[UPDATE] FreeTones v1.05

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

FreeTones has been updated to fix some bugs and to support more devices, so the 1.05 version has been published to support the N73, and other third edition of the original cell phones and N95, and other FP1 version phones. If you have an older version, please manually delete c: \ Data \ FreeTones.dat documents, remember!

And other changes?

1, the amendment since the launch of the machines boot appeared E32User - CBase 45 errors
2, amended the memory leak
3, an increase of preservation, restoration scenarios ringtone functions (database structure changes, an increase of the scenes of record-keeping mode ring tones, meant to delete the original database files)
4, marking an increase of ringtones List function (navigation keys for the middle option cancellation option, according to c directly delete button labeled ring, if there is no marker where the cursor to delete ringtones), supports batch delete, delete suggested that the increase
5, the amendment to delete operation could not be deleted ringtones with " '" symbol of the wrong ringtones
6, amended the ring road is too long which could add error

Download MR version ! (in theory, support the N73, N80, and other phones)

Download FP1 version ! (support N95, N76, 5700 and other phones)

NB : open the "freedom ring", by switching to the right "ring" model "choice" - "adding ringtones", select sound files (currently do not support Z disc)
2- cut back on left - "choice" model, "the current state of" Choice "has started", select "ring tones broadcast order."
3- withdraw, not the use of a telephone in the number of ring tones in the designated test (silent mode and the faint buzzing invalid attention), the second Call ringtones should become.


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