[UPDATE] Mobile Office v1.2

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

SEPT-Solutions, the leading provider of OpenDocument software for mobile devices, is proud to announce a new version of its award-winning software “Mobile Office”. This updates the version for S60 3rd Edition as well as UIQ3 to version 1.2. Besides the ability to read encrypted ODF files, for the first time ever on smartphones !

For enhanced security support as well as improved ODF list support, the application is now also fully compatible with the Nokia N95 and E90.

All new features in this release:

- fully E90 and N95 ready
- support of password encrypted ODF files
- tabs for driver C:\ and E:\ for faster startup and better overview
- keyboard shortcuts for Goto -Start(*) / End(#)
- keyboard shortcut to toggle between screen sizes(0)
- enhanced ODF support for lists:
* continue-numbering
* startvalue
* list-header

NB : The ISO certified OpenDocument format is used by many well known desktop applications such as OpenOffice, StarOffice, Lotus Symphony and KOffice as their default file format. With Mobile Office, you can read those files on the road without the need to convert them to other formats as well as compromising on formatting and ODF features.

Download it!


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