[UPDATE] Best Profiles v1.01

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I'll remind you that Best Profiles allows automatic profiles switching according to your schedule, calendar or GSM cell location. For each profile Best Profiles allows selection of additional settings such as: backlight, sound on activate, run custom application etc at the same way as Handy Profiles

This new update added a new features like :
- GSM Location rules added : allows switching profile automatically if GSM cell serving your phone changes.
- Today view added : This view is used for convenience of setting rules and controlling Schedule and Calendar rules effect. Timetable of profile changes is classified by events. For example, if a rule is activated at 6:30 and deactivated at 17:00 then two records will be shown - for activation and for deactivation. The timetable is composed with respect of priorities.
- Rules priority added : Each rule can be assigned a priority from Highest to Lowest. Timed activation and profile lock rules are an exception and have the topmost priority, which cannot be changed.

Whether a rule or a part of it will be in effect or not is defined by the following rules: priority rules guide. You can use the Today view to check how Schedule and Calendar rules will work.
- Lock profile feature added : Profile lock against automatic rules effect; the locked profile can be changed only manually or with help of "Cancel activation" function;
- Theme option in advanced profile added : you can choose any theme to change it when this profile is activated (finally ! :D)

By this, i think that Best Profiles is the best profile switcher on the market for now vs Handy calendar!

Download it!


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