InstFast v0.01 : Mass installation procedures !

Thursday, December 27, 2007

A nice application by Leftup that enables you to install several applications at once ! In doing so, you may miss all popups during installation!

This is like batch installer.. you select a bunch of apps in a folder and it will install them all at once with minimal installation popups


You can change the temp folder to the folder where you placed your apps (the ones you want to install) and then install them all to C or E...

For example say you want to install 3 apps ... copy them to any folder you want in your E or C drive and go to Install Files and type the full path to those 3 files and then select options and select GO. they will all install into the chosen drive (Second Line where it says install to)

Download it! (unsigned)


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Brilliant App!!
Works like a charm on my N73

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