[UPDATE] S60Ticker v0.4.4 (beta)

Monday, December 31, 2007

S60Ticker was updated today to v0.4.4 with more features and fixes !

* S60TickerServer on future Symbian Signed converted. Installation file must therefore until further developers with a valid certificate for the IMEI even signed. Required rights "SwEvent" and "Read User Data".
* Support for hotkeys:
"C" - Long Press: Enables the input mode (Focus) Tickers or dazzles him.
--> During the input mode:
"C" - Short Press: Delete the currently active ticker element.
Joystick top: Located under the ticker above or hides from him.
Joystick to bottom: Located under the ticker below or ignores him.
Joystick to the left / right: adjusting the ticker speed.
* S60Ticker-Setup was to restore "speed" and "Auto Start".
* Configuration file "server.cfg" no longer open to the public.
* Support for the following languages added: SP, IT, TC, HK, ZH
* Input demo mode for extended-multiline text.
* Incoming SMS, if any contact with the accompanying data.
* Internal logic to process the ticker element. Among others, a ausgeblendeter ticker to fade again stopped.
* Support Startup during installation, and rebooting devices. See also new option "Auto Start (|) from."

Problems Resolved:

* Speed of the ad is running now changed.

Known issues:

* On Nokia N95 (depending on the font), a flickering light.
* "Incompatibility" with the software "A4".
* Long pressing "C" is for other applications disabled.
* SMS-Empfangsbestätigung is still displayed.
* Installation file S60TickerServer *. sis has to be signed.

Download S60TickerServer !(unsugned) + Download S60Ticker!

[UPDATE] emTube v1.06

Sunday, December 30, 2007

emTube has been updated to bring a lot of updates and fixes :)

New: Added French, Turkish, German, Lithuanian, Hungarian and Danish translations.
New: Added two new keys in player view: 3 - rewinds video and 4 - mutes audio.
New: Added "User defined" option to the max search results, it allows to enter any value from 1 to 999.
New: Added “User video” and “Related videos” options to the play view. It is now possible to display list of related/user videos without going back to the search results list.
New: Seek bar on full screen now shows how much of the video has been downloaded (using red color).
New: emTube now remembers position on the search results list when user finishes watching video and goes back to this list.
New: Added muted audio icon. In both normal and full screen mode.
Fixed: Several bugfixes that improve application stability.
Fixed: Access point selection dialog now shows BT access points, so it should be possible to use emTube if user connects to the internet via GnuBox.
Fixed: Audio volume handling, was set to 0 even if there was one bar visible.
Fixed: OSD pause indicator was sometimes visible during playback.
Fixed: Video titles are not correctly scrolled using marquee effect on search results list.
Fixed: emTube is now compatible with rotateMe 2.0

Download it!

[UPDATE] Fring v3.24(16) : Supports of Yahoo!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Fring has been updated some days ago to supports Yahoo! and fringME! Support (since 3.24(9))...


Download it!

[UPDATE] Nokia Sports Tracker V1.67

Friday, December 28, 2007

Nokia Sports Tracker has been updated to 1.67

What's new?
1) added energy consumption estimate to workout summary for walking and running activities
2) small tweaks

Download it!

[UPDATE] emTube v1.04 : Version without PIPS

emTube Version without PIPS included has been released. If you don't know what does PIPS mean, you do not need this version, as it is exactly the same as 1.0.4. :)

Download it!

[HOT] Handy Calendar : Free before midnight CST to download it !

Handy Calendar is available for FREE on handango this Fridays! it's available from 12 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. CST on Friday only and must be downloaded during that time period.

Download it!

InstFast v0.01 : Mass installation procedures !

Thursday, December 27, 2007

A nice application by Leftup that enables you to install several applications at once ! In doing so, you may miss all popups during installation!

This is like batch installer.. you select a bunch of apps in a folder and it will install them all at once with minimal installation popups


You can change the temp folder to the folder where you placed your apps (the ones you want to install) and then install them all to C or E...

For example say you want to install 3 apps ... copy them to any folder you want in your E or C drive and go to Install Files and type the full path to those 3 files and then select options and select GO. they will all install into the chosen drive (Second Line where it says install to)

Download it! (unsigned)

[UPDATE] emTube v1.04 : Only one binary this time, accelerometer support is enabled if accelerometer sensor is available!

Monday, December 24, 2007

emTube has got a charged update !

New: Created one binary for all phones, functionality is the same. Application will use the accelerometer if possible.
New: When saving a video its YouTube title is used as an initial file name. It still can be changed in a file selection box.
New: emTube now remembers the last path used to load or save video files.
New: Added Italian translation (by Enrico Santagati).
New: Added flv recognizer (unsigned).
New: Added 2 new settings items: autorotate and temp drive selection.
Fixed: Search queries now accept national characters (for example Chinese or Polish).
Fixed: Settings are now correctly saved when a user exits settings view.
Fixed: emTube doesn't freeze anymore when a user presses “Back” while a movie is played.
Fixed the "unknown/unsupported file format" problem.
Fixed problems with audio decoding on some phones (for example N76).
Fixed several bugs in a search view, emTube shouldn't crash while video browsing anymore.

Download it!

[UPDATE] Locatik v0.91

Sunday, December 23, 2007

I didn't post about Psiloc Locatik last week, i'll remind that's a free service which allows you to display your current position and share it with your friends. It allows you to lookup your friends on an interactive Google Map at www.locatik.com. Locatik supports any Nokia S60 3rd edition NSeries or ESeries mobile device with or without GPS.


The phone application sends your current position to Locatik servers (in the form of tiny reports called Tiks) however only when you want it to do so...


Also, it supports two ways of determining your current location:
+ Internal or external bluetooth GPS receiver
+ GSM cellular tower id: Utilizes complex mathematical algorithms to aid in determining your position based on previous appearances of GPS devices in your area. The more of them passed in your vicinity in the past, the more accurate your results will be.

Therefore there are a number of modes of sharing your location information:
+ Public Mode: When you’re in Public mode everyone can go to www.locatik.com and (knowing your username) can see where you were at the moment of sending the last report.
+ Friends Mode: When you set the Location Sharing to Friends on your phone, the next report you send will only be visible to the people you have on your Friends List on the web site.
+ Off: When chosen this option completely turns off part of the application responsible for collecting information on your location
To signup for the beta, visit locatik.com. Then you can download the mobile application from m.locatik.com through your cell phone browser.


More info to be found directly in official site ;)

Best GSMNavigator v1.00

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Best GSMNavigator by smartphoneware is a useful utility (exactly like Psiloc miniGPS) that operates with GSM cells information and allows assigning various actions to be performed automatically when you enter or leave a specific location: play alarm, switch current profile, start application, send SMS or e-mail message and much more.

More details here !

Download it!

[UPDATE] Screenshot v2.91

Screenshot by AP has been updated !


Download it! (Don't forget to sign it)

[UPDATE] FreeTones v1.11

Friday, December 21, 2007

FreeTones has been updated to fix some bugs.

1, self-starting function in repair of small BUG (if there since the launch of errors which, with 1.10 version)
2, OK button can be used to select files

Download MR version ! (in theory, support the N73, N80, and other phones)

Download FP1 version ! (support N95, N76, 5700 and other phones)

[UPDATE] emTube v1.01

Thursday, December 20, 2007

emTube has got an update !

In this update, slow realtime playback on some devices was fixed ! also, it actually saves the settings when you exit the program! Andi it's possible to change storage of temporary cach and choose to enable or disable autorotation on sensor's equiped devices...


Download it!

[UPDATE] Best CallRecorder v1.02

Best CallRecorder is a fully customisable call recording application with rules for saving conversations for incoming/outgoing calls from known/unknown numbers. Unobtrusive and easy to use.

- Automatic recording of voice calls, optionally limited or unlimited by time;
- User defined storage memory for recorded conversations;
- Configurable auto-start function;
Custom rules allowing to automate call recording for different phone numbers and call directions;
- Small memory and battery usage;
- Easy-to-use and intuitive user interface;

Download it!

FLVPlayer (VPlayer) v1.00

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

FLV podcasting (by opda team) is a flv files player based on FlashLite3.0


Key control :
the default Opening directory is c: \ data \ videos, users can switch to operate through the menu e: \ videos directory. Visit the state in the document, under the direction of left-level for entry into the catalog for the right to return to the level directory, digital key'3 'for the Tip,'6' for the next turn the pages, identify key players selected for the flv file. Playback number keys'5 'to suspend \ broadcast key rotation for the screen.

Download it!

[UPDATE] Nokia PC Phone v1.2.2042 : IE7 support added !

Nokia PC Phone has been updated to fix some bugs and add IE7 support.

Download it!

[UPDATE] FreeTones v1.10 : SMS ringtones support added !

FreeTones has been updated to support the N73, and other third edition of the original cell phones and N95, and other FP1 version phones. If you have an older version, please manually delete c: \ Data \ FreeTones.dat documents, remember!

One difference with the previous version:
1, the new user interface
2, increased random SMS ringtone functions (database structure changes, means that the database should be deleted from the original document)
3, the new ringtones browser, support for multiple file folders and add support Z disc

Download MR version ! (in theory, support the N73, N80, and other phones)

Download FP1 version ! (support N95, N76, 5700 and other phones)

Simple instructions:
Simple not say, mainly two:
1, calls, SMS ringtones list interface:
Navigation intermediate bond for the selection, cancel options, the * key for the selection of all, the # key for the abolition of all options, 0 key to reverse option. According c directly delete button labeled ring, if there is no marker where the cursor to delete ringtones.

2, ringtones browser interface:
Left to return to the level folder, for the right to enter the current folder (the folder on the cursor), the middle button to open the navigation current folder (on the cursor in the folder) or choice (the cursor in the document).
Five keys for the selection, abolishing choice, a choice folder or document.
* Key to select all files (not choose folder, the same below), the # key choice for the lifting of all documents, 0 key to reverse option.
Options - will be added with the choice of all files and folders and sub-folders of media files, if your folder many documents

[UPDATE] PanoMan 3.0 : New features and exciting improvements!

It’s all new, it’s all fresh! Here is PanoMan 3.0 with new features and exciting improvements!

To remind you, PanoMan composes the captured photos to an impressive panorama, in realtime and up to 360°!

In this major update, PanoMan 3.0 comes in landscape mode with a preview area on the screen displaying the panoramic image captured so far as well as a small info area showing the frame resolution and the number of frames captured/available.

Due to the improvements made in heap consumption, you can capture up to 12 frames within one session, creating eye-popping up to 360° images with up to 32 Megapixel.

You can choose from a variety of new settings:
- Exposure correction: PanoMan can automatically correct
- White balance: you can alter the balancing according whether it is sunny or cloudy
- Sound: play a sound with every frame captured
- Storage: store images on the phone or memory card

Perspective Correction
PanoMan™ adjusts the perspective of the captured frames in order to fit them together.

You can read the rest of story here !

Purchase it!

[UPDATE] Nokia Sports Tracker "beta" v1.66

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Nokia Sports Tracker has been updated today to 1.66 to fix installation problem with integrated Activity Monitor v0.11

Download it!

[UPDATE] S60Ticker v0.3.3 (beta)

S60Ticker was updated today to v0.3.3 with more features and fixes !

here's a translated version of the changelog :

- All available options (including fonts) are now on the GUI ändernbar. Among other things, in the indication of the duration of value "-1" for "endless".
- The option all settings reload has been removed.
- The number "0" for the duration (Demo text and SMS) disables the function.
- Incoming SMS (eg acknowledgment) without text are now ignored.
- The storage format of the configuration file (Server.cfg) was on UTF-16 converted. As part of the update will overwrite the existing file, or with new defaults.
- The figures for the demo mode can be changed via the GUI.
- The file Server.cfg was in the area "[SMS]" expanded and the key "Counter" added-value of this is for every incoming SMS displayed and updated (to the value of 1 increase). The integration and display in the GUI is pending.
- The Developer SDK is in the pipeline. (On this question, I also like to have available.)
Problems Resolved:
- Settings for the demo mode are now on the GUI ändernbar.
- The value of "-1" can be used to display time on the GUI be set.
Known issues:
- At Nokia N95 (depending on the font), a flickering light.
- "Incompatibility" with the software "A4".
- The running speed display is not yet changed.

Download it!

[UPDATE] Activity Monitor v0.11

Activity Monitor has been updated to Version 0.11 that solves the problems with installation of version 0.09 and the Sports Tracker on the same device.

Download it!

[HOT] emTube : The ultimate Youtube player !

Monday, December 17, 2007

I managed to find a great youtube player with very nice features, it's called emTube based on tinyxml and libavcodec libraries !







Download it!

NB : there's two versions, one with support of N95's and N82's sensor ;)

[UPDATE] Quickoffice Premier v5.0.14.2 : Office 2007 document compatibility !

Steve Litchfield over AAS has writed a nice review about the new update of Quickoffice Premier

This update brings compatibility with Office 2007 document , printing on the likes of the E61i and fixes and tweaks all round !

You can read the rest over here

SkyeSpy : Coming Soon !

SkyeSpy is remote audio monitoring, detection and notification software for your S60v3 mobile device

- SkyeSpy can be used as:
(1) an intruder detection and alarm system for the home and office,
(2) a remote baby monitor,
(3) a remote car alarm monitor, or
(4) a spy device to listen-in on any environment without anyone knowing!

- SkyeSpy is installed on a mobile device that is used as the audio monitoring hardware

- The SkyeSpy device is placed in an area where the audio/sound is to be monitored e.g. near a baby, in the home/office etc

- SkyeSpy is 'paired' to 'communicate' with another mobile device or landline

- When SkyeSpy detects an audio instance, it alerts the paired device with an SMS, MMS or even a CALL!

- There are 2 ways for the user to interact with the SkyeSpy device:
(1) SkyeSpy contacts user - SkyeSpy will contact the user in one of many ways (see below)
(2) User contacts SkyeSpy - User can call the SkyeSpy device and secretly listen in real-time (see below)

- Detect, connect and protect your family, friends and assets with SkyeSpy

* SkyeSpy monitors all surrounding audio. On detection of audio above a determined threshold e.g. level 12 out of 15 – such as a car alarm, a breaking window or a baby crying, SkyeSpy will start recording the incoming audio for 60 seconds, then automatically send the user the audio recording as an MMS sound clip.

ShutUp : silence your phone simply by physically flipping it over.

The new project of samir, is a a very simple application called ShutUp : When the phone is ringing (alarm, call...), silence it simply by physically flipping the phone over!

A public and free unsigned version of ShutUp will be out on end January.

[UPDATE] RotateMe v2.0 Beta 5 goes public !

Sunday, December 16, 2007

A new beta version of RotateMe v2.0 has appeared and this time, Officially !

Instructions Don't forget to install N95AccelerometerPlugin.sis
To rotate the screen, keep this application opened and rotate the phone.
You can disable the rotation by pressing simultaneously Pen and Camera keys.
To close rotateMe go to Options -> Exit.

- Sensitivity:More sensitivity is set to a high value, more the display will rotate with a minor needing of rotation of the phone.
- Reactivity: More this setting is low and more you have to keep your phone in landscape/portrait position to rotate the screen.
- Auto Start: Enable this setting to launch rotateMe automatically at the phone boot.
- Inactivity Delay: After this delay of inactivity, auto-rotation will be stopped. Press a key, or unlock the keypad, to reactivate auto-rotation.
- Priority: High priority allows a better reactivity when big apps are launched.
- System App.: When activated, this setting prevents rotateMe to be closed by the OS in low RAM conditions.
- Hidden App.: Enable this setting to hide rotateMe from the tasks list.
Note: If you enable "Hidden App." or "System App." you will not be able to close rotateMe from tasks list.

Download it!

NB : Dont't forget to sign it !

[UPDATE] SignSis v1.03 : RSA key and cert support !

Well done by opda's team again, SignSis has been updated to support sign with RSA key and cert!

Optimistically speaking, we can use any valid key and cert pair now !

Download it!

Guardian v0.01 beta : the new antitheft system for Symbian Series 60 devices !

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Guardian is the new antitheft system for Symbian Series 60 devices. Every time you switch on your mobile telephone, Guardian proceeds with authentication of the inserted sim card; if authentication fails, Guardian send a notification sms message to a previously set telephone number.


As i said, if the current sim it's not authorized then Guardian will immediatly sendn an Invisible SMS to a predefinited number.


there's also GPS feature (that supports the integrated GPS of E90, N95 etc) that enables you to retrieve current device position. In the final version this feature is available using the remote command "Localize", which allows to localize and tracking the device position at regular interval with high precision.

Once you got the GPS position you can use GoogleMaps to show immediatly on a Map the current device location.

Current Features:
- autostart
- user-friendly interface
- invisible sms sending on sim change
- multilanguage (currently english / italian only)
- invisibile receiving incoming sms to allow Guardian password recovery
- GPS location detection (in devices with GPS receiver built-in)

Features To Add:
- Integrated Help Manual
- Protection against unauthorized uninstall.
- Multisim management to add up to 10 sim to the Authorized Sim List.
- Retieve Cell-Id / Area / Country code of the current GSM Cell
- Remote Control: Localize and Tracking the device using GPS location or GSM cellid (Localize)
- Remote Control: Recover Sms and Contacts (Forward)
- Remote Control: Delete Sms, Contacts, Pictures, Videos, Audios (Delete)
- Remote Control: Change Configuration Parameters (Config)
- Remote Control: Loud Alarm Sound (Alarm)
- Remote Control: Receive sms with fake sender (FakeSms)

[UPDATE] Y-Browser v0.85

Y-Browser has been updated

With this update, Two more languages have been added to Y - Browser, Japanese & Brazilian Portuguese. stability and look & feel were improved.

Download it!

desktop widgets : Based on Mobile Web Server technology !

Friday, December 14, 2007

4 days ago, i was invited to a closed beta test for one of the latest original projects (desktop widgets) by Jukka !

Simply, this is a collection of small applications ie. Yahoo's widgets running on the PC desktop each serving a purpose:

- read, reply and send text messages (it works just great, awesome !),

- make a call (access to your contacts, dial new ones),

- manage your calendar entries (creat, edit, delete etc) just like you do with your lovely S60 ;)

- browse gallery pictures, view the level of your battery and network signal etc.

The application will be available soon to a wider distribution, stay in touch ;)

NB : I prefer personally this solution (much better) rather than Nokia PC Phone for exemple :)

iPhonesque : Let your S60 browser introduce itself as iPhone's browser !

iPhonesque is a little software that makes websites reconize your s60 browser as the iPhone's one !

We know that websites runing at an iPhone optimised layout are much more visually appealing. (Pages designed for iPhone are easier to read and they are visually more pleasing)

You can read full details over here !

Download it ! (unsigned)

Skyscape : robust medical decision support resource !

Skyscape transforms your Symbian™-powered mobile device into a robust medical decision support resource! Choose from the most trusted clinical content, drug guides, labs and & diagnostics and so much more. For UK physicians they've even got the British National Formulary (BNF and BNF for Children)!

Skyscape's characteristically intuitive interface that makes it quick and easy to navigate and find exactly the information you're looking for. Our products include exceptional multimedia capabilities to enhance your experience including images, photos, graphs, diagrams and flowcharts.

Over 300 Skyscape resources are immediately available for Nokia phones running Symbian S60, third edition software.

Get Started

NB : Thanks Rita for the info :)

[UPDATE] All Psiloc Applications : With Improved DRM Common Solutions startup time !

Thursday, December 13, 2007

All psiloc applications got an update to improve startup time of DRM Common Solutions!

Some notes : iRremote has been updated also to add compatibility with few phones and remote controls.

GSync is now compatible with "new" version of Gmail.

[UPDATE] Devicescape v1.1.52

Devicescape has been updated to fix some bugs.

8627: [Symbian] Devicescape IAP not removed in some upgrade or uninstall cases
The Devicescape IAP is now disconnected before the application is
uninstalled, so that the IAP may be properly removed.

11335: [Symbian] Devicescape may unexpectedly exit
Devicescape architecture for S60 platform has been changed to
avoid being terminated by the platform when resources are low.

Download it!

[UPDATE] IM+ v7.00

IM+ has been updated to v7.0 !

Download it!

YTPlayer : aka FLVPlayer (name was changed) and it works fully with youtube 's videos !

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

FLVPlayer becomes YTPlayer !


For some reasons (another application that has the same name) the name of the application that enables you to watch youtube's movies was changed to YTPlayer

now we can watch almost every video on youtube ;) thank you samir, good job :)

Download it!

[UPDATE] Slick 0.36

Slick has been updated again, that was fast since the last update (yesterday), of course it adds more and more support of protocols and new features.

In this update, there are a new features for Jabber+GTalk protocols: SSL, compression, typing notification, the login problem on Yahoo was fixed.

Download it!

Nokia PC Phone

Nokia PC Phone is an experimental service that gives you a possibility to use your mobile phone with your Web Browser.

You can call, text and manage contacts from your phone.

You can communicate by using Nokia PC Phone with your friends and family even though they don't have the Nokia PC Phone themselves. Your friends are not able to tell the difference whether you are using the Nokia PC Phone or not, because your calls and text messages are actually made from your own Nokia phone.

More instructions to be found here !

Download it!

BT Guard 1.0: Secure your Bluetooth and Save Battery

BT-Guard for Series 60 v3 is security software that protects your phone from Bluetooth attacks and unwanted Bluetooth intervention by turning off your BT automatically. It also saves battery life of your mobile.

You define the time, after which your Bluetooth will be set to Off or On, Invisible. This saves your time for switching BT manually and secures your mobile. Also, Bluetooth can be turned Off or set to Invisible Mode

Application may ask for your permission, this setting is fully customizable : (ask always, never, only when an active connection detected)

More details and instructions to be found here !

Download it!

[UPDATE] Slick 0.35

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Slick has been updated again, you know it, of course it adds more and more support of protocols and new features. This updated adds support of Jabber and Google Talk protocols ;)

Download it!

[UPDATE] S60Ticker v0.2.2 (beta)

S60Ticker has got an update !

- The main setting is now directly on the application S60Ticker configurable.

- New option false headers Visible (|) enables true / hide the current time.
- Installation files reviewed. Until further notice only an installation file available for download, S60Ticker including S60TickerServer. In the case of an update, version 0.1 must be installed on the program manager only use "S60TickerServer" to be removed - current cfg-Datei will be deleted!
- Problems Resolved: Display of incoming SMS messages despite buggy Theme / Skin.
Known issues: none

Download it!

[UPDATE] Mobile GMaps v1.39.02

A new version of Mobile GMaps with new fixes and new features !

- You can now adapt for MGMaps any maps you have, you only need to align and split them first with Microsoft MapCruncher as described in this tutorial on the forum page.
- You can now load KML files in MGMaps from your memory card using Services / View KML / Open file.
- New map types were added for Live.com maps Brasil, Live.com maps with terrain shading and Google Terrain maps — the latter is not available directly in MGMaps for viewing over-the-air, see this post for details.
- You can display the list of the latest search results or directions waypoints by pressing 6. In order to view the GPS screen while you have results displayed, press 2 to clear the map then 6.
- Other updates and bug-fixes.

Download it!

FLVPlayer by Samir : Play videos from video sharing websites on your phone !

My friend Samir, the "Father" of Rotateme and Nokmote brings us FLVPlayer as an alpha version of a flash lite 3 player.
Before using it you need to install the Flash Lite 3 player on your phone.

This version is only for testing purpose, it load and stream videos from youtube.
Choose a video by using the joypad.

Some features :
- Add a form to search a video
- Add controls (play, pause, rewind)
- Allow returning to video menu selection(now you have to re-open the file)
- Add more services (dailymotion, google video...)
- Improve the audio/video synchro
- Make it working in portrait and landscape modes(now it's optimized only for landscape orientation)
- And a lot other things..

Download it!

NB : You can only play the predefined videos in this version.

Activity Monitor v0.09 : Finally here !

Monday, December 10, 2007

Do you still remember my last post about Activity Monitor? Well, i told you that "The Nokia Activity Monitor application is not yet available for download but when it is released, i'll let you know it", so it's time for that !

The package is self-contained and you do not need to install or copy additional files (the R&D Accelerometer plugin is not necessary). The sisx package installs the program NSTActivityServer, which is also used in the latest version of the Nokia SportsTracker, in addition to the Activity Monitor application.

You will find a quick user guide here !

Download it!

Channels media service : STOP following the news - let them follow you!

Through Channels, international and local branded publishers provide daily news, sports and entertainment optimized for mobile. You may access your favorite publications via WiFi or GSM, and read either online or offline.

Channels is the new version of the existing Kanavat service that has been piloted in Finland since late 2005. This new international service provides significant improvements to the user interface, makes the content catalogue global and adds on pleasant advertising experience - so that you can enjoy the service for FREE.

The service is very easy to take into use. No registration needed.

In the coming weeks, new features and new publications will be added to the service. This will happen automatically and does not require any action from you. We are open to improvement suggestions and new ideas - please give us feedback!

Should you want to advertise in Channels, please contact www.nokia.com/adservice

Bonus feature: as a sign of things to come, the team has made the screen rotate automatically, depending on how you are holding your device. Note that this works only on latest devices with built-in accelerometer such as N95.

Download it!

NB : More tips and info to be found here !

[UPDATE] RotateMe v2.0 Beta 4 !

Saturday, December 8, 2007

A new beta version of RotateMe v2.0 will be finished by samir to includes more features and fixes !

Here's a preview :

- New User Interface

- The settings page

S60Ticker v0.1 beta

By S60Ticker, it is now possible to use any information from different applications in a ticker tape not only on the Active Standby screen, but even present everywhere! These messages can be freely selected for a period appears to be, is the positioning of the text scroll freely chosen and also the duration of the illumination. In addition can be even a ticker tape with a message constantly expiring, was probably particularly for shops, trade fairs and similar applications should be interesting. But more details about the different features in the article itself

- Freely definable permanent scroll text, eg (Advertising) embassies in Displays
- Customizable position (Up / Down and offset each of them)
- Freely definable period for the display
- Optional whether the ticker only in Active Standby screen or on all screens to be activated
- Duration of backlight freely definable
- On / off the backlight barrier
- German and English language support


How this work? Just edit Server.cfg ! the content of Server.cfg file

Message=(S60Ticker-Demo) +++ Guten Tag im Nokia Store Hamburg! +++ Dieses Nokia-Handy könnte Ihnen gehören. +++

And here's some of the color codes.........

Red = 4294901760
Green = 4278255360
Cyan = 4278255615
Blue = 4278190335
Yellow = 4294967040
Black = 4278190080

Download it!

Download the server!

NB : The Ticker remains active, even if the phone is Locked ( nice feature)
You can edit the whole config file as per your needs!!

Features whishlist of the Future Version!!

* Import function to existing configuration file and append the new values

* GUI / Graphical configuration editor with the Select-boxing, Slidern for Schrifgrößen etc., and each device specifications for the old, etc.

* Application will be the first official release version S60Ticker 1.0 expected to be Symbian Signed!

* Advertisement of the name, not just the number of the contact, if available. There is still at a possible solution to resource work, but according to my information is in the works. As long as you have with the display of pure Phone unfortunately provides. A small Downer, but for the first beta release certainly verkraftbar.

* Banners / Semi-Transparent Backgrounds are on my personal wish list far above, but according to Tobias has not yet feasible. If anyone of you may have a workaround, please her so! If in each case on the todo list, but so far no allzuhohe priority.

* Quasi-plug capability, in the future, other applications and information in ticker can be spent, for example RSS feeds, OutBank-Umsätze and much more.

* There are already a few ideas for other applications such as The currently going song in customizable media player, incoming e-mail, weather, stock ticker, free-form notes and appointments and Ebay information.

* Uses there are certainly many seemingly infinite, if you are thinking of a meaningful or you for one of the aforementioned strong want, but please give a comment and I will be useful for less (purely subjective) course, particularly to use!

* Presumably, 15 December will Tobias Stöger a S60Ticker Developer SDK out, using their own developer whose application to the API of S60Tickers dock. This consists of the required Client-API, header files, libraries, DLLs, etc.

* Hotkey-definition to start / stop the S60Tickers is for version 1.0 later than planned, because they know I must be Symbian Signed.

* The same goes for the auto-start function of the application

* Support for graphics / Banner (JPG, GIF)

* Timed ticker entries!

* For the 2.0 version is eventually planned theme-ability! ((Very) Vague announcement * WinkanTobias * )

* Currently, there are (still) no fixed date for the version S60Ticker 0.2 beta.

[UPDATE] SignSis v1.01

SignSis has been updated with some news !

What's News(V1.01):
1.Auto change language
2.Save paths is available
3.Support signature with password

Download it!

NB : Some Problems may be meet with while using:
1.Only support DSA signature ,& RSA signature is unavailable.
2.The formats of cer & key must be the PEM base64.
3.Once occured error when browsing files.
4.The app wouldn't check the cer,thus you should make sure that it's correct.
5.If it says "KErrArgument(-6)",please check whether the password is right or not.

[UPDATE] Gmail mobile v1.5.0.1187

Gmail Mobile has been updated !

New! Sync your phone's mail client inbox with IMAP.


Download it!

HandyWi v1.00 beta

Friday, December 7, 2007

HandyWi is a freeware software for your WiFi enabled handset, allowing you to connect to any WLAN 802.11a/b/c/g hotspot including WISPr enabled WiFi networks FON (world largest WiFi network) and Zebra



Download it!

[HOT] Papyrus : Free before midnight CST to download it !

Papyrus is available for FREE on handango this Fridays! it's available from 12 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. CST on Friday only and must be downloaded during that time period.

Download it!

Phone Wallet v1.00 : Secure and organize confidential data in your own way

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Phone Wallet safely secures and flexibly organizes your confidential data like passwords, credit card data, agreements, sensitive dates. Phone Wallet version 1.0 released 06.12.2007. Everything you can not share with others should be secured!

Phone Wallet secures all data that you enter into it with encryption algorithms, so the data is not available to anyone even after you connect the mobile to PC and grab all data from it.

There are many preinstalled folders and data types with icons. You may reorganize all the data flexibly as you wish, make a folders tree, add or delete new fields of any type and organize folders, entries and fields.

You can read the rest of features over here

Download it!

SignSis v1.00 : enjoy signing on your phone without computer !

SignSis by Leftup@opda is really a nice Break through ! it allows you to sign your sis files directly from from you mobile !

1. run it,press ok button,select sis file.

3. select *.key & *.cer.

4. sign it.(the signed file will be named as *.sisX)

5. done!

So, enjoy signing on your phone without computer ;)

Download it!

[UPDATE] Google maps v2.0.7

Google maps has got a minor update

Download it!

[UPDATE] Nokia Sports Tracker "beta" v1.64

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Nokia Sports Tracker has been updated to 1.64

But i have no idea what's new on this update...


Download it!

[UPDATE] Auto Hang Up v1.1.3 : call duration control tool

Auto Hang Up is the tool that helps you to reduce call charges. The program automatically hangs up incoming or outgoing call after user specified duration. Don't pay for an extra minute of conversation because of two seconds !

Auto Hang Up is the lite version of Minute Beep for S60 3rd Edition phones.

Download it!

[UPDATE] Mobile Office v1.2

SEPT-Solutions, the leading provider of OpenDocument software for mobile devices, is proud to announce a new version of its award-winning software “Mobile Office”. This updates the version for S60 3rd Edition as well as UIQ3 to version 1.2. Besides the ability to read encrypted ODF files, for the first time ever on smartphones !

For enhanced security support as well as improved ODF list support, the application is now also fully compatible with the Nokia N95 and E90.

All new features in this release:

- fully E90 and N95 ready
- support of password encrypted ODF files
- tabs for driver C:\ and E:\ for faster startup and better overview
- keyboard shortcuts for Goto -Start(*) / End(#)
- keyboard shortcut to toggle between screen sizes(0)
- enhanced ODF support for lists:
* continue-numbering
* startvalue
* list-header

NB : The ISO certified OpenDocument format is used by many well known desktop applications such as OpenOffice, StarOffice, Lotus Symphony and KOffice as their default file format. With Mobile Office, you can read those files on the road without the need to convert them to other formats as well as compromising on formatting and ODF features.

Download it!

SignMe! 1.05 (beta) : Right-click on any .sis file and sign it !

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

SignMe! is a small piece of software designed to make the whole sis files signing process a bit easier.
Simply right-click on any .sis file, chose "SignMe!" and that's it.

(To make things clear - you'll still need to sign up at SymbianSigned in order to have both .cer and .key files.
You'll be prompt for them and the certificate password the first time you'll run the application.)

Download it!

[UPDATE] FreeTones v1.05

FreeTones has been updated to fix some bugs and to support more devices, so the 1.05 version has been published to support the N73, and other third edition of the original cell phones and N95, and other FP1 version phones. If you have an older version, please manually delete c: \ Data \ FreeTones.dat documents, remember!

And other changes?

1, the amendment since the launch of the machines boot appeared E32User - CBase 45 errors
2, amended the memory leak
3, an increase of preservation, restoration scenarios ringtone functions (database structure changes, an increase of the scenes of record-keeping mode ring tones, meant to delete the original database files)
4, marking an increase of ringtones List function (navigation keys for the middle option cancellation option, according to c directly delete button labeled ring, if there is no marker where the cursor to delete ringtones), supports batch delete, delete suggested that the increase
5, the amendment to delete operation could not be deleted ringtones with " '" symbol of the wrong ringtones
6, amended the ring road is too long which could add error

Download MR version ! (in theory, support the N73, N80, and other phones)

Download FP1 version ! (support N95, N76, 5700 and other phones)

NB : open the "freedom ring", by switching to the right "ring" model "choice" - "adding ringtones", select sound files (currently do not support Z disc)
2- cut back on left - "choice" model, "the current state of" Choice "has started", select "ring tones broadcast order."
3- withdraw, not the use of a telephone in the number of ring tones in the designated test (silent mode and the faint buzzing invalid attention), the second Call ringtones should become.

ExtGPS v0.31 : use your phone's built-in GPS module externally on laptop via Bluetooth !

Monday, December 3, 2007

Symarctic ExtGPS allows you to use your phone's built-in GPS module externally on laptop via Bluetooth. It is mainly targeted for Nokia N95, E90, 6110 Navigator handsets, allowing you to use existing, more sophisticated GIS applications. And here is the rest of it.

You can find the guide to Connect ExtGPS to Microsoft Windows Vista, Linux and Mac OS X here

Download it!

[UPDATE] Lightsaber v1.4

Lightsaber has been updated and here's the list of improvements

New Features:

* More Swing FX
* New Clash FX and Hit FX
* Sharp movement or Flick produces hit /clash
* Back light stays on
* Flashing sabre now full screen
* Sabre on / off graphics fx.

Download it!

Nokia Internet Radio (Beta)

Nokia has managed to release a new app : Internet Radio that enables you to listen to a variety of stations and shows, and add you favorite ones...

Screenshot0057 Screenshot0058

Screenshot0060 Screenshot0063

Screenshot0063 Screenshot0066

- To best enjoy high-quality content, we recommend using the Nokia Internet Radio Player (Beta) with a WLAN access point.
- If you already know the name of a specific station, you can easily find that name using the "Search" option.
- Use "Station Directory" to discover new internet radio stations, by choosing your favorite genre, country or language.
- Use the "Top stations" menu to find the most popular choices of other Nokia Internet Radio (Beta) users (Station Directory > Top stations).
- Use the "Settings" menu to configure the default Internet access point and the audio quality available for different data bearers (Options > Settings).
- Use "Help" to get extra instructions from the application main page (Options > Help).
- Download Quick Start Guide Instructions for installing and using the Nokia Internet Radio Player application.
- Setup of WLAN is not managed through the Nokia Internet Radio Player. Refer to your Nseries device user guide for instructions to set up WLAN access points.

Download it!
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