[UPDATE] S60Ticker v0.4.4 (beta)

Monday, December 31, 2007

S60Ticker was updated today to v0.4.4 with more features and fixes !

* S60TickerServer on future Symbian Signed converted. Installation file must therefore until further developers with a valid certificate for the IMEI even signed. Required rights "SwEvent" and "Read User Data".
* Support for hotkeys:
"C" - Long Press: Enables the input mode (Focus) Tickers or dazzles him.
--> During the input mode:
"C" - Short Press: Delete the currently active ticker element.
Joystick top: Located under the ticker above or hides from him.
Joystick to bottom: Located under the ticker below or ignores him.
Joystick to the left / right: adjusting the ticker speed.
* S60Ticker-Setup was to restore "speed" and "Auto Start".
* Configuration file "server.cfg" no longer open to the public.
* Support for the following languages added: SP, IT, TC, HK, ZH
* Input demo mode for extended-multiline text.
* Incoming SMS, if any contact with the accompanying data.
* Internal logic to process the ticker element. Among others, a ausgeblendeter ticker to fade again stopped.
* Support Startup during installation, and rebooting devices. See also new option "Auto Start (|) from."

Problems Resolved:

* Speed of the ad is running now changed.

Known issues:

* On Nokia N95 (depending on the font), a flickering light.
* "Incompatibility" with the software "A4".
* Long pressing "C" is for other applications disabled.
* SMS-Empfangsbestätigung is still displayed.
* Installation file S60TickerServer *. sis has to be signed.

Download S60TickerServer !(unsugned) + Download S60Ticker!


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