Channels media service : STOP following the news - let them follow you!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Through Channels, international and local branded publishers provide daily news, sports and entertainment optimized for mobile. You may access your favorite publications via WiFi or GSM, and read either online or offline.

Channels is the new version of the existing Kanavat service that has been piloted in Finland since late 2005. This new international service provides significant improvements to the user interface, makes the content catalogue global and adds on pleasant advertising experience - so that you can enjoy the service for FREE.

The service is very easy to take into use. No registration needed.

In the coming weeks, new features and new publications will be added to the service. This will happen automatically and does not require any action from you. We are open to improvement suggestions and new ideas - please give us feedback!

Should you want to advertise in Channels, please contact

Bonus feature: as a sign of things to come, the team has made the screen rotate automatically, depending on how you are holding your device. Note that this works only on latest devices with built-in accelerometer such as N95.

Download it!

NB : More tips and info to be found here !


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