Guardian v0.01 beta : the new antitheft system for Symbian Series 60 devices !

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Guardian is the new antitheft system for Symbian Series 60 devices. Every time you switch on your mobile telephone, Guardian proceeds with authentication of the inserted sim card; if authentication fails, Guardian send a notification sms message to a previously set telephone number.


As i said, if the current sim it's not authorized then Guardian will immediatly sendn an Invisible SMS to a predefinited number.


there's also GPS feature (that supports the integrated GPS of E90, N95 etc) that enables you to retrieve current device position. In the final version this feature is available using the remote command "Localize", which allows to localize and tracking the device position at regular interval with high precision.

Once you got the GPS position you can use GoogleMaps to show immediatly on a Map the current device location.

Current Features:
- autostart
- user-friendly interface
- invisible sms sending on sim change
- multilanguage (currently english / italian only)
- invisibile receiving incoming sms to allow Guardian password recovery
- GPS location detection (in devices with GPS receiver built-in)

Features To Add:
- Integrated Help Manual
- Protection against unauthorized uninstall.
- Multisim management to add up to 10 sim to the Authorized Sim List.
- Retieve Cell-Id / Area / Country code of the current GSM Cell
- Remote Control: Localize and Tracking the device using GPS location or GSM cellid (Localize)
- Remote Control: Recover Sms and Contacts (Forward)
- Remote Control: Delete Sms, Contacts, Pictures, Videos, Audios (Delete)
- Remote Control: Change Configuration Parameters (Config)
- Remote Control: Loud Alarm Sound (Alarm)
- Remote Control: Receive sms with fake sender (FakeSms)


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