[UPDATE] Mobile GMaps v1.39.02

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A new version of Mobile GMaps with new fixes and new features !

- You can now adapt for MGMaps any maps you have, you only need to align and split them first with Microsoft MapCruncher as described in this tutorial on the forum page.
- You can now load KML files in MGMaps from your memory card using Services / View KML / Open file.
- New map types were added for Live.com maps Brasil, Live.com maps with terrain shading and Google Terrain maps — the latter is not available directly in MGMaps for viewing over-the-air, see this post for details.
- You can display the list of the latest search results or directions waypoints by pressing 6. In order to view the GPS screen while you have results displayed, press 2 to clear the map then 6.
- Other updates and bug-fixes.

Download it!


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