[UPDATE] Guardian Beta 2 by Symbian Toys

Monday, January 7, 2008

Guardian by Symbian Toys has been updated and optimized to provide High Performances and work with minimum power consumption. The power consumption has been analyzed using "Energy Profiler" utility, anyone can install and repeat this test, verifing that Guardian doesn't affect in any way the Battery life.

Fixed bugs:
- Sometimes notification sms was not sent. Now the sms will be sent in 3 minutes since the sim change.
- On some devices, at first boot the graphics was corrupted.

Graphics Improvements:
- Tabs Bitmaps have been replaced with the new vector graphics tabs created by P@sco

Secret Code:
- Guardian’s password has been replaced with the “Secret Code” which accepts only numeric characters.
- Sms command to recover lost password has been changed with “//lostcode”

GPS / Cell-Id Detection and Expected Behaviour:
- If the device hasn’t a Build-In GPS or an External GPS, in the first screen, will be shown the Cell-Id Network Informations retrivied from the current gsm cell in use.
- If the device is connected with an External GPS then will be shown latitude/longitude informations retrived from the External GPS.

Protected Applications and Expected Behaviour:
- The Protected Applications tab shows a list of the currently installed, you can mark/unmark the application that you want to protect against unauthorized usage.
- Using the options menu’ you can change the visualization for using large or small applications icons.
- Everytime that a Protected Application is launched, Guardian will request to insert the “Secret Code”.
- Pressing “Cancel”, Guardian will show an error message and will not allow application usage.
- Entering the correct code and pressing “Ok” will be granted the application usage.
- Entering a wrong code and pressing “Ok” Guardian will show an error message and will be GRANTED anyway the application usage. Obviously, in the final version, will be granted the application usage only entering the correct code.
- In the final version, to protect Guardian against unauthorized uninstall, you’ll just need to add the “Installer” application in the Protected Applications list


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