[UPDATE] Mobile Web Server v1.1

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Do you still remember my last post about the new upcoming release for Mobile Web Server? Well, it's out !
New features include:
- Chat : Visitors in your site can now initiate a chat with you. You can have multiple chat windows open with different people and one chat window can also serve as a "group chat". I've used this quite a bit lately and it's really a nice addition. Can be a little obtrusive too :)
- Presence : If you choose to do so you can share your presence information in your site. There will be an indicator on right top corner of your site showing battery status, local time, profile and a meeting icon if you are in a meeting. There is also a separate Presence button in left-side navigation.
- New languages: You can now choose another language for your site (Finnish, French, German, Italian or Spanish) and also the S60 application will have one those languages based on your phone settings.

Other improvements:
- Python for S60 version 1.4.1 : This is very much an "under the hood" thing but a major step since this contains some new features and fixes. One particularly interesting feature is the location module you can use to access the GPS capabilities on the phone. I'll write more about this later with examples.
- Improved snapshot camera : This is our native camera application. It will now autofocus correctly and get better resolution out of eg. Nokia N95's camera.
- General stability improvements : Pretty self-explanatory :) Let's just say that if you had problems with the first version many of them should have gone away. If not, let us know.
- WebDAV performance improvements : WebDAV (ie. Web Folders as it's called in Windows) feature was not very usable in some ways in 1.0 version, should be more usable now. I'll write more about this later also.

Download it!

NB : You can read more about that here...


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