FreeCertReq v0.01 : Generate your *.CSR file from you s60 !

Thursday, January 31, 2008

junnikokuki over OPDA forums, has posted about FreeCertReq, an application to create csr files directly from you s60 !

You'll find in the *zip file : FreeCertReq_MR.sisx (MR version) and FreeCertReq_FP1.sisx (FP1 version)...

After installing it, select Options - Generate Cert Request, and wait 10 seconds to achieve the process ;) you'll find the Private key and document requests in the C: \ Data \ MyCert.key and C: \ Data \ MyCert.csr.

Download it!

[UPDATE] Mail For Exchange v2.3

Mail for Exchange, Nokia's enterprise. push email solution based on Microsoft's Exchange ActiveSync protocol, has got an update !

- When trying to synchronize with a server that has an expired certificate, the user is now given the choice of continuing the synchronization. Previously, the scenario resulted in an error and the synchronization was stopped.

- Nokia N82: Making phone calls from Company Directory is not possible in Nokia N82
software version 11.0.117. Phone software to rectify this will be available later

Download it!

[UPDATE] TextQuick v1.5 is now available

TextQuick v1.5 is now available !

Just to remind you, TextQuick is a small application that provides a quick way for you to text your best friends and family. It ranks everyone in your phone book by how popular they are. This means it's always easy to find the people you text the most.

The v1.5 includes :
- Rank contacts by popularity
- Text & call contacts
- Change name order, first name last name or last name first name.
- Control what TextQuick does after sending an SMS; send it to the background, quit the application or enjoy its current default behaviour.
- View a contact's details.

Download it! (One Month Trial)

[UPDATE] Net60 Beta 3

Red Five Labs releases Net60 Beta 3, the .NET Compact Framework for S60.

The QuickStart Guide is a great resource to consult to get up and running as quickly as possible. The use of the tools shipped with Net60 such as Genesis is described in the guide which shows how .NET applications are installed directly to the S60 applications menu.

Download it!

NB : This beta evaluation version will remain active until 29/02/2008

MobiTuba v1.75 build 1 : Goes Public !

MobiTuba is finally out for public as a Flash Video (FLV) Player and Full-Function YouTube portal application with real-time decoding for Series 60 3rd Edition devices. User interface was neatly designed to be luxurious look. More than YouTube client application you will get.

Key Featured
- View Offline FLV file (.flv file in device)
- View Online FLV file (access via http://...)
- Full-Functions YouTube
· Recently Featured - View featured videos listed in homepage
· Popular Clips of the Day, of the Week, of the Month and Overall
· Clips Search - Search through YouTube clips by Tag
· View by YouTube ID - Enter 11-digit YouTube ID and MobiTubia will play that clip for you
· Open Web Clip - Enter url of webpage embedded with YouTube clips and MobiTubia will display all available clips
- Lot of Customization Options
· Status Bar Visibility
· Max Frame Skip
- etc.

- FLV file must encoded in Sorenson-H263 codec (Flash 7)
- Video resolution must not exceed 320x240 pixels

Download it!

NB : Rename *z file to *sis file and then install it ;)

LoudUp : Coming Soon !

LoudUp (by Samir) is rumored as an application that allows you to answer calls directly using loud speakers !

You'll have to wait some days for some details :D

[UPDATE] FlipSilent V1.04 Available For Donators!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

FlipSilent is available fo donators !

New Features:
1, Slider down (See music key) to accept a call with LoudSpeaker!
2, Slider back to hangup the call (from both sides).

V1.05 — Collect bug reports, Make a stable version (ShakeSMS meantime)
V1.06 — SymbianSinged!

Make your Donation now! to get your copy ;)

[UPDATE] Jbak TaskMan v0.96

Jbak Taskman has been updated again !

Download it!

NB : Don't forget to sign it!

My Portfolio v1.0 : Google Finance on your Mobile !

My Portfolio for Series 60 v3 brings Google Finance information directly to your mobile: with details of your own online portfolio, auto-refresh function and history. Now you will be always up to date with your financial courses!

It updates your Google Finance portfolio in the real time on your mobile. You get the most needed information from your own portfolio displayed, such as: company name; symbol, last price and percent change.

All other data about your portfolio units is also available, exactly as you can get it online.

There is an auto refresh option available: My Portfolio will be automatically refreshed with the updated data every set period of time. Please note: the auto refresh function will work only if the My Portfolio application is open.

You can also get the history of every unit in your portfolio, based on time period defined by you.

Key Features:
- Real time update of Google portfolio data
- All Google Finance data overview with one click on your mobile
- Auto refresh function
- History of every portfolio item
- Freeware application

Download it!

[UPDATE] AppQLaunch v1.1

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

AppQLaunch has got an update !

New features are:
- faster startup
- textfield is cleared after an application is launched

Bug fix:
- “refresh list” now removes uninstalled applications

Download it!

[UPDATE] Mobile Web Server Extensions Goes public !

My Mobile Site Widgets is a set of widgets visible on your PC (Windows or Mac). With these widgets, you can view the contents of your mobile phone and initiate certain operations like SMS sending or call initiation over a secure HTTPS channel.

The widgets run on Yahoo! Widgets engine installed on the PC and Python scripts running under Mobile Web Server provide the functionality on the mobile device. The widgets are polling the phone regularly to update the presented information. User can set the update interval in the widgets preferences window available in the right click menu.

You can read more over here !

Read more about install process here !

NB : the Calendar widget is not part of this release. It might be released later

knfb Reader : Snap it, Read it !

Monday, January 28, 2008

knfb Reading Technology has released knfb Reader as a camera based documents reader !

The user takes a photo of the print to be read and the character recognition software in conjunction with high quality text-to-speech will read the contents of the document aloud. At the same time, it can display the print on the phone’s built-in screen and highlight each word as it is spoken !

Features :
- Reading modes for books, articles and labels; bills and memos.
- US printed currency recognition (knfbReader only)
- Synchronized text highlighting with output speech
- Text navigation by sentence, word, character.
- User self-training page for taking pictures
- Viewfinder for live field of view
- Field of view analysis (knfbReader only)
- Import/export TXT files
- Automatic or manual saving of documents and image files
- Automatic screen rotation for portrait and landscape reading
- Save settings to and from memory card

Purchase it!

SkyFire :Mobile Browser With Full Audio, Video, Images, Dynamic Flash, Ajax & Java support !

SkyFire is a new mobile browser in private beta that gives you a complete Desktop PC-like browsing experience from your mobile phone. You can watch any web video, listen to any web music, stay connected on any social network and browse any webpage with embedded content that you normally can open from a PC based browser on your device !

Skyfire Beta enables speedy page loading, full audio, video, images, dynamic Flash content, advanced Ajax and Java support. Unlike other mobile browsers, Skyfire supports the desktop version of Flash applications and as well as embedded content such as Flash 9, QuickTime, Java and other HTML features.
You can even bookmark specific content on a web page to get exactly want you want in one click. When you do a search, the results are presented in easy to view tabs: web, images, and videos, and maps. Navigating is intuitive with full screen, thumbnails and zooming while resizing, at speeds comparable to your desktop PC web browser.

You can Sign up and they can promptly notify you when Skyfire is available for S60

[UPDATE] Jbak TaskMan v0.95

Jbak Taskman has been updated !

It's now possible to Lock keypad from any screen and reboot your phone.

Download it!

NB : Make sure that you uninstall Handy Taskman before installing this one. If you have installed Best Taskman, then turn off Autostart in settings & exit from it before trying this one.

If you have installed EQ AltTab, then simply exit from it before installing this one.
Later if you decide to keep Jbak Taskman then you need to uninstall EQ AltTab.

Nokia Location Tagger

Nokia Location Tagger is a small application running on “selected” S60 3rd devices that allows you to tag pictures captured from Camera application with geographical coordinates from GPS.

Your GPS coordinates are saved to the EXIF header of the JPEG file. You can use this data later, for example, to locate your pictures on a map.

What can we do with the tagged pictures? You can upload them to the photo sharing sites, such as Flickr, Panoramio and Picasa Web, so that your friends know where the pictures were taken. If you want to keep them private on your PC, some photo organizer applications, such as Picasa (combined with Google Earth), are able to display location information...

- Launch Nokia Location Tagger application.
- On the main screen, you will see the status of your GPS module. It will show the coordinate if GPS module is active. Otherwise, it will show "Searching".
- To tag pictures with GPS coordinates, simply use the built-in Camera application. Press the Camera button of your device to take pictures as usual. When Nokia Location Tagger is running in the background, you will see small icon at the top left corner of Camera’s view finder. This indicates the status of GPS module:
Green: GPS module is active.
Amber: Nokia Location Tagger is connecting to GPS module or searching for GPS coordinate.
Red: GPS module is inactive.

Download it!

NB : Share Online 3.0 needs to be installed ;)

EQ Restart v1.0 : Restart Your s60 By A Single Clic !

Sunday, January 27, 2008

EQ Restart is a little app that Reboots the phone immediately after the launch with no extra questions or popups !

Download it!

NB : Don't forget to sign it!

[UPDATE] Handy BlackList 3.0 Beta

My favorite call manager Handy Blacklist is going to be updated to v3.0 and guess what?


Main features:
- Integrated Blacklist to reject unwanted calls
- Ability to make Allow lists for limiting incoming calls
- Ability to perform predefined actions in case of rejecting a call (reject, reject with SMS)
- Active Standby indicator of missed and blocked calls
- Timed activation






Download it!

NB : It would be great to be able to choose if one wants to block only calls, only messages or both (you may not want to pick up the phone abroad if roaming charges scare you but receiving messages is free) or you might want to wild-card block 06XX numbers on a business phone but you just wouldn't want to enter them one by one.

Anyway you can post your bugs over here!

ShakeSMS : Shake it, Read it !

Saturday, January 26, 2008

New upcoming baby from Flipsilent maker ! it's all about ShakeSMS !

Scenario: when you receive a short message.

Normally without ShakeSMS:
you need to unlock the phone first, then read the message, after replying, lock the phone again.

With ShakeSMS:
just shake your phone, you can read the sms;
shake it again, it goes back and phone locked!

[UPDATE] FlipSilent V1.04 Alpha Available For Invited Users

FlipSilent V1.04 Alpha sent out to ALL Translators, and selected Users who activly particiated in Disscussion on

FlipSilent V1.04 improvements:
1, hide FlipSilent from the task list!
2, slider back to hangup the call!

Stay tuned ;)

GSM Tracker v3.13 : Real-Time GPS GSM Tracking !

GSM Tracker a real-time AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) tracking device. Also for personal location tracking. See your track in real time on Google Earth or!

The application determines the location with a Bluetooth GPS receiver and transmits the tracking data to a server in real-time through a cellular packet data connection. The data connection to the server is usually made via the Internet.

The application can use the internal GPS chip instead of an external Bluetooth GPS.

Typically server stores the received tracking data into a SQL database. The data can be visualized with simple map software, (e.g. Google Maps for Enterprise, Google Earth) or it can be linked to a professional fleet management system or a mobile workforce management system.

Individual users can use Aspicore GSM Tracker for personal location tracking. They can e.g. automatically publish their current location and daily track on their web page.

Users can share their current location online with their buddies using the free service provided by Franson Technology AB.

The location of the mobile phone can also be determined by the network cell id, which identifies the cell tower the phone is connected to.

You can configure the timers and events, which trigger the data send action. The data is sent in a compact UDP datagram, only a little over 100 packet data bytes per message. This means that the data transfer costs are minimal compared to e.g. SMS and the communication transactions are very fast.

Download it!

You can read more details over here !

[UPDATE] X-plore v1.21 : Chinese language Added !

Friday, January 25, 2008

X-plore has been updated to v1.21 simply to add Chinese language!

Download it!

[UPDATE] All Psiloc Applications : With Quality improvements in DRM Common Solutions !

All psiloc applications got an update to do some quality improvements in DRM Common Solutions !

Sadly, i don't use anymore psiloc's applications because of their DRM solutions that slows down the startup of my E90 and N82...

SensyScan v1.1 : Security camera with motion detection and various communication capabilities !

SensyScan(C) is a high-performance home security and surveillance solution with motion-detection. On detection, it can save the images causing the alarm, and/or send SMS or MMS/E-Mail message with the picture included, to the given phone number or e-mail address.

SensyScan is fully configurable by sending command SMS messages to it. You can start and stop scanning, request pictures, or status informations and logs, and you can adjust various setting of the application.

On the main-view you can see real-time motion information: the motion-bar that shows the current motion-level and sensitivity level, so you can easily adjust the sensitivity of the scanning to the preferred value. It also highlights the current area in real-time where the motion is detected.

You can set a HotSpot, if you want to monitor only a specified part of the area, so motions only inside the HotSpot are detected or outside of it when it is inverted.

It provides a log-view where every important event is documented; a new log file is created for every day, so the log is easy to manage if the application is used for long intervals of times. It also provides a view where the pictures saved on motion-detection can be easily accessed.

- Reliable motion-detecting algorithm
- On screen real-time motion-information and full-screen view, for an easier calibration and setup
- Various configuration and calibration possibilities including: high speed and high accuracy scan modes, sensitivity setting, HotSpot, timers, type of saved picture (Low Resolution, High resolution, Series), type of alarm message (No message, SMS, MMS/E-Mail) etc..
- Full remote configuration and usage, with SMS control-messages
- Control message filtering (control messages only from specified phone numbers are allowed)
- Message forwarding (forwarding SMS messages sent to SensyScan)
- SMS/MMS/E-mail notifications/alarms on detections
- On-demand picture sending (pictures can be requested by control messages)
- Status information, and log sending by SMS or MMS
- Start and stop timers
- Detailed help

Download it!

[UPDATE] AutoPilot By Killer Mobile v2.00

Thursday, January 24, 2008

AutoPilot is a Call Management tool that enables you to make a personalized greetings for every caller also send out personalized text messages in response to a call, or even BlackList certain people you don't wish to speak to...anyway, it has been updated to v2.0 !

So, what's new in this version?
- Symbian Signed
- AutoStart
- SMS AutoReply
- Mic Mute

just to remind you about its features :
- Set default auto response and save voice messages directly to your phone's internal memory without using your operator's voice mail
- Set personalized voice responses and save voice messages
- Personalized SMS Auto Responder (when somebody calls, the SMS response will be sent)
- Reject unwanted calls (blacklist feature)
- Call back the received call numbers
- Save local voice clip files
- Get complete call log
- Playback saved voice messages
- Transfer saved voice messages via Infrared, Bluetooth, Email or MMS

Download it!

[HOT] Youtube : Mobile Client Offcially Released !

Following an "old" post from s60 blogs about an upcoming mobile client from youtube here we go for an official version ;)




Download it!

NB : Tested on my E90 and it works very well, but emtube has a greater playback quality...

[UPDATE] ShutUp v1.0 beta1 : Available For Donators !

beta 1 is available to download for donator ;)
* FlipProfile: Flip your phone face-down to activate the selected profile. Simply take it to reactivate the previous profile.
* FlipCall: Flip your phone to mute or hang up an incoming call.
* SlideCall: Slide up the selected keypad to answer a call. Slide down to hang up.

* Reactivity: Set the reactivity of the FlipProfile mode. The lower this setting is, the longer you have to keep your phone flipped to activate the selected profile. (This setting prevent from unwanted profile changes)
* Auto Start: Enable this setting to launch ShutUp automatically at the phone boot.
* System App.: When activated, this setting prevents ShutUp to be closed by the OS in low RAM conditions.
* Hidden App.: Enable this setting to hide ShutUp from the tasks list.

Donate for it!

[UPDATE] Nokia Conversation : The Return !

Last November, betalabs team decided to temporarily withdraw the S60 3.1 version (N95 etc.) of the popular Conversation application from Beta Labs, as some people reported SMS sending problems.

This issue has now been fixed, and the app is again available for download.

Download it!

ClickOVA (Beta) : Daily Backup Of Your Data !

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

ClickOVA is an automatic upload/backup to the Internet of contacts, pictures and videos, also it's a full picture and video sharing tool

What happens if you loose your phone? Get ClickOVA today so you can set a daily automatic upload to the Internet of contacts, pictures and videos via GPRS or 3G and Sync / backup instantly all pictures and videos to :)

Sign up and Download it!

[UPDATE] Nseries PC Suite 2.0

Nokia Nseries PC Suite 2.0 has got an update today !

Improvements all over the place...

Download it!

NB : if you have an old version installed, please uninstall it manually before installing this new one.

[UPDATE] NiiMe Mouse v0.2

I didn't post about NiiMe (NiiMe Mouse and NiiMe Wheel) that enables users to control and drive the mouse cursor on their desktop computer via Bluetooth using motion detection and gestures using their S60 mobile device...(for some reasons) but i post about its update now !

IN THE PHONE (Install all applications in the phone memory)
1. Install Accelerometer Plug-In and aXYZ Plug-in
2. Install Python for S60 3rd edition (IMPORTANT: Plug-in and Shell)

IN THE COMPUTER (Step 1 only in .Py version not in packaged .EXE)
1. Install Python 2.5 and modules(WxPython, PySerial and Win32Ext) in your computer
2. Plug-in a bluetooth adapter (Use its own drivers, not Microsoft ones)

1. Enable Bluetooth ;)
2. Open Python in your mobile, go to: "Options>Bluetooth Console" and connect to your computer
3. Run the Niime software (NiiMe.exe or and select the COM port of your bluetooth.

--> Right now Left click button is the "Right Option" button of the mobile and Exit button is the "Red Button"
--> The "INVERT" function is useful in Google Earth to fly (Press Ctrl+Alt+A in Google Earth)

Download it!

NB : A2JSoft is alo developing a companion software that will allow users to use remotely play driving simulators on their PC using hand gestures as if they were holding and moving the steering wheel of a real car.

[UPDATE] Mobile Web Server v1.2

After the version 1.1, Mobile Web Server has been updated to v1.2 to bring new features and corrections, based on user feedback

New Messaging and Calendar applications
The Calendar application has been completely re-designed, making it much more usable. You can now use the calendar more flexibly, for example share your calendar availability for visitors without showing the details of events.

The Messaging application now includes SMS inbox and sent messages. Finding messages and replying to them is easier than ever!

Improved first launch experience
When started for the first time Mobile Web Server application guides you through the basic settings, with step-by-step instructions. When browsing to your mobile site for the first time you are presented with a Settings wizard. Setting up a web server has never been this easy!

New ease of use and convenience features
Access log and notifications
See for yourself who visits your site and what are they doing. If you want you will also get an on-screen notification when users log in to your site.

Status message
Leave a short message for your users so that they know what you have been up to. The status message is shown in your offline page and in the status RSS feed, viewable with the widgets.

Battery limit
In addition to network traffic limit there is now a battery limit as well. You will never run out of battery - at least not because of the web server.

Data connection type in Presence
The presence icon and application now include the indicator for data connection type - your visitors can check how well you are connected.

RSS feeds for Gallery and Blog

Share your stories and pictures also via RSS feeds.

"Under the hood"
As always, numerous fixes have been made for issues reported by users since the last release. Especially in the connectivity area there has been several changes, the server should now cope better with varying network conditions.

Download it!

[UPDATE] Nokia Sports Tracker V1.70

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Nokia Sports Tracker has been updated to 1.70 !

1) Fixed problems (disappearing icons, missing activities, difficulties in starting etc) caused by exeption in configuration file handling.
These were previously solved by removing file E:\SportsTracker\Config.dat (configuration file "template" is automatically re-created on next application start - just remember to update your user information, access point etc. from settings menu).
2) Published E61-specific version.

Download it!

[UPDATE] ALON Contact Guide v1.17 : "Sort by company" option !

The very known advanced contacts manager application aka ALON Contact Guide has been updated to add some new great features !

- NEW!: "Sort by company" option
- Czech localization.
- All actions with contacts: dialing, sending SMS, MMS or e-mail, opening web-browser, contacts search, adding contacts, editing, support of categories, etc.
- Quick contacts search: you may quickly find the required contact even if your contacts database contains thousands of contacts.
- Support full-screen photos and thumbnails.
- Customize personal settings: you may make your contacts database looks like you want.
- Customize detailed contact list: you may select the personal information to be shown.


- Sending any contact/categories: you can select any contact or a category to send using SMS, MMS, Bluetooth, IR connection.
- Set preferred number: select a number for each contact which will appear at the top of detailed contact list.
- An opportunity of creating a new contact in a certain category.

- Global search: you may find the contact by any personal information: first and last names, company, job title, phone, note, e-mail, URL, etc. Just type several symbols from any word or number.
- Language independent search - the fastest way to find the contact entry.
- Main search helps to find the required contact by first/last name or by company - it uses information from the main contact list and it is the analogue of T9 search.


- Tabs in the detailed contact list: personal information (which is shown entirely), notes, full-screen photo.
- Backup/restore the contacts, also you may compress you contact base to keep it small and get contact base info.
- The opportunity of reading and editing notes in the detailed contact list.
Page/line scrolling by Joystick.

Download it!

Jbak TaskMan v0.94

Monday, January 21, 2008

Jbak Taskman (by Juriy Bakunin) is the ultimate replacement for the in-built task manager. It also features shortcut launcher and app launcer. With loads of settings available, you can customize it as you like.



- Find and start the desired application by pressing '#' key and typing the first letters of its name.
- Create shortcuts in the Launch Menu to start applications, open documents or for specific tasks.
- Get full information about running programs and free memory left on the phone (RAM, Phone memory and Memory card).
- Switch to or Close any application. (Yes, it can close Gallery & Music player too)
- Run Jbak Taskman by pressing and holding Menu button (like the built-in Task manager).



Download it!

NB : Don't forget to sign it!

[UPDATE] Nokia PC Phone v1.2.2078

Minor update was released for Nokia PC Phone...

- Some times call log was either empty or strange characters was seen
- Contacts already deleted from phone were seen in PC Phone
- Some times contacts were seen at all in PC Phone
- PC Phone service crashed some times when IE7 browser was closed
- Phone number that contains space in contacts could not be used to call or send SMS
- Time in Call log is now local time, not UTC

Known issues:

- IMPORTANT NOTE: always use "Get Connected Wizard" at least once with S60 phones:
the small application needed is installed from there. Instructions:
- do not connect USB cable
- start Nokia PC Phone view in your browser
- click the "Not connected" button at the upper right corner of Nokia PC Phone screen
- follow the instructions; remember to accept the application installation with your phone
- IE7: phone numbers in Contacts tab are "painted" for click-to-call
- Disconnect/reconnect cable with certain older phone models does not work reliable
- Support for Series 60 phones is preliminary (only Series 60 3.0 Feature Pack 1 with USB are supported)
- Updating/installing Nokia PC Suite will cause one Nokia PC Phone to crash. This is harmless, though.
After rebooting the PC (needed after PC Suite installation) everything works fine.
This was verified with Nokia PC Suite version
- Multiple contact delete is very slow
- S40 phones do not store message sent via PCCS
- IE7: click to Add contacts and SMS has issues with opening PC Phone window & focus handling
- "Recognize phone numbers" in Firefox is not saved (i.e. the setting is lost when Firefox is restarted)
- Interoperability problems with PC Suite (either PC Suite or PC Phone cannot connect to phone)

Download it!

[UPDATE] FlipSilent V1.03 goes Public!

FlipSilent v1.03 is now available for public FREE downloads!

Download it!

NB : Don't forget to sign it and install it into the phone memory (remove previous versions if you use a N95 8Go)

[UPDATE] emTube v1.0.10

Saturday, January 19, 2008

emTube has been updated to bring a lot of updates and fixes :)

Fixed the infamous 404 error.
New: emTube searches now include restricted content.
New: added Spanish, Bulgarian and Hebrew translations.
New: added "sort by" option to the search view, also available as an settings option.
Fixed problems with playback of FLV files generated by SUPER conversion program.
Fixed: download percentage on the navigation pane wasn't updated in some circumstances.
New: Saved clips view now includes an option to scan your phone memory / memory card for flash video files.
Fixed: A lot of bug fixes and small changes suggested by users to improve usability.

Download it!

[UPDATE] LCG Jukebox v2.18

LCG Jukebox has got minor update...

2.18 - Romanian translation

Download it!

NiceLight v1.0

NiceLight contains broad set of functions which expand illumination, backlight and night clock related features.

Features include:
- Triple mode torch (camera flash, display light, all modes);
- Night clock with skinnable interface;
- Applications backlight manager;
- Battery discharge built-in control;
- Broken pixels detector;
- Extended customization;
- Autostart option.

Download it!

PAMP : Available for download !

Do you still remember my post about Personal AMP - Apache, MySQL and PHP - stack for the S60 mobile phone? Ok, it's available for download !


The acronym AMP refers to a solution stack of software, usually free software / open-source software, used to run dynamic Web sites or servers. The original expansion is as follows:
- Apache, the Web server;
- MySQL, the database management system (or database server);
- PHP and sometimes Perl or Python, the programming languages.

The combination of these technologies is used primarily to define a web server infrastructure, define a programming paradigm of developing software, and establish a software distribution package.


Download it!

NB : Install python --> pythonscriptshell--> pips--> openc_ssl--> pamp

TTSMS Reader : Text-to-speech message reader on your S60

Friday, January 18, 2008

My friend Taha M over The Series 60 Weblog has create a nice Text-to-speech message reader !

- Reads new text messages either at user request or immediately when they arrive
- Simple and Intuitive controls
- Message Preview Option for displaying the last received message without actually opening it
- Inbox Backup tool for exporting all messages to file
- Compatibility with ALL S60 3rd Edition Devices (N73, N80, N95 and more)

Read the full story !

[UPDATE] HourPower v1.04

HourPower, the small utility whose sole purpose is to speak the current time, has now been updated to v1.04.

- Improved time reading in English for a correct handling of noon / midnight in the 12 hour clock system as well as optimized speech of full hours and the first ten minutes of each hour. Thanks to Joel M. Parks from Nokia for pointing that out!

- The application now launches in the background.

- Optimized icon and code resulting in a smaller application (installed size: 28 kB instead of 48 kB).

- Changed license from GPL 2 to GPL 3.

Download it!

[UPDATE] Profimail v2.86

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The powerful e-mail client aka Profimail has been updated to v2.86 !

Security and stability update + several small bugfixes

Download it!

[UPDATE] Slick 0.37

A new minor update for Slick with small bugfixes

Download it!

[UPDATE] RotateMe v2.0 Beta 7 : For Donators !

RotateMe has been updated to beta7 available for donators...

Changelog since beta5
-Autostart not working when ‘By launching’ was enabled bug fixed
-’Hidden App.’ bug fixed
- Enable/ disable auto-rotation by hotkey or by launching the app (launch it from the menu to launch the app)

It can be downloaded in the BySamir's beta test Forum, if you have donated for rotateMe v2.0 ;)

Cute Keys v1.0 : Quick Access to all Actions You Need

Cute Keys creates keyboard shortcuts for the wide range of actions. It saves your time while opening an application, multimedia file or document; sending SMS, MMS or Email; opening a chosen contact or changing the Bluetooth status. Easy and quick work with your mobile using Cute Keys!

Using Cute Keys hotkey combinations you simplify work with your mobile. Just remember the shortcut and the action which it should perform. After short pressing of the button combination of two or three keys the action will be quickly performed. With no limit for the shortcuts number and with wide range of actions available.

One of Cute Keys advantages is that you can use the created shortcuts anywhere in the mobile phone: while making a phone call or while using other applications.

- Open chosen application installed on the mobile
- Open selected multimedia file or document
- Call a certain recipient
- Open selected contact from your contact book
- Change Bluetooth status
- Send SMS/MMS/eMail to selected recipient
- Browse selected website

Cute Keys in action:

Cute Keys is very easy to operate. You have to create new shortcut inside of the application, choosing the name for it, the action to be performed and the key combination. After this you may exit the Cute Keys application.

Now, if you shortly press the buttons combination that you have set for the certain action, this action will be executed. For example, if you have set “*”and ”5” as hot key for making call to your best friend, after you press this buttons combination on the mobile, the call to this number will be initiated.

Please note: order of entering the button combination when making new shortcut is different for different phone models. Sometimes you have to press special button, and after that the number button, sometimes you have to do vice versa. So please experiment!

Shortcuts are usually available for all number keys together with special keys and all joystick movements, so if your mobile has joystick, it has at least 80 shortcuts available for you to use.

Key Features:
- Wide range of actions that can be performed on key combo pressing: favorite applications available on one key press.
- Shortcuts can be executed from any place in the mobile: when you are making a call or when you are inside of any application.
- No limits to the quantity of shortcuts: shortcuts available for all number keys together with special keys and all joystick movements.
- Shortcuts to Send SMS, MMS or email sends it to the pre-defined contact, not just opens the message editor.
- Change Bluetooth status with one key pressing is very time saving and also secures the mobile.
- Quick access to the favorite websites with one hotkey.

Download it!

NB : more to read here!

[UPDATE] cCalc v1.11

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

cCalc has been updated to v1.11, i'll remind you that's great calculator that support following features :

# Number Keys and Basic Math Functions : Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division.
# Programmable Formula : User-Defined Functions i.e Tax and Currency Conversion Functions
# Trigonometric Functions : Trigonometric/Inverse Trigonometric Functions (Sine, Cosine, Tangent/Arc Sine, Arc Cosine, Arc Tangent), Hyperbolic/Inverse Hyperbolic Functions. Degree/Radian/Grad mode for angle unit
# Common Mathematical Functions : Logarithm, Power, Exponential, Reciprocal, Square Root
# Pi Constant, Factorial Function
# Base-N mode and Logical Operations : Binary/Octal/Decimal/Hex base. OR/XOR/AND/NOT and MOD Functions
# General Functions : Clear Entry, All Clear, Sign Change
# Memory Functions : Memory In/Memory Recall/Memory Plus/Memory Minus/Memory Clear
# Parentheses : ()
# Precedence : Lower → Higher "1: OR 2: XOR 3: AND 4: +, - 5: /, *, MOD 6: x^y 7: NOT 8: f(x)"
# Pencil key/Shift key to switch function
# Copy to clipboard/Paste from clipboard
# User Theme background
# Support instant screen size change
# Support multi language
# Maping key text on button

This update features nPr, nCr operations and Fixes the bug in some phone that will have delay of 0.5 seconds after release the key when refreshing the screen

Download it!

NB : More info to be found here!

PowerMovie v1.0 (004)

PowerMovie is a nice Video player for Symbian OS Series 60v3 smartphones. Supports most popular formats such as AVI(DivX, XVid), MP4. Inteligent design and high performance allow you to enjoy your favorite movies and clips wherever you are.


- supports most popular video formats: AVI(DivX, Xvid), MP4
- full screen mode with THREE different orientations
- high performance, watch your clips without delays
- Start with time function allows you to start playback at any time
- sort the clips either by name or duration
- adjust brightness, contrast and saturation for best image


Download it!

NB : i'm having a KERN-EXEC 3 error in my E90 when i want to play a video, so i can't test it for now...

[UPDATE] emTube v1.09 (Beta 5)

After the emTube v1.09 (Beta 4), here we go for the beta 5 !

Download it!

PS : it doesn't work properly in my E90...

[UPDATE] Mobile GMaps v1.39.07

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Another minor update for Mobile GMaps : Support for viewing FON hotspots was fixed.

They had changed the format of the output pretty much, so the mgmaps server is now preprocessing the lists of hotspots and providing them to MGMaps in a simpler format. Since we're at it, a dynamic KML has been also created for viewing all FON hotspots (not just a country) in Google Earth, this is available at

Download it!


With PdfPrinter you can create PDF documents, also known as Adobe® Acrobat® files, on your Nokia Eseries smartphone, such as the Nokia E61(i), the Nokia E65 and the Nokia E90.

PdfPrinter is a printer driver, it transforms the generic printer commands generated by programs into PDF commands and stores them in a PDF file. As a result you can create PDF files from most programs that can print.

The resulting PDF file can now be backed up, viewed on a desktop PC, stored in your corporate database, emailed to a client, etc.

PdfPrinter (for S60 3rd edition smartphones) creates PDF version 1.2 (Adobe® Acrobat® 3.x), 1.3 (Acrobat 4.x) and 1.4 (Acrobat 5.x) files.

* You can set the PDF properties of the file, such as the title, the author and important keywords.
* PdfPrinter compresses the file, making it less demanding on storage space and also making it faster and cheaper to email to another party.
* You can restrict access to the file by specifying whether the contents can be copied, printed or viewed by special-needs viewers.
* You can encrypt the file with the Standard 40 bits encryption (Acrobat 3.x and 4.x) and the much safer 128 bits encryption schemes.
* It is not possible to use the Standard PDF Symbol and Zapf Dingbats fonts. Neither is it possible to embed fonts.

NB : * Only characters that are part of the codepage 1252 character set are added to the PDF file, other characters are replaced by a space.

* PdfPrinter cannot be loaded by applications that have more Capabilities than PdfPrinter itself. This includes most of the built-in applications, such as the Agenda.

The built-in word processing and spreadsheet applications can print fine to PdfPrinter.

Buy it!

TypePad mobile : Post pictures and text to your TypePad blog

After Wavelog's solution for Wordpress bloggers, here we go for a TypePad's solution !

TypePad mobile allows you to post photos to your TypePad blog and photo albums.

Download it!

MemCheck v0.05 : Check Your Memory in a single click

This little app (By the same MyID SSwitch's author ) will show amount of RAM, C: and E: (free / max) one click!


Download it!

And don't forget to sign it!

Wavelog v1.0 : Free trial available !

Monday, January 14, 2008

Do you remember my last post about Wavelog? ok, just to tell you that a Free trial's available !

You can also download the manual

Download it!

MyID SSwitch v0.04 : Show/hide your caller id by a single clic !

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Tired of #31# + phone number or going each time to Settings>Call settings>Send my caller ID to hide/show your caller ID? me too...! MyID SSwitch enables you to show/hide your ID phone number in a single "clic" (like BT Switch)!


It's changing value of "Settings>Call settings>Send my caller ID" value without asking (yes/no)


Download it!

Don't forget to sign it!

[UPDATE] FlipSilent V1.03 : Coming soon !

Saturday, January 12, 2008

FlipSilent 1.03 will be available soon, and here's a list of improvements !

1, Fix the BIG bug of Active Call in for V1.02!
2, Add Alarm Support (snooze, stop) when flip over!
3, Internationalization,will support 10 languages!

Stay tuned ;)

[UPDATE] emTube v1.09 (Beta 4)

I managed to find a new (upcoming) version of emTube with integrated "sort by" feature and AMAZING playback quality!


As i said, with this "upcoming" update you can sort your search results by Relevance, Date, Views and Rating ! also, it's possible to select all videos uploaded by the same author of the current watched video, and finally, it's possible to select similar videos to the searched one !


Download it!

Wavelog : Post directly to Your blog from your S60 !

Wavelog blogging client application developed for S60 phones allows posting of the content as text, image, audio or video, to a Web log (blog) directly from the mobile phone using any type of available network (mobile phone or Wi-Fi network)

The application allows saving the work for later posting in the case there is no available network or to allow selection of a network with larger up-link bandwidth (faster posting) or lower cost (for example a free Wi-Fi HotSpot compared to a mobile phone network).

Wavelog has been developed and tested on Nokia N95 mobile phones posting to the WordPress publishing system, both hosted on the and the current stable release available from and hosted with different hosting providers.

Wavelog does not restrict users to a specific blog hosting provider, social network or an intermediate content aggregation. It permits a complete freedom for choosing blog hosting provider or even installing own blog publishing system on the Internet, extranet, intranet, or a local area network. It is designed for performance, scalability and reliability, so it is coded in C++ programming language as a native Symbian OS*** application. Wavelog does not use any form of usage tracking for targeted advertisement or direct marketing purposes.

See it in action !

So, visit their site after 14 January 2008 to get a free trial of Wavelog!

[UPDATE] FlipSilent V1.02 goes Public !

FlipSilent is now available for public FREE downloads!

Download it!

[UPDATE] X-plore v1.20 : With integrated Audio and Video player !

Friday, January 11, 2008

My favorite file manager X-plore has been updated to v1.20 !

Changelog since the 1.13 version :
1.15 - Simple audio player, opening Word 2007 documents
1.20 - Simple video player, Latvian, Romanian language

Download it!

Birthdays : Amaze your friends by always remembering their birthday !

Birthdays allows you to store birthday details on your phone through a fast and intuitive user interface. Using 'Birthdays' you can add, edit and delete birthday details, such as first and last names, age and date of birth. 'Birthdays' can also set reminder alarms and even send personalized birthday SMS and MMS messages.

'Birthdays' conveniently displays birthday information in both alphabetical and chronological order, allowing you to see whose special day is arriving soon. Birthday information is stored on your mobile phone and linked directly to your phone's address book and calendar, so any changes made within the address book or calendar are instantly reflected in the details stored within the 'Birthdays' application. 'Birthdays' also has the ability to import peoples personal details and birthday information when you synchronize with your PC.

- Fast and simple user interface
- Add/Edit/Delete peoples' birthday details
- Search function
- Easily set reminder alarms
- Call/SMS/MMS people directly from the application
- Displays birthdays alphabetically and chronologically
- Shows age and birth date
- Days-to-go "count-down"
- Links with phone's address book and calendar
- Synchronize with your PC.

Download it!

[UPDATE] S60Ticker v0.6.6 : Signed !

S60Ticker was updated to add some new features and bug fixes !

S60TickerServer is now Symbian Signed.
- The user interface has been split into "General", "Incoming SMS" and "demo mode".
- New option "hotkey" - this is one of these settings, key combination to activate the fixed Tickers:
- Disabled - hotkey to activate off (standard!)
- (Long press) - undertow. Key
- Joystick (long press) - recommended!
- + Joystick - key combination or joystick and press
--> The activation of these hides Tickers either resubmit or activates the input mode for the following keys:
- : Deletes the current ticker element.
- Joystick upward: Positions the ticker up and hides it.
- Joystick to bottom: Positions the ticker down or hide it.
- Joystick to the left / right: adjusting the ticker speed.
- New option "counter" in the "Incoming SMS. Indicates the number of incoming message. This value can also be changed manually at any time.
- "Startup" is off by default.
- Installation files were each Others To the "end user license agreement".
- In addition to the above changes, the S60TickerSDK updated.

- Installation file S60TickerServer *. sis has not even signed.
- Long pressing is now available for other applications - depending on the hotkey - again.
- Setting SMS counter status (Counter) over editable user interface.

Known issues:
- At Nokia N95 (depending on the font) a slight flicker.
- "Incompatibility" with the "A4".
- SMS acknowledgement is still displayed.
- Translation for the SP languages, TC, HK, ZH incomplete.

Download S60TickerServer ! + Download S60Ticker!

[UPDATE] emTube v1.08

Thursday, January 10, 2008

emTube has been updated to bring a lot of updates and fixes :)


- New: Added "Saved videos" feature, all videos saved/downloaded from youtube are visible there. It also allows to delete or rename videos.
- New: Added "view by ID" option, an url to a youtube video or just an ID of a video can be entered and video will be played.
- New: Added Arabic, Danish, Slovak, Romanian and Polish translations.
- Fixed: Thumbnail images were not loaded in some rare circumstances.
- Fixed: Unmute (key '4') wasn't working as expected.
- Fixed: Changed the audio mute icon on navipane, black wasn't visible on some skins.
- Fixed: Display code has been optimized, emTube should be a bit faster on most phones.
- Fixed: Optimized video downloading, shouldn't slow down video playback that much anymore.


Download it!

SkyeSpy : Audio Detect Technology !

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

SkyeSpy is remote audio monitoring, detection and notification software for your S60v3 mobile device...

SkyeSpy can be used as:
(1) an intruder detection and alarm system for the home and office,
(2) a remote baby monitor,
(3) a remote car alarm monitor, or
(4) a spy device to listen-in on any environment without anyone knowing!
- SkyeSpy is installed on a mobile device that is used as the audio monitoring hardware
- The SkyeSpy device is placed in an area where the audio/sound is to be monitored e.g. near a baby, in the home/office etc
- SkyeSpy is 'paired' to 'communicate' with another mobile device or landline
- When SkyeSpy detects an audio instance, it alerts the paired device with an SMS, MMS or even a CALL!
- There are 2 ways for the user to interact with the SkyeSpy device:
(1) SkyeSpy contacts user - SkyeSpy will contact the user in one of many ways (see below)
(2) User contacts SkyeSpy - User can call the SkyeSpy device and secretly listen in real-time (see below)

So how does SkyeSpy work ... in more detail?
- SkyeSpy 'monitors' all sounds around the mobile-device and filters this as 'incoming audio'
- When the detected audio reaches a user-configured volume level, SkyeSpy sends a communication to another paired device (mobile or landline)
- SkyeSpy will can notify the user by (defined by user):
(1) sending an SMS
(2) calling a contact/number
(3) sending an MMS with an audio recording attachment
- User can also call the SkyeSpy device secretly. SkyeSpy will pick-up/answer the call secretly without ringing so the user can listen-in secretely in real-time!
- Plenty more features and settings. See the SkyeSpy screenshots and user manual for further details

Example #1:
SkyeSpy monitors all surrounding audio. On detection of audio above a determined threshold e.g. level 12 out of 15 – such as a baby crying, or a breaking window, SkyeSpy will start recording the incoming audio for 60 seconds, then automatically send the user the audio recording as an MMS sound clip.

Example #2:
SkyeSpy monitors all surrounding audio. On detection of audio above a determined threshold e.g. level 5 out of 15 – such as a baby crying, or a breaking window, SkyeSpy will call the user secretly so that the user can listen to the audio around SkyeSpy in real-time. You little spy you!

Download it!

[UPDATE] FlipSilent V1.02 Available For Donators!

Three days all day all night, brings you FlipSilent V1.02 as tongren said !

Major improvements:
1, Save Battery Power: you can activate the sensor when a call coming in!
2, Full control of switch between profiles, both flip over and flip back!

Those who have donated will receive a copy of FlipSilent V1.02 public download will be made later.

If you really like it, a small donation will help tongren improve FlipSilent!

[UPDATE] MGMaps v1.39.05

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A new version of Mobile GMaps, again with new fixes and new features !

- User-interface improvements: the screen "snapshot" remains displayed after zoom, fixed some problems with the map "jumping" instead of scrolling smoothly.
- GPS web tracking updates and problem fixes.
- Scroll wheel and up/down keys should zoom in or out on Windows-Mobile PocketPC (with pen input).
- Other minor updates.

Download it!

Nokia Sports Tracker goes Facebook !

With NST you can now share your latest track and images in real time in your Facebook profile by adding a Sports Tracker Facebook add-on application.

1) Add Nokia Sports Tracker Facebook application
2) Start recording and sharing with Nokia Sports Tracker mobile application
3) You will see your publicly shared workouts on your Facebook profile ;)

Download it!

NB : You have to sign up to use this application and connect with your friends

[UPDATE] EQ Alt Tab v1.1

With EQ Alt Tab,Now you can forget about habitual switching tasks.

. To switch between programs, you no longer have to pursue long
the Menu button. Now, you do it the way the computer shortcut key: Alt-Tab,
which is used instead of keys Alt button Pencil (AbcShift), and Tab - S
(remove Backspace) or Menu.
: Highlights of analogies:
- Small size (~ 55 kb).
- Operation even in demanding games
- Support order
- Can ALL program, which you can switch
(the majority of managers do not see, for example, the second part of
the programme vNes, with the result that after the downsizing, it became
virtually impossible closure)
- Equally good work as a vector icons, and raster (including Java)

In this update :
- A new combination of keys: Pen Red (+ Pencil red button).
- Added the ability to shoot targets. Usually - Pen Red (+ Pencil red button),
and if this combination of tasks assigned shift - then Pen Green
(Green + Pencil button). Kills a current task, or selected: holding a pencil
to select the desired goal, then not releasing the Red pencil press the button
(or green - depends on the settings). Phone and Standby mode can not kill.
- Fixed error rendering icons fine if there are many of them.

Download it!

NB : Don't forget to sign it!

Fono Backup : Anywhere & Anytime Backup of all your mobile phone data !

Fono Backup let you Anywhere & Anytime do a Backup of all your mobile phone data – Contacts, Messages, Media Files.

Easy Backup
Anywhere & Anytime Backup of all your mobile phone data � Contacts, Messages, Media Files.

Easy Restore
Restore data to old & new handsets easily if your mobile is stolen, lost or damaged.

Easy Access
Manage all mobile phone data by logging in your web based user account.

Total Security
All data is encrypted & stored on secure web server/memory cards.

Scheduled Backups
Easy scheduling of automated backups for data integrity.

Download it!

Assistant Live : Another call manager tool...

Assistant Live is an automatic Call & SMS management for your Symbian smartphone. Get the best out of your phone with Automatic Call Rejection, Personalized Call Rejection messages, Answering Machine..

Advanced Call Management
Live Response Actions for All Incoming Calls - Answer, Busy, Busy with Msg,
Busy with Voice Msg, Call Recording.
Personalized Call Rejection Messages
Create own personalized Call Rejection messages. Change Call Rejection
messages anytime.
Answering Machine
Full feature answering machine with auto-reply messages and message recording.
Easy Call Recorder
Easy to use Call Recording with integrated Hotkey. Just click and record!
Customized Voice Notes
Record your Personal Voice Notes for future reference.

Download it!

Smart Gallery v2.00 by Migital

Smart Gallery is a Symbian Application ensuring Complete Secrecy of all the Data on Mobile Devices.

Total Protection of Data
Files are password protected and can be accessed by the Smart Gallery application only.

Lock Images Files
Hide & protect all types of image files - wallpapers, photos, themes...

Hide Audio & Video Files
Hide & protect all types of media files - MP3, MMS, Video Clips, Recordings�

Protect Sensitive Data
Hide & protect sensitive & confidential data - DOC, PDF, XLS, Notes�

Restrict Access to Files
All hidden files are completely invisible to prying eyes.

Download it!

[UPDATE] Net60 Beta 2

Following a successful first release of Net60 Beta 1, Red Five Labs announces the release of the second beta of Net60, the .NET Compact Framework for S60.

Once logged in to our site the download is available from or through navigating the 'Beta Download' menu drop down.

Any difficulties with logging in or with the download can be directed to This beta evaluation version will remain active until 31/01/2008 with a commercial evaluation of Version 1.0 planned for thereafter.

The QuickStart Guide has been updated to reflect the changes included in Beta 2. The main change is the inclusion of Genesis, a tool to create .sis packages from .NET .exe's. The use of this tool is described in the guide and allows .NET applications to be installed directly to the S60 applications menu.

We have also made performance improvements, made various bug fixes and included a P/Invoke tutorial which is also available online.

[UPDATE] Guardian Beta 2 by Symbian Toys

Monday, January 7, 2008

Guardian by Symbian Toys has been updated and optimized to provide High Performances and work with minimum power consumption. The power consumption has been analyzed using "Energy Profiler" utility, anyone can install and repeat this test, verifing that Guardian doesn't affect in any way the Battery life.

Fixed bugs:
- Sometimes notification sms was not sent. Now the sms will be sent in 3 minutes since the sim change.
- On some devices, at first boot the graphics was corrupted.

Graphics Improvements:
- Tabs Bitmaps have been replaced with the new vector graphics tabs created by P@sco

Secret Code:
- Guardian’s password has been replaced with the “Secret Code” which accepts only numeric characters.
- Sms command to recover lost password has been changed with “//lostcode”

GPS / Cell-Id Detection and Expected Behaviour:
- If the device hasn’t a Build-In GPS or an External GPS, in the first screen, will be shown the Cell-Id Network Informations retrivied from the current gsm cell in use.
- If the device is connected with an External GPS then will be shown latitude/longitude informations retrived from the External GPS.

Protected Applications and Expected Behaviour:
- The Protected Applications tab shows a list of the currently installed, you can mark/unmark the application that you want to protect against unauthorized usage.
- Using the options menu’ you can change the visualization for using large or small applications icons.
- Everytime that a Protected Application is launched, Guardian will request to insert the “Secret Code”.
- Pressing “Cancel”, Guardian will show an error message and will not allow application usage.
- Entering the correct code and pressing “Ok” will be granted the application usage.
- Entering a wrong code and pressing “Ok” Guardian will show an error message and will be GRANTED anyway the application usage. Obviously, in the final version, will be granted the application usage only entering the correct code.
- In the final version, to protect Guardian against unauthorized uninstall, you’ll just need to add the “Installer” application in the Protected Applications list

[UPDATE] FlipSilent v1.01

FlipSilent has been updated, oh yeah !

Version 1.01 let you chose to only put it in silent or hang up phone call.

Download it!

FlipSilent : Just flip it over, your phone will go into silence!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Samir has been very busy trying to finalise RotateMe and NokMote. Because of this he hasn't been able to work very much on ShutUp, another one of his highlyn anticipated applications...

Inevitably, a competitor has arised in the form of Tong Ren of who has posted his own app called FlipSilent.

It works in a very similar way to Samir's ShutUp meaning it allows you when you are in a meeting or dating, and a call is coming in, you can flipover your phone to make it go into the silent profile and hang up the phone call — without touching anything on the phone, just flip it over, your phone will go into silence!


1, Flip Over
- silent profile: make your phone go to the silent profile
- Hang up Call: Hang up the call when a call is coming in
- Both: Do both mentioned above — DEFAULT
2, Flip Back:
- previous profile: use the profile you used before — DEFAULT
- Silent profile: remain in the silent profile
- Standard profile: use the standard profile
3, Auto Start
- No: start without the phone boot
- Yes: Start with the phone boot with the configuration interface
- YES & Hide: Start with phone boot, and goes into background

Download it!

NB : Don't forget to sign it, and install it in the phone memory

Advanced Phone Lock v1.02 by Tektronic : Locks everything !

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Some days ago, i tested a great application by tektronic called Advanced Phone Lock as "the enemy" of (Advanced Device Locks by webgate and other similar apps)


Applications Lock key features.
- you can select and lock as many as applications you wish.
- allows you to set the lock mode. If set on 'When shown', the password to unlock the application is asked every time when you or somebody else try to use the locked application. If set on 'Use autolock', the password to unlock the application is asked only the first time. The password will be asked later only after the inactivity time you have set in the settings.
- automatically closes/exits the application if you cancel to enter the password in the lock form. This saves memory for the normal phone usage.
- disable the lock if charging. This helps when you drive the car and you have plugged the phone in the car's charger. If you plug-in the charger and enter the password, the applications will no more be locked as long as the charger is plugged-in. You can use the phone as normally and you will not be disturbed by the lock service while you are driving. When you plug-out the charger, the applications will automatically be locked again.
- all applications lock settings can be changed (enabled/disabled).


Phone Lock key features.
- able to lock after the phone is powered-on (lock at boot).
you can set an autolock period after which the phone is automatically locked (1-30 minutes).
- the phone can be locked by the long press of a key (hotkey). You can define the hotkey long press period between 1 to 10 seconds and choose the hotkey from a list.
- locks the phone if the case (slider or cover) is closed or opened.
- able to lock the keypad also when the phone is locked.
- disable the phone lock if charging. This works similar like for the applications lock described above.
- all phone lock settings can be changed (enabled/disabled).


Download it!

[UPDATE] Lightsaber v1.5

Friday, January 4, 2008

Lightsaber has been updated and here's the list of improvements

New Features:

* Vibration support with Sabre Tingle (tm)
* Set up your sabre technology (tm) including
* Set Volume
* Set Sensitiviy (from 8 (little movement) to 120 (fling across room for swing)
* Set Vibration On / Off
* Set Hit Detection ( Auto detects strong movement as hit , Random ,
causes random hit effect slightly more responsive)
* Set Sabre Colour (Green, Red , Yellow, Blue, Magenta, Cyan, Orange);
* Setting are now saved.

Download it!

NB : install it on phone memory...
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