BT Guard 1.0: Secure your Bluetooth and Save Battery

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

BT-Guard for Series 60 v3 is security software that protects your phone from Bluetooth attacks and unwanted Bluetooth intervention by turning off your BT automatically. It also saves battery life of your mobile.

You define the time, after which your Bluetooth will be set to Off or On, Invisible. This saves your time for switching BT manually and secures your mobile. Also, Bluetooth can be turned Off or set to Invisible Mode

Application may ask for your permission, this setting is fully customizable : (ask always, never, only when an active connection detected)

More details and instructions to be found here !

Download it!


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its trial versn for 10days, hw 2 registr it ?

or do u hav ne trik 2 xtend trial versn ?

i suggest to support the author by purchasing this great application :)

ok i wil beta purchase it thanx 4 rply

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