SensyScan v1.1 : Security camera with motion detection and various communication capabilities !

Friday, January 25, 2008

SensyScan(C) is a high-performance home security and surveillance solution with motion-detection. On detection, it can save the images causing the alarm, and/or send SMS or MMS/E-Mail message with the picture included, to the given phone number or e-mail address.

SensyScan is fully configurable by sending command SMS messages to it. You can start and stop scanning, request pictures, or status informations and logs, and you can adjust various setting of the application.

On the main-view you can see real-time motion information: the motion-bar that shows the current motion-level and sensitivity level, so you can easily adjust the sensitivity of the scanning to the preferred value. It also highlights the current area in real-time where the motion is detected.

You can set a HotSpot, if you want to monitor only a specified part of the area, so motions only inside the HotSpot are detected or outside of it when it is inverted.

It provides a log-view where every important event is documented; a new log file is created for every day, so the log is easy to manage if the application is used for long intervals of times. It also provides a view where the pictures saved on motion-detection can be easily accessed.

- Reliable motion-detecting algorithm
- On screen real-time motion-information and full-screen view, for an easier calibration and setup
- Various configuration and calibration possibilities including: high speed and high accuracy scan modes, sensitivity setting, HotSpot, timers, type of saved picture (Low Resolution, High resolution, Series), type of alarm message (No message, SMS, MMS/E-Mail) etc..
- Full remote configuration and usage, with SMS control-messages
- Control message filtering (control messages only from specified phone numbers are allowed)
- Message forwarding (forwarding SMS messages sent to SensyScan)
- SMS/MMS/E-mail notifications/alarms on detections
- On-demand picture sending (pictures can be requested by control messages)
- Status information, and log sending by SMS or MMS
- Start and stop timers
- Detailed help

Download it!


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Good job! This is good information about Security Camera and Security System. Nowadays, this business growing well in security industry.

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