SkyeSpy : Coming Soon !

Monday, December 17, 2007

SkyeSpy is remote audio monitoring, detection and notification software for your S60v3 mobile device

- SkyeSpy can be used as:
(1) an intruder detection and alarm system for the home and office,
(2) a remote baby monitor,
(3) a remote car alarm monitor, or
(4) a spy device to listen-in on any environment without anyone knowing!

- SkyeSpy is installed on a mobile device that is used as the audio monitoring hardware

- The SkyeSpy device is placed in an area where the audio/sound is to be monitored e.g. near a baby, in the home/office etc

- SkyeSpy is 'paired' to 'communicate' with another mobile device or landline

- When SkyeSpy detects an audio instance, it alerts the paired device with an SMS, MMS or even a CALL!

- There are 2 ways for the user to interact with the SkyeSpy device:
(1) SkyeSpy contacts user - SkyeSpy will contact the user in one of many ways (see below)
(2) User contacts SkyeSpy - User can call the SkyeSpy device and secretly listen in real-time (see below)

- Detect, connect and protect your family, friends and assets with SkyeSpy

* SkyeSpy monitors all surrounding audio. On detection of audio above a determined threshold e.g. level 12 out of 15 – such as a car alarm, a breaking window or a baby crying, SkyeSpy will start recording the incoming audio for 60 seconds, then automatically send the user the audio recording as an MMS sound clip.


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