[UPDATE] cClock v1.15

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

cClock has been updated, and again it adds new features !
- Feature : Analog clock.
- Bug fix : "Power saving" is no, the position will reset after resume.
- Feature : Translate to German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Czech, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.
- Modify behavior : On the preview screen, both option button will be "exit".
- Modify behavior : "Battery and Network" refresh rate is set to 1 seconds on version 1.14. On 1.15, change the refresh rate to follow the moving speed. That's also mean battery and network indication is only accurate when it move.
- Bug fix : Battery and network when first startup is zero value.
- Bug fix : Don't detect network strength if profile is offline, this will prevent power drain on some phone.
- Feature : Display offline icon, if the profile change to offline.
- Modify behavior : If moving speed set to 0, it will not move.

Download it!


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