Email message or make a call
- Frequently used activities also listed in the SkyeQuiKey main menu, for example: new SMS, new MMS, new Email

Download it!

[UPDATE] Active File v1.25

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Active File has been update to v1.25 :

You'll find a signed version (without AllFiles and Screen capture) and unsigned version (without AllFiles and with Screen capture tools)

Downoad it!

[UPDATE] Slick 0.30

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Oh yeh, a lot of regular updates from lonelycatgames for its Slick's messenger application This time the update adds a multi-selection feature in history marking, in addition to small fixes...

Download it!

Affle SMS2.0

Affle’s SMS2.0 is positioned as an upgrade to the consumer’s default SMS application. It gives the consumer access to enhanced features and it creates an interactive channel for the non-intrusive delivery of relevant content and advertising on the SMS window. The consumer chooses his interest area, and the latest information is delivered unobtrusively, while he composes or reads an SMS message. The application makes the most of the SMS screen area while retaining the simplicity of the familiar SMS entry interface.

The default content stays at the bottom portion of the S60 screen and converts to full screen when either the message is sent or the consumer clicks on the content. The S60 device may either periodically or in real time update the content and ads. The data traffic for SMS2.0 contents and ads is not charged to Affle’s SMS2.0 users. SMS2.0 has been deployed by Airtel, the largest mobile operator in India, and has been used in a pilot project with MobileOne Ltd. (M1), one of the main operators in Singapore. SMS2.0 has converged messaging, content and advertising into one seamless application.

Improved core messaging
- A personalised messaging experience
- Colour messages
- Fun emoticons
- Scheduled SMS

Enhanced messaging features
- Best of MMS, IM, E-mail features
- SMS to e-mail
- Graphic and multimedia attachments

Interactive messaging features
- Customised content
- Peer 2 peer content

Discounts and promotions
- From advertisers
- From content providers
- From mobile network operators

Download it!

SIPVoIPSettings v1.1.0 : SIP VoIP Settings Tool From Nokia

Friday, October 26, 2007

Forum Nokia now has an application that you can use on an s60 device to make all (almost) those invisible SIP settings visible.

This application can be used to configure VoIP settings on the terminal UI. You can create new VoIP profiles and modify the existing ones, and create and modify VoIP parameters and NAT/Firewall traversal settings and that are normally not visible on the device UI, such as codec settings and SIP domain-specific NAT/FW settings. It is also possible to save all the VoIP profile settings to a text file !

Some features :

VoIP services
• Create VoIP profile: The user can manually create a VoIP profile by using a default
or an existing VoIP profile.
• Delete VoIP profile: The user can manually delete a VoIP profile.
• Save settings to file: The user can save all VoIP profile settings to a text file.
• Edit VoIP profile settings: The user can view and modify VoIP profile-specific settings.
• Select SIP profile: The user can view the name of the SIP profile used in the VoIP
profile and select another SIP profile to be used instead of the current one.
• Create audio codec: The user can manually create an audio codec.
• Delete audio codec: The user can manually delete an audio codec.
• Move audio codec: The user can change the order (priority) of the codecs.
• Edit audio codec settings: The user can view and modify audio codec settings.

NAT firewall settings
• Create domain-specificsettings: The user can manually create domain-specific settings.
• Edit domain-specific settings: The user can view and modify domain-specific settings.
• Delete domain-specific settings: The user can manually delete the domain-specific settings.
• Create IAP-specific settings: The user can manually create IAP-specific settings.
• Edit IAP-specific settings: The user can view and modify IAP-specific settings.
• Delete IAP-specific settings: The user can manually delete the IAP-specific settings.

The application has been used for example in Voxalot tutorials...

Download it!

[UPDATE] Phone Guardian 2.0

Phone Guardian has been updated to v2.0, this update contains error fixes and major security engine update. This engine will allow us to release more functional updates of Phone Guardian in the near future.

I'll remind you tha Phone Guardian is a mobile security anti thief software, in case your mobile is forgotten or stolen, Phone Guardian will allow you to remotely secure and auto lock your Symbian mobile by sending a lock SMS.

New in version 2.0:

* New SMS commands:
- Full lock: helps you to lock the phone and emits the sir
- Turn On/Off of the Siren: turns the siren on and off remotely
- Info SMS: can be requested any time. It sends you info regarding your phone and location
* Phone Guardian was translated into new languages, such as English (UK); French; German; Spanish; Italian; Swedish; Danish; Norwegian; Finnish; Russian; Dutch; Polish; Latvian; Lithuanian; Ukrainian
* The error with phone unlock after reboot was fixed
* Uninstall now is possible only using the Phone Guardian password
* New security engine was introduced which enables further extensions of the software in the near future.

More tips and information to read

Download it!

[UPDATE] IM+ v6.15

Thursday, October 25, 2007

IM+ has got another update v6.15 !

Download it!

[UPDATE] Projekt v1.10

Projekt has been updated to v1.10, i'll remind you that it's an advanced and powerfull task hierarchical list manager

Download it!

[UPDATE] Slick 0.29

Another update for Slick to include new features and here's the changelog :

- Copying text from history window
- receiving messages from buddys not in list
- auto-reconnect option
- sending nudges (Yahoo)

Download it!

[UPDATE] Mobile GMaps v1.38.02

Oh yeah, a new Mobile GMaps update, and more ! Now it supports NAC Universal Addresses. NAC (Natural Area Code) is an efficient and unified representation for both an area and a location anywhere in the world. MGMaps allows you to search for a location or an area by entering its code and displays 10-letter NAC codes for all places

The new update also fix several bugs in v1.38.01

Also, here are a few new pages on the website that were only announced on the forum:

/cache/ — tools for downloading map tiles and caching them in MGMaps for use with the stored maps feature.
/create/ — Shustrik's .map file creation tool for MGMaps. Allows you to select an area and generate a file that you can use with the caching tools (gMapMaker or MapTileFE).

Download it!


RedLocker, a new (shareware) Competitor for NoRedClose, Simply, disables the red "End" button for anything but rejecting/ending calls. This prevents you from accidentally pressing it when working with some application and losing all your work.

Buy it!

[UPDATE] Opera Mini 4 beta 3

Opera mini has been updated to beta3 with lots of changes and fixes :

Changes since Opera Mini 4 beta 2
- Added Link support
- Added Speed Dials
- Added RSS feed support
- Added shortcut *+0 for feeds
- Added shortcuts for speed dials (*+[speed dial number])
- Added function to ask the transcoders for the title and favicon of a new bookmark or speed dial
- Stylus devices can now scroll shortcut help overlays
- Changed "Fit to width" to "Mobile view"
- Changed "Autozoom" to "Show overview"
- Low, medium and high image quality setting
- Images fit better to the screen (no panning)
- Improved BiDi support
- Page position and scaling is now preserved after reload of page
- Stylus devices without pointer motion events should be able to scroll anyway, just not in realtime
- Faked transcoding progress when using feeds
- Show numbers in ordered lists
- Improved stylesheet handling
- Focus highlight now looks inactive when loading
-New and improved server side cookie handling

Download it!

Gmail’s IMAP feature is the answer!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tired of having to mark emails as “read” on your laptop, only to have to mark them as “read” on your mobile phone? From now, you can keep your accounts sync’ed up across your desktop, laptop, mobile phone, or any other device that you use to access Gmail

Any changes, like reading, deleting, sorting, email folder structure, etc., across all your devices will appear in your desktop email client as well as your web-based Gmail account.

In settings tab, You should see the IMAP feature under the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” section...

Awsome ! :)

AudioCube : Audio conversion tool on your S60 !

AudioCube is an audio conversion tool. It supports WAV, AAC, MP3, AMR, WMA and AIFF formats. You can convert one audio file format to another, and make your ringtone in hand.

Some features :
- Audio file explorer
- Play audio
- Audio conversion between supported formats
- Change bitrate, samplerate, output format
- Create new audio by extracting a period of another audio file.

Download it!

Adaptxt : Coming soon for s60 3rd edition smartphones !

Adaptxt, the intelligent language input solution will be available on Nokia S60 smartphones. Now Nokia E-Series and N-series users can enjoy an improved data entry experience.

Rapid Personalization
Adaptxt learns as you type and can extract language intelligence from emails and documents you are viewing

Intuitive User Experience
To adopt words, just highlight and click right with the joystick. No instructions or user training needed

Adopting words with Adaptxt
You can be a multi-tapper or maybe you prefer writing in predictive mode. Either way, you can complete words, add the next word, add part of a phrase or add an entire phrase

More to read over here...

* You can watch a demo video on E70 here and other videos over here...

[UPDATE] Slick 0.28

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Slick has been updated to v0.28 and here's the changelog :
- Option to connect automatically or manually.
- better login progress display.
- protocol connection menu.
- option for more compact message display.
- optional message time display

Download it!

[UPDATE] Nokia Device Status v1.1.86 : sis package

Nokia Device Status SIS application is now available as a separate download for those users without Microsoft Windows based PCs.

So, you can still try Device Status functionality on your phone only by installing the sis file

Download it!

[UPDATE] Mobile GMaps v1.38.01

A new version of Mobile GMaps is out, Main changes include:

- The view friends service was improved, you can see your friends and (optionally) public users, you can search for a friend or a public user.
- Stored maps updates. The mobile map can be automatically centered to the area you download. The storage structure was also updated and by default all map tiles for a zoom level are stored in the same folder to reduce the total number of folders created. For these new features to work, you must use mgmaps 1.38.01 and the Perl downloading scripts (Map Tile Cacher v1.25, MapTileFE v1.21) available at http://www.mgmaps.com/cache. Support in gMapMaker is hopefully coming soon.
- The GPS is automatically enabled and set to internal the first time the program is started, if supported by the phone. This new feature may cause problems with some phones, let us know if the application no longer starts and revert to v1.38.00 or v1.37.03 until fixed.

Download it!

i-Nigma Reader

Monday, October 22, 2007

i-Nigma Reader is a two-dimensional reading barcode like : SMS tvCard, e-mail If successful reading may vydatsya following information: SMS, telephone number, any text Card vCard format, geographic coordinates, address or e-mail address on the Internet. Perhaps reading QR (smartkodov) is not only a sheet of paper, but also with LCD monitors..
Normal closeUp Setting regime camera: Normal or closeUp, a change of sound option.

Download it!

[UPDATE] Nokia Conversation : Compatible with Eseries devices !

Nokia Conversation application is now compatible with Nokia Eseries devices. So, if you have Nokia E60, E61 or E70, you need to update your SW to the latest version (3.0633.09.04) to make it work.

Download it!

[UPDATE] IM+ v6.14

IM+ has got another update v6.14

Download it!

[UPDATE] Active File v1.24

Active File has been update to v1.24 :

You'll find a signed version (without AllFiles and Screen capture) and unsigned version (without AllFiles and with Screen capture tools)

Downoad it!

[UPDATE] cClock v1.17

Sunday, October 21, 2007

cClock has been updated, and again it fixes more bugs !

- Feature : Translate to Polish, Russian.
- Bug fix : Further reduce power by set the parameter of the Partial Mode to "MostPowerSaving" if "Whole background" option is "No".
- Bug fix : If "Display percentage" is Yes and "Battery and network" is No, didn't display profile.
- Modify behavior : Change the background task of Battery and network piorities from "Standard" to "Idle", this will save more power.
- Modify behavior : Totally remove the background task of "Battery and network" detection if is not selected. This should be ensure the power consumption rate the same as 1.13!!!
- Bug fix : Traditional Chinese resource display Simplify Chinese in lunar festivals.
- Bug fix : If "Always on top" is Yes, sometime the "Unlock" prompt will cover bottom of the screensaver.

**Warning** Option "Battery and network" will drain more battery power in some model of Nokia phone

Please reboot after install. As cClock can't unload the DLL itself.

Mobile Help Genius : a multi-purpose application !

SymbianOn, the maker of (Private Call&Sms Guard and Security Genius among other applications) has released an all in one application : Mobile Help Genius as a multi-purpose application with lots of functions:
- Phone Guardian: protects the user if the phone is lost. If another SIM card has been plugged into the phone, a message will be automatically sent out to pre-defined mobile numbers. This way users can get to know the founder's or thief's mobile number.
- Turning the phone on and off. "Turn on": an alarm will be set automatically to remind you to turn the phone on. "Turn off": the phone will be turned off automatically at predefined time
- Record phone call conversations without limitations: a simple press of the predefined key combination will start and stop recording
- Record voice notes without limitations: a predefined key combination will start recording anytime, on any screen. There is no need to switch to the application to start recording
- Capture screenshots
- Keyboard autolock
- Multi-function key: assign functions to a key. Currently two functions are supported: 'screen capture' and 'launch application'.

You can Read the full features over here, amazing!

Download it!

[UPDATE] Mobile GMaps v1.38.00

Friday, October 19, 2007

A new version of Mobile GMaps is out, with a lot of major and minor improvements. Updates and bug fixes include:

- The image last displayed in MGMaps is saved and displayed when MGMaps is started the next time.
- The map can't be moved to the north or south outside the displayable area (approx. ±85.05 degrees).
- A few problems with GPS functionality and web tracking were fixed.
- A few problems with networking and connectivity were fixed.
- Full-screen mode is turned off by default on Windows-Mobile, this displays the menu on smartphones that can't show it otherwise.
- A few performance updates now make the application more responsive.
- Some more changes will be announced later.

Download it!

IrRemote to be released on 1st of November?

A quick news about what was the reply from Psiloc team to the VERY comon question : any ideas about a release date? as i was reanding in the Psiloc Applications Google Group ;)

Active Notes : Finally for all s60 3rd edition!

Advanced notes manager(already included on E90) is available from nokia now for all s60 3rd edition! I'll remind you that in addition to text, you can embed images, sounds, videos, contact cards, Web bookmarks and files/documents. It saves all your jottings and object goodness in plain HTML format in an 'Activenotes' folder, from where you could drag them onto your desktop, objects and all, for further manipulation.

Active Notes steps into the breach, with a full multi-media friendly way of organizing your thoughts, media and even contacts. Although such a 'rich' tool isn't going to synchronize to anything else, the content IS portable, by virtue of Active Notes storing all information within a standard HTML and folder framework. Which means that you can then move it across to any other computer in the known universe and view the content in more or less the same way. Let's see how this works in practice...

Download it!

StyleTap® CrossPlatform for Symbian OS™

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Styletap have announced a new emulator that allow users to install and run applications and games meant for Palm Treo devices on Symbian OS 9.x based Nokia S60 v3

Officially called "StyleTap CrossPlatform for Symbian OS", the product is planned for release early in 2008, the software is working now in "alpha" mode – most of the APIs are working, most applications are running well...

You can read the full details over here...

[UPDATE] cClock v1.15

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

cClock has been updated, and again it adds new features !
- Feature : Analog clock.
- Bug fix : "Power saving" is no, the position will reset after resume.
- Feature : Translate to German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Czech, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.
- Modify behavior : On the preview screen, both option button will be "exit".
- Modify behavior : "Battery and Network" refresh rate is set to 1 seconds on version 1.14. On 1.15, change the refresh rate to follow the moving speed. That's also mean battery and network indication is only accurate when it move.
- Bug fix : Battery and network when first startup is zero value.
- Bug fix : Don't detect network strength if profile is offline, this will prevent power drain on some phone.
- Feature : Display offline icon, if the profile change to offline.
- Modify behavior : If moving speed set to 0, it will not move.

Download it!

[UPDATE] Slick 0.27

Slick has been updated to v0.27 and here's the changelog :
0.27 (Oct 17 2007) Fixed vibration crash (S60 3rd ed), fixed crash with emoticon selection, protocol logging

Download it!

MyLook v1.03

MyLook is an application that lets you change the wallpaper of your phone at predefined intervals of time. With myLook you'll no longer get bored looking at the same background picture all the time.
So you can create different image calendar per your selection once create in the list of image to be rolled out.

Download it!

[UPDATE] AnimSprite v2.10 beta

AnimSprite has been updated to include new features like :
- an increase of Wizard download options, after the link to click on the official wap Wizard Home
- new calendar functions, including the calendar and the Chinese and some important holidays, with 24 solar terms. Calendar Use: desktop standby under "C" key shortcuts to the calendar window, if not by the "C" key to the calendar window closed, six seconds after shut down automatically
- the last calendar for English (Traditional will be joined later)
- 2.10 version一个bugb only with the design of the default Wizard China Mobile
- 2nd version of demand, as appropriate, to launch

sorry for the bad translation :(

NB : Don't forget to sign it...there's some installation problems with some N80 ! so be careful

Download it!

[UPDATE] Call Filter v1.02

Call Filter is a utility application realised under the concept “Simple Yet Efficient” for your Symbian devices. It allows you to hang-up any incoming calls from contacts selected as a filter rule in rules screen...
The rules screen allowing users to add any contact or a phone number that shall be rejected automatically. As soon as a rule is added it is set as active, note the green light, later if you would like to allow incoming calls from this... Filter rules
Logs screen allows you to have a very quick look to the calls that were rejected by the Call Filter application with time stamps and the date...

- Blocks unwanted calls
- Allows block/unblock calls on the go ..
- Maintains a log of rejected calls .. and allows to send an sms or make a call to the rejected caller immidiately !
- The best of all .... its all at no cost ...

Download it!

[UPDATE] Best Profiles v1.01

I'll remind you that Best Profiles allows automatic profiles switching according to your schedule, calendar or GSM cell location. For each profile Best Profiles allows selection of additional settings such as: backlight, sound on activate, run custom application etc at the same way as Handy Profiles

This new update added a new features like :
- GSM Location rules added : allows switching profile automatically if GSM cell serving your phone changes.
- Today view added : This view is used for convenience of setting rules and controlling Schedule and Calendar rules effect. Timetable of profile changes is classified by events. For example, if a rule is activated at 6:30 and deactivated at 17:00 then two records will be shown - for activation and for deactivation. The timetable is composed with respect of priorities.
- Rules priority added : Each rule can be assigned a priority from Highest to Lowest. Timed activation and profile lock rules are an exception and have the topmost priority, which cannot be changed.

Whether a rule or a part of it will be in effect or not is defined by the following rules: priority rules guide. You can use the Today view to check how Schedule and Calendar rules will work.
- Lock profile feature added : Profile lock against automatic rules effect; the locked profile can be changed only manually or with help of "Cancel activation" function;
- Theme option in advanced profile added : you can choose any theme to change it when this profile is activated (finally ! :D)

By this, i think that Best Profiles is the best profile switcher on the market for now vs Handy calendar!

Download it!

Best Torch v1.00

Have you forgot a torch? Or you haven't thought about it at all and suddenly found yourself in some dark place? BestTorch will easily cope with this problem!

- Best Torch shows a one-colored picture at full screen. But you don't have to launch Best Torch every time you want to show this picture. You should just define a necessary Hot key once. And in case you need a torch just press that Hot key!
- Once you've set Hot key activate BestTorch. BestTorch will be automatically activated when you start your phone if it was previously activated.
- If you want to change color, set the option Hide torch to by hot key state. To change color press joystick Left/Right, change brightness - Up/Down.

Download it!

Best Screen Snap v1.00

A new freeware application Best Screen Snap that allows you to capture screenshots on your smartphone and save them to a file or send them to friends or to your desktop computer like Screenshot

- You can define your own hotkey to make a screenshot.
- After the application makes a screenshot you hear camera click sound to notify you.
- You can save screenshots as true colour BMP, 256 colour BMP, and JPG. For JPG you can select the image quality (the worser quality the smaller the file size).
- Action: you can select action to be performed after taking screenshot. Save the image to disk or immediately send it via Bluetooth, Infrared, multimedia message or email.
- You don't have to type the file name each time you take a screenshot, you can specify the base file name of the screenshot image files. application will automatically append a unique number to the base filename. E.g. src000001.jpg, src000002.jpg, src000003.jpg etc.
- Taken images are saved directly to your Images folder. That allows you to browse, view and delete taken screen shots with a built-in picture viewer application.
- The application allows you to select a folder in Images section where your screenshots will appear in order to differentiate your screenshots from other images like your camera photos, etc
- You can configure screenshots to be stored on the internal phone disk or on the memory card.
- Best ScreenSnap is FREE! You can download and use it absolutely free of charge. No spyware and adware inside.

Download it!

[UPDATE] Fring 3.24 : Autoroaming improves with WISPr!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fring v3.24 is now available for Symbian 9! With WISPr, fringsters (fring users) can use the autoroaming total transparency even with Wi-Fi access points unknown to your mobile!
Autoroaming a technology that will switch automatically connect to the Internet from your cell phone to the 3G/GPRS Fi and vice versa. You set your own priorities to optimize your connection costs.

Now, what are the innovations in technology WISPr? Fring teams looking for a way to enhance the autoroaming without user intervention. With WISPr, fring detect Wi-Fi networks to which you have already connected even if you have never traveled close to the hotspot.

More to read over here and here !

Download it!

[UPDATE] Mobile Web Server v1.1

Do you still remember my last post about the new upcoming release for Mobile Web Server? Well, it's out !
New features include:
- Chat : Visitors in your site can now initiate a chat with you. You can have multiple chat windows open with different people and one chat window can also serve as a "group chat". I've used this quite a bit lately and it's really a nice addition. Can be a little obtrusive too :)
- Presence : If you choose to do so you can share your presence information in your site. There will be an indicator on right top corner of your site showing battery status, local time, profile and a meeting icon if you are in a meeting. There is also a separate Presence button in left-side navigation.
- New languages: You can now choose another language for your site (Finnish, French, German, Italian or Spanish) and also the S60 application will have one those languages based on your phone settings.

Other improvements:
- Python for S60 version 1.4.1 : This is very much an "under the hood" thing but a major step since this contains some new features and fixes. One particularly interesting feature is the location module you can use to access the GPS capabilities on the phone. I'll write more about this later with examples.
- Improved snapshot camera : This is our native camera application. It will now autofocus correctly and get better resolution out of eg. Nokia N95's camera.
- General stability improvements : Pretty self-explanatory :) Let's just say that if you had problems with the first version many of them should have gone away. If not, let us know.
- WebDAV performance improvements : WebDAV (ie. Web Folders as it's called in Windows) feature was not very usable in some ways in 1.0 version, should be more usable now. I'll write more about this later also.

Download it!

NB : You can read more about that here...

[UPDATE] Gmail Mobile v1.5

Monday, October 15, 2007

New version 1.5 of the Gmail mobile application was released, so, What's new?

Not only does new app run much faster and use less data - great for those of you on fixed data plans - but now you can:

- Attach a "Sent from Gmail for mobile" footer to your outgoing messages
- View the full details of your Gmail contacts
- Save a message you're composing to "Finish Later"

To Download it, point your mobile browser to http://gmail.com/app

[UPDATE] Slick 0.26

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Slick has been updated to v0.26 and here's the changelog :

0.25 (Oct 10 2007) Saving message history
0.26 (Oct 14 2007) Online/total buddy count near group name, protocol-specific emoticons

Download it!

Net60 : Run mobile .NET applications unchanged on symbian !

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Net60 is a .NET Compact Framework implementation for S60 devices. It enables Windows Mobile applications developed using C# and Visual Basic .NET to run unchanged on S60 devices. This beta release is intended for System Integrators and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) who are interested in exploring the possibilities of Net60 ahead of the commercial release. User feedback is highly encouraged.

For download instructions, beta release notes, known issues and to learn more about the product, please visit the beta page at http://www.redfivelabs.com/content/download.aspx

tutLaunch v0.1b

tutLaunch allows you to store shortcuts and launch them without having the trouble of navigating to the program itself. It works similar like the Shortcut plugin on the Standby screen, except that the Standby Screen only allows you to have 6 shortcuts.

For optimum use, you can assign one of the Standby screen keys to launch tutLaunch and so that you can easily access the shortcuts stored in tutLaunch.

Download it!

NB: Don't forget to sign it!

[UPDATE] Google maps v1.70.2

Friday, October 12, 2007

Google Maps has been updated and it supports the E90's internal GPS! faster that java version since it's native (sis)!

So now we have the ability to save a search result directly to the Contacts application! It automatically fills in all the address fields correctly as we can read here

Some features :
- You can show current location on Google Map using the internal GPS receiver of your S60 device by pressing “0″. It is indicated by a blue dot on the screen
- Search option for finding specific locations
- Save search results to Contacts
- Go to web address
- Get driving directions
- Real-time Traffic
- Click to Call telephone numbers from the map

Download it! or point your mobile browser to : http://www.google.com/gmm

Mundu Radio v1.01

Mundu Radio allows you to listen to Internet Radio Stations on your Mobile Phone. This involves no restriction on the number of internet radio channels, no play times, or no limits on how much music you can enjoy. Mundu Radio spells unlimited music, news and other content. All you need is a data connection (GPRS/CDMA/Wi-Fi)...

To access Mundu Radio you need
- A wireless Internet connection on GPRS, CDMA, 3G or WiFi, preferably an unlimited data plan.
- A Mundu account. Click here to register or login.
- Download and install the Mundu Radio client on your phone.

For more information and technical question , you can read FAQs!

SIC FTP Client

Thursday, October 11, 2007

SIC Software is offering a free FTP Client for all Nokia S60 3rd Edition devices. This client is offering a a powerfull filemanager besides many FTP functionallity.

The most common use for FTP is to download files from the Internet. Because of this, FTP is the backbone of the MP3 music craze, and vital to most online auction and game enthusiasts.

Application is very simple to use but very powerful and besides the FTP functionality application also features the powerful file manager. ž

Client gives you a fast, easy, reliable way to update and maintain your website via FTP or simply upload / download files to and from public FTP servers. The user interface is intuitive to use and follows the Nokia style. You can switch between the local and the remote file system to get a fast overview on the files on both systems.

Once connected, the client can do a number of file manipulation operations such as uploading files to the server, download files from the server, rename or delete files on the server and so on.

Download it!

[UPDATE] Boopsie v2.18.1 : With integrated GPS tool

I'll remind you that Boopsie is smart prefix search means instead of typing out the whole word, all you need is the first few letters. Example: "Harry Potter." In Boopsie, that's "ha po." Easy!

For that, it uses a multi-prefix search - which means you only have to type the first few letters of words instead of the whole words as i said So, searching Wikipedia for "Desperate Housewives" is as easy as typing "des hou". Also, Boopsie uses a category search combined with keywords. So, to find the current temperature, select Wunderground Weather, then type "lag bea" or zip code "92651" for Laguna Beach, CA.

This new version of Boopsie supports on-board GPS as well as Bluetooth GPS.

New channels are added regularly. Some current channels are Amazon Books, Amazon Grocery, Caltrain Schedule, Celebrity Photos/Search, CitySearch SiliconValley, Date and Time, Dictionary, Encyclopedia, Epicurious, Fandango, IMDB, Sports Scores,
Surf/Ski reports, Stock quotes, Thesaurus, Wikipedia, etc.

For an online simulation, goto TryIt! Further information at Boopsie.com

Download it!

Note: Requires a data plan from your carrier.

[GAMES] Lament Island v1.1

A new amazing game from Simlife : The daring lad Roy stepped into a deserted island where a mysterious castle stayed. There are neatly arrayed rooms, and obvious evidence of a luxurious life. But it was found with nobody inside, just nobody, except the ghosty footsteps at interval and the haunting weeping. What's hiding in the castle? Ghost, curse, or a story unspeakable?

- Multi-branched captivating story
- Camera, microphone used in game to solve the wit-worn riddles
- Real visual effect supported by mould animation and UV animation techniques
- Stereo audio effects correlate with distance
- Real Time Render 3D animation
- Interactivable 3 Dimensioned items build by Script-base System
- Over 20 challenging levels, more than 50 puzzles
- Best Interactive Experience Nominated Item by International Mobile Gaming Award

Download it! (24Mb)

[UPDATE] Handy Calendar v1.0

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Handy Calendar is beigng released right now and it is already available at Handango

What's next? there'll be a small break in development to collect first commercial feedback and make a list of features for version 1.01. There will be:
- skins
- copy/paste/move entries
- date picker
- ...

Hope this version will be ready in about a month or so.

Shop it!

Mozilla and Mobile !

Mozilla's planing to launche a mobile web browser, so i guess this will be ported to symbian plateform too?

Jump over to read the full story !

[UPDATE] IM+ v6.12

IM+ has got another update v6.12 and as usually, there's no changelog for shapeservices's products :(

Download it!

Mobile Web Server : New release is coming...

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Well i'll remind that Mobile Web Server lets you run a web server on your mobile phone.

The upcoming version will provide some enhancements to the Mymobilesite.net site as well, also, there will be a couple of new applications (or features how do you like to call them) and you can take a quick peek at jukka mobile site to see them.

Once the new release is out you will be the first to know and you'll get explanations of the new stuff in full detail.

While waiting, you can read a preview of this nice tool (version 1.0) here...

Nokia Device Status

Nokia Device Status is a self-diagnosis tool that allows you to collect detailed system information both from your PC and your S60 device. Your current device configuration and phone settings are presented in a detailed summary, which you can use to determine the exact cause, if you run into problems.

With Nokia Device Status, you can save all the collected information to a file, and you can send the file to customer care services for closer inspection and analysis.

Collected data from your PC includes:
Operating system
Language of the operating system vs. that of Nokia PC Suite
Version of Nokia PC Suite currently installed on your PC
Drivers required to connect your phone to your PC
Local time zone
Log files created by Nokia PC Suite
Regional and language settings

Collected data from your phone includes:
Device model
IMEI code of the phone
Device memory and any available memory card
Profiles and themes used on the phone
Locations used to store data on the phone

After installation, you can access the application both from your phone and from your PC.

We are evaluating the possibilities for integrate Nokia Device Status with Nokia customer care, so tell us what you think - all improvement suggestions are warmly welcome!
Installation instructions

Before installation, please remove possible earlier versions from your PC and your phone. Also, make sure that you have Nokia PC Suite (6.84 or newer) or Nokia Nseries PC Suite installed on your PC.

Download it!

Bloove : manage your phone via web browser

Monday, October 8, 2007

Bloove is online phone management service. It allows you to edit address book contacts and speed dial settings, initiate calls and send SMS - all from your favorite browser. It is like PC Suite for the web.

It's compatible with GPRS, EDGE, WCDMA, Wi-Fi etc. So no cable, infrared or Bluetooth hardware is needed. You will need to install Bloove Agent application on your phone, no installs are required on the desktop. You may manage your phone everywhere you have just a browser, without cumbersome desktop application.

You can read the FAQ section for more information about that cool application ;)

Flash Lite 3 Developer Edition !

Do you still remember my last post about Adobe Flash Lite 3 ? Well it seems that it's possible to request an interim Developer Edition for testing on your N95 !

According to Adobe, Flash Lite 3 Developer Edition will be available for download in early November 2007

So if you are interested in testing Flash Lite 3 content on your device before the availability of the Developer Edition, you may request an interim Developer Edition by sending an e-mail to mobiledeveloper@adobe.com with the subject line "Request for FL3 Developer Edition." You will need to include the IMEI number of your device in the e-mail. The IMEI number can be obtained by entering *#06# on the device.

All requests for the interim Developer Edition must be submitted by noon Eastern time on Tuesday, October 16, 2007. Late submissions will not be processed. Your build will be made available by the end of the day Friday, October 19. It will be delivered as a SIS file and can be implemented and installed like any other application on Symbian S60.

[UPDATE] Mobile GMaps v1.37.03

Another update for Mobile GMaps with new fixes as always!
- The "Report Problem" feature was completed, you should use that feature if have any problems with MGMaps. Note: due to a bug with Nokia S60 3rd edition phones and maybe others, the screen will temporarily freeze when you press "Continue" in Report Problem — to complete sending the report and continue using the application, don't press any keys for a few seconds until the backlight goes off.
- "View Friends" now shows when a user was last seen directly in the status bar as you move the map.
- The map can now be moved beyond 180 degrees longitude and it will be correctly wrapped. Also, invalid longitude coordinates are allowed and converted to the range that can be displayed.
- Some keys were updated for phones or PDAs with full keyboard: 'm' shows the menu, 'q' zooms in, 'a' or 'p' zooms out.
- Place details show the "straight-line" (shortest) distance from your current GPS position to the selected place for favorites, friends positions and KML results.
- Favorites can now be removed using the "Remove" option in favorite details.
- Other fixes and updates.

Some problems still unsolved:
- The "Update Check" does not correctly update the application if you have a signed version. Workaround: use Update Check to check for an update, if one is available close MGMaps and visit http://wap.mgmaps.com on your phone.
- The "1 Prev" and "3 Next" hints are shown even if there's a single search result. Note: you can turn off hints completely by unchecking the corresponding option in Settings/Display.
- The map quickly moves to your GPS position when you select a search result, if Mobile Tracking is enabled. Workaround: press "5" to temporarily disable Mobile Tracking when you wish to perform searches or to move the map manually.
- Font size for status bar is always small, even if you uncheck the Small Font option in Settings/Screen. The menu is not correctly resized when you switch Small Font on or off.
- Depending on the JVM used, Windows-Mobile phones or PDAs may not show the "Menu" option to open the menu. Workaround: press "8" to turn off full-screen mode, this should show the menu option. Or if your PDA has a pointer (stylus), click in the lower-left part of the screen.

Download it!

[UPDATE] cClock v1.14

Saturday, October 6, 2007

cClock has been updated, and again it adds new features !

- Feature : Add options to display seconds in time.
- Feature : Option to display battery and network..
- Feature : Large icons for message and misscall.
- Feature : Display number of messages and miscalls.
- Feature : Add options to adjust AM/PM position.
- Feature : Add options to change date format. This feature only support the "System" font.
- Bug fix : Fix bluetooth display problem.
- Bug fix : Fix moving speed when stop watch enable.
- Modify behavior : Change email icon to '@' character.

Download it!

[UPDATE] Slick 0.24

Slick has been updated to 0.24 to add MSN protocol

Download it!

[UPDATE] Share Online v3.0

Friday, October 5, 2007

Share Online makes it easy to post photos and video from your phone straight to your blog, photo sharing site, or other online community. You can control the file size and quality of your photos and video, add text to your posts, and browse to your page to see how it looks once you`re done. You can find Comparison of key features in Share Online versions here

Download it!

NB : You can find setup and configuration tips here...

[UPDATE] All Psiloc Applications

Thursday, October 4, 2007

All psiloc applications got an updated to brings some Quality improvements in DRM Common Solutions

Download them!

WiiConnect : Use Wiimote Motion Sensing to control & Play Nokia S60 mobile Games !

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A Bluetooth more driver for Nokia S60 mobile phones called WiiConnect that enables you ton remote control and play mobile games on your Nokia S60 3rd edition mobile DEVICEs using motion sensing technology OF Nintendo Wiimote. It allows using the exciting features OF the Wiimote, including the 3D of accelerometer and rumble functionality. To use WiiConnect, activate Bluetooth on your mobile phone and start WiiConnect more driver. This wants connect you ton the Wiimote.

As A part OF their project, SymbianResources have thus released A motorcycle game called WiiRider based on motion sensing that CAN control LED using WiiConnect. The control simulate driving with A motorcycle on A country road. You have ton hold the Wiimote like the actable OF A motorcycle. To accelerate, you need to symbolically open the throttle by turning the CONTROLLERs. Moving left or right is based on your motion. To make the game more challenging, the game introduces several obstacles that you have to dodge but you should try ton collect petrol cans for energy.And here is the rest of it.

Download it!

NB : Accelerometers are in many S60 devices (N95, N93i, N93, etc.), mostly used for detecting if a landscape or portrait photo is being taken with the camera. This would mean that you could control the game by rotating the S60 device.

[UPDATE] Handy Calendar Release-candidate

Well, as mentionned in this post epocware has released a close final release version of Handy Calendar that fixes the older bugs and even brings some additional improvements like

- at midnight current date changes to today
- subject, location and note are formatted in lists and in preview (extra line break, spaces and tabs are removed)
- many "invisible" fixes

Only small localization improvements are planned for the release version (this week).

Please test this version and let epcware know:
1. If the "fixed" bugs are really fixed.
2. If there are new bugs appeared (yes, this happens with software).

PS. This version will work on for all until 15th of October. Then the release version should be installed.

Download it!

[UPDATE] Quickoffice Premier v4.5.25.0

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Well as i said here , Quickoffice Premier v4.5.25.0 will have Advanced email integration with Mail for Exchange 2.0 and vice versa, users now have seamless access to attachments inside of Quickoffice Premier, allowing them to easily retrieve, view, edit and save any Office documents from their mailboxes. This latest release delivers the first integrated mobile email and attachment handling solution for Microsoft® Word®, Excel® and PowerPoint® files on S60 3rd Edition phones.

More to read over here...

Adobe Launches Flash Lite 3

Monday, October 1, 2007

Adobe® Flash® Lite™ 3 now supports Adobe Flash Player compatible video and enables the delivery of dynamic Web content on mobile devices. The new version includes support for Flash video (e.g. on YouTube), and Adobe says the aim is to more closely replicate the experience of Flash on the desktop.

Flash Lite 3 will be available as a stand alone player for existing S60 3rd Edition devices (at least via developer channels) and will shipin the ROM of future Nokia devices.

You can read about it here and here

[UPDATE] Slick 0.23

Slick has been updated to 0.23 to add : Yahoo audibles, separate groups for each protocol, group management: create, delete, rename, buddy management: rename, change group !

Download it!

[REVIEW] Pdf+ vs Adobe Reader 2.5 vs Adobe Reader 1.5

Steve Litchfield of AAS has reviewed the latest build of Pdf+ (the one i use always instead of adobe reader) against the built-in and upgrade versions of Adobe Reader LE ! this one includes the official Adobe PDF code, but then it makes it the winner? jump over the review to know more about that !
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