Nokia Internet Radio (Beta)

Monday, December 3, 2007

Nokia has managed to release a new app : Internet Radio that enables you to listen to a variety of stations and shows, and add you favorite ones...

Screenshot0057 Screenshot0058

Screenshot0060 Screenshot0063

Screenshot0063 Screenshot0066

- To best enjoy high-quality content, we recommend using the Nokia Internet Radio Player (Beta) with a WLAN access point.
- If you already know the name of a specific station, you can easily find that name using the "Search" option.
- Use "Station Directory" to discover new internet radio stations, by choosing your favorite genre, country or language.
- Use the "Top stations" menu to find the most popular choices of other Nokia Internet Radio (Beta) users (Station Directory > Top stations).
- Use the "Settings" menu to configure the default Internet access point and the audio quality available for different data bearers (Options > Settings).
- Use "Help" to get extra instructions from the application main page (Options > Help).
- Download Quick Start Guide Instructions for installing and using the Nokia Internet Radio Player application.
- Setup of WLAN is not managed through the Nokia Internet Radio Player. Refer to your Nseries device user guide for instructions to set up WLAN access points.

Download it!


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