[UPDATE] AnimSprite v2.10 beta

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

AnimSprite has been updated to include new features like :
- an increase of Wizard download options, after the link to click on the official wap Wizard Home
- new calendar functions, including the calendar and the Chinese and some important holidays, with 24 solar terms. Calendar Use: desktop standby under "C" key shortcuts to the calendar window, if not by the "C" key to the calendar window closed, six seconds after shut down automatically
- the last calendar for English (Traditional will be joined later)
- 2.10 version一个bugb only with the design of the default Wizard China Mobile
- 2nd version of demand, as appropriate, to launch

sorry for the bad translation :(

NB : Don't forget to sign it...there's some installation problems with some N80 ! so be careful

Download it!


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I have successfully worked animsprite ver 2.00, 2.02 in my nokia 5700. However, this version 2.10 refuses to install. It goes on upto 100% during installation then says "unable to install" Checked and rechecked signing and its ok.


hello Partha ;)

Yep, i know many peoples having the same error, try to uninstall the previous version and install v2.1 or stay with 2.02, i've no solution for the moment :(

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