Psiloc irRemote : Available for licensed users !

Monday, October 29, 2007

This beta version of irRemote is available only for those Psiloc customers, who have bought and activated any of Psiloc S60 3rd application on the device they are using now (the Smartphone is identified by IMEI number). To activate run irRemote, select Activate for free and follow the instructions. The beta version will be valid until 15 th of November.

The main feature of Psiloc irRemote is ability to remotely control audio and video equipment using your Smartphone. The database of compatible codes is continually being evolved by end users who can test and rate all the codes. It supports most brands of electronic devices available on the market. Moreover, irRemote is usable with no additional software or hardware required.

If you cannot find the codes you need, you can upload your own ones and build your own remote control using the online wizard at Please rank the codes you have added within 48 hours otherwise they will be deleted.

We are still seeking the most proper way of communication between IrRemote and device you want to control so it will be a great help for us if you can choose different methods of communication and rank it. You can change the communication method by choosing: Options->Settings->IR mode.

Download it!


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