WiiConnect : Use Wiimote Motion Sensing to control & Play Nokia S60 mobile Games !

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A Bluetooth more driver for Nokia S60 mobile phones called WiiConnect that enables you ton remote control and play mobile games on your Nokia S60 3rd edition mobile DEVICEs using motion sensing technology OF Nintendo Wiimote. It allows using the exciting features OF the Wiimote, including the 3D of accelerometer and rumble functionality. To use WiiConnect, activate Bluetooth on your mobile phone and start WiiConnect more driver. This wants connect you ton the Wiimote.

As A part OF their project, SymbianResources have thus released A motorcycle game called WiiRider based on motion sensing that CAN control LED using WiiConnect. The control simulate driving with A motorcycle on A country road. You have ton hold the Wiimote like the actable OF A motorcycle. To accelerate, you need to symbolically open the throttle by turning the CONTROLLERs. Moving left or right is based on your motion. To make the game more challenging, the game introduces several obstacles that you have to dodge but you should try ton collect petrol cans for energy.And here is the rest of it.

Download it!

NB : Accelerometers are in many S60 devices (N95, N93i, N93, etc.), mostly used for detecting if a landscape or portrait photo is being taken with the camera. This would mean that you could control the game by rotating the S60 device.


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