[UPDATE] TTmusic v2.0

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

TTmusic player has been updated to add more features !

v2.0 includes new features like :
- Increased mp3 balance, a variety of preset equalizer style. (Need to choose MP3 Format [TTMusic] decoder)
- Increased MP3 ID3 amended, no longer has trouble garbage characters
- An increase in the definition of shortcuts (menu item shortcuts tips)
- The pattern of increased songs List Management
- Increased侧键volume adjustment
- Increasing the volume adjustment wire
- Support lyrics fuzzy association,千千listened to the lyrics direct copy! : \ TTPod \ lyrics directory can be
- Improved speed adjustment lyrics that adjusted state
- Improving the "open file" in support of directories and files labeled
- Keyword amended the skin, the skin necessary to amend the previous keyword OggPlay to TTPod
- Changes TTMusic for TTPod, new directory structure:
! : \ TTPod \ data storage configuration file
! : \ TTPod \ skin skin document storage
! : \ TTPod \ lyrics lyrics document storage
! : \ TTPod \ favorite repository collections List

Download it!

NB : It doesn't work in some firmware variants...


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The same error always, N80:
TTPod error: 2, -5

The same error always, N73:
TTPod error: 2, -5

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