[UPDATE] Mobile GMaps v1.38.01

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A new version of Mobile GMaps is out, Main changes include:

- The view friends service was improved, you can see your friends and (optionally) public users, you can search for a friend or a public user.
- Stored maps updates. The mobile map can be automatically centered to the area you download. The storage structure was also updated and by default all map tiles for a zoom level are stored in the same folder to reduce the total number of folders created. For these new features to work, you must use mgmaps 1.38.01 and the Perl downloading scripts (Map Tile Cacher v1.25, MapTileFE v1.21) available at http://www.mgmaps.com/cache. Support in gMapMaker is hopefully coming soon.
- The GPS is automatically enabled and set to internal the first time the program is started, if supported by the phone. This new feature may cause problems with some phones, let us know if the application no longer starts and revert to v1.38.00 or v1.37.03 until fixed.

Download it!


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