Birthdays : Amaze your friends by always remembering their birthday !

Friday, January 11, 2008

Birthdays allows you to store birthday details on your phone through a fast and intuitive user interface. Using 'Birthdays' you can add, edit and delete birthday details, such as first and last names, age and date of birth. 'Birthdays' can also set reminder alarms and even send personalized birthday SMS and MMS messages.

'Birthdays' conveniently displays birthday information in both alphabetical and chronological order, allowing you to see whose special day is arriving soon. Birthday information is stored on your mobile phone and linked directly to your phone's address book and calendar, so any changes made within the address book or calendar are instantly reflected in the details stored within the 'Birthdays' application. 'Birthdays' also has the ability to import peoples personal details and birthday information when you synchronize with your PC.

- Fast and simple user interface
- Add/Edit/Delete peoples' birthday details
- Search function
- Easily set reminder alarms
- Call/SMS/MMS people directly from the application
- Displays birthdays alphabetically and chronologically
- Shows age and birth date
- Days-to-go "count-down"
- Links with phone's address book and calendar
- Synchronize with your PC.

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