[UPDATE] Handy BlackList 3.0 Beta

Sunday, January 27, 2008

My favorite call manager Handy Blacklist is going to be updated to v3.0 and guess what?


Main features:
- Integrated Blacklist to reject unwanted calls
- Ability to make Allow lists for limiting incoming calls
- Ability to perform predefined actions in case of rejecting a call (reject, reject with SMS)
- Active Standby indicator of missed and blocked calls
- Timed activation






Download it!

NB : It would be great to be able to choose if one wants to block only calls, only messages or both (you may not want to pick up the phone abroad if roaming charges scare you but receiving messages is free) or you might want to wild-card block 06XX numbers on a business phone but you just wouldn't want to enter them one by one.

Anyway you can post your bugs over here!


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