Affle SMS2.0

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Affle’s SMS2.0 is positioned as an upgrade to the consumer’s default SMS application. It gives the consumer access to enhanced features and it creates an interactive channel for the non-intrusive delivery of relevant content and advertising on the SMS window. The consumer chooses his interest area, and the latest information is delivered unobtrusively, while he composes or reads an SMS message. The application makes the most of the SMS screen area while retaining the simplicity of the familiar SMS entry interface.

The default content stays at the bottom portion of the S60 screen and converts to full screen when either the message is sent or the consumer clicks on the content. The S60 device may either periodically or in real time update the content and ads. The data traffic for SMS2.0 contents and ads is not charged to Affle’s SMS2.0 users. SMS2.0 has been deployed by Airtel, the largest mobile operator in India, and has been used in a pilot project with MobileOne Ltd. (M1), one of the main operators in Singapore. SMS2.0 has converged messaging, content and advertising into one seamless application.

Improved core messaging
- A personalised messaging experience
- Colour messages
- Fun emoticons
- Scheduled SMS

Enhanced messaging features
- Best of MMS, IM, E-mail features
- SMS to e-mail
- Graphic and multimedia attachments

Interactive messaging features
- Customised content
- Peer 2 peer content

Discounts and promotions
- From advertisers
- From content providers
- From mobile network operators

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