[UPDATE] Boopsie v2.18.1 : With integrated GPS tool

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I'll remind you that Boopsie is smart prefix search means instead of typing out the whole word, all you need is the first few letters. Example: "Harry Potter." In Boopsie, that's "ha po." Easy!

For that, it uses a multi-prefix search - which means you only have to type the first few letters of words instead of the whole words as i said So, searching Wikipedia for "Desperate Housewives" is as easy as typing "des hou". Also, Boopsie uses a category search combined with keywords. So, to find the current temperature, select Wunderground Weather, then type "lag bea" or zip code "92651" for Laguna Beach, CA.

This new version of Boopsie supports on-board GPS as well as Bluetooth GPS.

New channels are added regularly. Some current channels are Amazon Books, Amazon Grocery, Caltrain Schedule, Celebrity Photos/Search, CitySearch SiliconValley, Date and Time, Dictionary, Encyclopedia, Epicurious, Fandango, IMDB, Sports Scores,
Surf/Ski reports, Stock quotes, Thesaurus, Wikipedia, etc.

For an online simulation, goto TryIt! Further information at Boopsie.com

Download it!

Note: Requires a data plan from your carrier.


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