[UPDATE] MiniServer v0.42

Thursday, January 3, 2008

MiniServer has been updated yesterday to v0.42 to bring some fixes !

The changelog since v0.4
What's new:
- Add directories with drag and drop.
- Option to not show upload button.
Bug fixes:
- When started minimized the server did not start correctly.

Version: 0.41 (12-Nov-2007)
What's new:
- Remembers window postition and size.
Bug fixes:
- Starts minimized when auto started.

Version: 0.4 (07-Nov-2007)
- New interface but still minimalistic.
- Multiple shared directories, or just start it from a directory and share it.
- Minimize to tray.
- Option to auto-start when Windows start.
- Remembers configuration, directories etc.
- Check online for newer version.
- Bug fixes.

Download it!


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