[UPDATE] Mobile GMaps v1.37.03

Monday, October 8, 2007

Another update for Mobile GMaps with new fixes as always!
- The "Report Problem" feature was completed, you should use that feature if have any problems with MGMaps. Note: due to a bug with Nokia S60 3rd edition phones and maybe others, the screen will temporarily freeze when you press "Continue" in Report Problem — to complete sending the report and continue using the application, don't press any keys for a few seconds until the backlight goes off.
- "View Friends" now shows when a user was last seen directly in the status bar as you move the map.
- The map can now be moved beyond 180 degrees longitude and it will be correctly wrapped. Also, invalid longitude coordinates are allowed and converted to the range that can be displayed.
- Some keys were updated for phones or PDAs with full keyboard: 'm' shows the menu, 'q' zooms in, 'a' or 'p' zooms out.
- Place details show the "straight-line" (shortest) distance from your current GPS position to the selected place for favorites, friends positions and KML results.
- Favorites can now be removed using the "Remove" option in favorite details.
- Other fixes and updates.

Some problems still unsolved:
- The "Update Check" does not correctly update the application if you have a signed version. Workaround: use Update Check to check for an update, if one is available close MGMaps and visit http://wap.mgmaps.com on your phone.
- The "1 Prev" and "3 Next" hints are shown even if there's a single search result. Note: you can turn off hints completely by unchecking the corresponding option in Settings/Display.
- The map quickly moves to your GPS position when you select a search result, if Mobile Tracking is enabled. Workaround: press "5" to temporarily disable Mobile Tracking when you wish to perform searches or to move the map manually.
- Font size for status bar is always small, even if you uncheck the Small Font option in Settings/Screen. The menu is not correctly resized when you switch Small Font on or off.
- Depending on the JVM used, Windows-Mobile phones or PDAs may not show the "Menu" option to open the menu. Workaround: press "8" to turn off full-screen mode, this should show the menu option. Or if your PDA has a pointer (stylus), click in the lower-left part of the screen.

Download it!


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