[UPDATE] FreeTones v1.10 : SMS ringtones support added !

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

FreeTones has been updated to support the N73, and other third edition of the original cell phones and N95, and other FP1 version phones. If you have an older version, please manually delete c: \ Data \ FreeTones.dat documents, remember!

One difference with the previous version:
1, the new user interface
2, increased random SMS ringtone functions (database structure changes, means that the database should be deleted from the original document)
3, the new ringtones browser, support for multiple file folders and add support Z disc

Download MR version ! (in theory, support the N73, N80, and other phones)

Download FP1 version ! (support N95, N76, 5700 and other phones)

Simple instructions:
Simple not say, mainly two:
1, calls, SMS ringtones list interface:
Navigation intermediate bond for the selection, cancel options, the * key for the selection of all, the # key for the abolition of all options, 0 key to reverse option. According c directly delete button labeled ring, if there is no marker where the cursor to delete ringtones.

2, ringtones browser interface:
Left to return to the level folder, for the right to enter the current folder (the folder on the cursor), the middle button to open the navigation current folder (on the cursor in the folder) or choice (the cursor in the document).
Five keys for the selection, abolishing choice, a choice folder or document.
* Key to select all files (not choose folder, the same below), the # key choice for the lifting of all documents, 0 key to reverse option.
Options - will be added with the choice of all files and folders and sub-folders of media files, if your folder many documents


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