[UPDATE] Mobile Web Server v1.2

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

After the version 1.1, Mobile Web Server has been updated to v1.2 to bring new features and corrections, based on user feedback

New Messaging and Calendar applications
The Calendar application has been completely re-designed, making it much more usable. You can now use the calendar more flexibly, for example share your calendar availability for visitors without showing the details of events.

The Messaging application now includes SMS inbox and sent messages. Finding messages and replying to them is easier than ever!

Improved first launch experience
When started for the first time Mobile Web Server application guides you through the basic settings, with step-by-step instructions. When browsing to your mobile site for the first time you are presented with a Settings wizard. Setting up a web server has never been this easy!

New ease of use and convenience features
Access log and notifications
See for yourself who visits your site and what are they doing. If you want you will also get an on-screen notification when users log in to your site.

Status message
Leave a short message for your users so that they know what you have been up to. The status message is shown in your offline page and in the status RSS feed, viewable with the widgets.

Battery limit
In addition to network traffic limit there is now a battery limit as well. You will never run out of battery - at least not because of the web server.

Data connection type in Presence
The presence icon and application now include the indicator for data connection type - your visitors can check how well you are connected.

RSS feeds for Gallery and Blog

Share your stories and pictures also via RSS feeds.

"Under the hood"
As always, numerous fixes have been made for issues reported by users since the last release. Especially in the connectivity area there has been several changes, the server should now cope better with varying network conditions.

Download it!


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