[UPDATE] ALON Contact Guide v1.17 : "Sort by company" option !

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The very known advanced contacts manager application aka ALON Contact Guide has been updated to add some new great features !

- NEW!: "Sort by company" option
- Czech localization.
- All actions with contacts: dialing, sending SMS, MMS or e-mail, opening web-browser, contacts search, adding contacts, editing, support of categories, etc.
- Quick contacts search: you may quickly find the required contact even if your contacts database contains thousands of contacts.
- Support full-screen photos and thumbnails.
- Customize personal settings: you may make your contacts database looks like you want.
- Customize detailed contact list: you may select the personal information to be shown.


- Sending any contact/categories: you can select any contact or a category to send using SMS, MMS, Bluetooth, IR connection.
- Set preferred number: select a number for each contact which will appear at the top of detailed contact list.
- An opportunity of creating a new contact in a certain category.

- Global search: you may find the contact by any personal information: first and last names, company, job title, phone, note, e-mail, URL, etc. Just type several symbols from any word or number.
- Language independent search - the fastest way to find the contact entry.
- Main search helps to find the required contact by first/last name or by company - it uses information from the main contact list and it is the analogue of T9 search.


- Tabs in the detailed contact list: personal information (which is shown entirely), notes, full-screen photo.
- Backup/restore the contacts, also you may compress you contact base to keep it small and get contact base info.
- The opportunity of reading and editing notes in the detailed contact list.
Page/line scrolling by Joystick.

Download it!


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