[UPDATE] S60Ticker v0.3.3 (beta)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

S60Ticker was updated today to v0.3.3 with more features and fixes !

here's a translated version of the changelog :

- All available options (including fonts) are now on the GUI ändernbar. Among other things, in the indication of the duration of value "-1" for "endless".
- The option all settings reload has been removed.
- The number "0" for the duration (Demo text and SMS) disables the function.
- Incoming SMS (eg acknowledgment) without text are now ignored.
- The storage format of the configuration file (Server.cfg) was on UTF-16 converted. As part of the update will overwrite the existing file, or with new defaults.
- The figures for the demo mode can be changed via the GUI.
- The file Server.cfg was in the area "[SMS]" expanded and the key "Counter" added-value of this is for every incoming SMS displayed and updated (to the value of 1 increase). The integration and display in the GUI is pending.
- The Developer SDK is in the pipeline. (On this question, I also like to have available.)
Problems Resolved:
- Settings for the demo mode are now on the GUI ändernbar.
- The value of "-1" can be used to display time on the GUI be set.
Known issues:
- At Nokia N95 (depending on the font), a flickering light.
- "Incompatibility" with the software "A4".
- The running speed display is not yet changed.

Download it!


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