[UPDATE] Resco Photo Viewer v4.50

Sunday, September 30, 2007

I'll remind you that Resco Photo Viewer enable to view your video and image files or create your own digital photo album or presentation. Any picture can be attached with graphic or sound information in various formats. Anyway, it has been updated to v4.50 to brings several changes and fixes like :

- Certified by Symbian signed
- Improved TIFF/FAX support
- Support for JPEG2000 file extensions
- More slideshow durations (up to 5 minutes)
- Add image to contact
- Improved support for Nokia E90
- Improved quality of zoomed out images
- Info about currently displayed image
- Optional ask before exiting application

Download it!

[UPDATE] PhoNetInfo v1.6.0

PhoNetInfo has been updated to v1.6.0 to fix and add following features :

- Profile tab:
--> Fixed bug in "Warning tones" (application reported warning tones as 'off'
when they were 'on' and vice versa)

- Network tab:
--> Fixed typo (it should be "... strength", not "... strenght")

- HAL tab:
--> Added the following new phone models to the CPU ABI type and CPU
architecture programming routines to correctly distinguish between
ARM11 and ARM4 CPUs:
====> Nokia E51 (0x20002D7B)
====> Nokia N81 8GB (0x20002D83)
====> Nokia N95-3 NAM (0x2000060B)
====> Nokia N95 8GB (0x20002D84)

Download it!

NB : Don't forget to sign it !

[UPDATE] Devicescape v1.1.38

Friday, September 28, 2007

Devicescape has got a new update to fix some bugs :

- 9077: Icon looks not as good as previous version in some configurations Icon resolutions have been eliminated that might confuse some platforms in some situations.

- 9319: Devicescape IAP is not removed when uninstalling
Integrated updated Hotspot Framework from Nokia to allow the IAP
to be properly removed on uninstall.

- 9094: "Any" network support and selecting another network if needed Support for "any" network to try different networks has been added. Devicescape will now attempt to get connected via various networks, if enabled via the web site, selecting another if available and not connected.

- In order to manually log in, users should disable the "Auto Connect" on the client software by either right-clicking the Devicescape icon in the "notification area" on
the taskbar for desktop, or from the menu when the application is visible (Mobile and desktops). Disabling "Auto Connect" on the client prevents network logins and network selection from

- 7284: Problems with Wi-Fi drivers that do not support WMI Changes have been made to extact the necessary network information via means that do not rely on the drivers populating WMI.

Download it!

[UPDATE] cClock v1.13

cClock has been updated to version 1.13 and brings lot of improvments (since the v1.07) like :

- Bug fix : Preview screen obvious flicking if "White on black".
- Bug fix : "Miss call" icon sometime don't refresh correctly.
- Feature : "Always on top", if it is "No", you can see the "desktop" or program on top if you press any key. If it is "Yes", you will see "cClock" stay on until you unlock the keyboard.
- Feature : More fonts options.
- Modify behavior : Make AM/PM seprate row, as "Wednesday" is too long if users select "Big" on Week option.
- Feature : Add Stopwatch function.
- Feature : Add option to disable time, as some users request only to see the stop watch.
- Feature : Add option to startup to stopwatch screen.
- Modify behavior : If only either one of them :Day of the week, or Week number in year, the text will be position in center.

- Feature : make the LCD_DIGI font resizeable.
- Feature : Split the options to 5 tab.
- Modify behavior : If the "Power saving mode" is "no", cClock will on the keylock after about 2 mintues.
- Modify behavior : Add a space between week.
- Modify behavior : Delete "Day" in Chinese Calendar date.
- Feature : Add preview at configurator.
- Feature : If "Backlight" is "Yes", cClock stays on the screen until you unlock the phone.

- If the "Power saving mode" is "no", once the cClock launch, it will turn on the keylock.
- Feature : Options for adjusting the font size of date and time.

- Feature : Add selection on Clock style, "System" mean using system font, "Default" is the LCD_DIGI font. 

- Feature : Add "Icons position", "Icon size", "Bluetooth" options.

Change configuration file location, so that it can uninstall correctly.

Download it!

NB : Don't forget to sign it!

The release-candidate of Handy Calendar in the begining of the next week

Well epocware team is workin hard to fix some problems in the actual beta version like :
- bad localizations (Hungarian, German, Dutch)
- * and # hotkeys
- crashing in Month view
- eiditing issues
- support for all day events from Exchange

Also they'll be some new features to add like:

- insert message
- insert location
- overlapping indication in time sale
- menu usability improvements
- better phone number recognition
- undated tasks filter
- warning for passed alarms

Finally, some things will be left for v1.01:

- different alarm sounds
- different skins

So wait and see !

HandWallet v4.13

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Well, if you was an earlier user of s80 you'll know that HandWallet is a software for the management of the financial life of families, partnerships and small companies. With HandWallet you will be able to calculate your budget better, to track your expenses and incomes and to predict your exact future financial forecast. it enables to :

- Track an unlimited number of Bank accounts, Credit Cards or Cash.
- Manage unlimited number of categories and sub categories, persons, vendors and currencies.
- Graphic analyses of all aspects of the data.

Download it!

NB : Don't forget to sign it!
It may gives some errors on some s60 ;)

[UPDATE] Best MessageStorer v1.03

Best MessageStorer has got a new update, i'll remind you that it Allows saving messages as text file and storing them as CSV (comma-separated values) file, in this new version : a detail "to" and "from" address fields has been added

Download it!

Psiloc is looking for Beta Testers for Ir Remote?

Well that's what i was reading this morning on Psiloc_Applications Google Group
- an S60 3rd edition device with IR port
- access to the Internet from the device
- access to household equipment controlled by remote controls
- discretion

To apply please send an e-mail to support [at] psiloc.com and provide them:
Your device model
IMEI of your device
Important: The subject field of your email must include 'Beta Testing'

All qualified candidates will receive more information next week.

[UPDATE] Slick 0.22

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Slick has got an new update that includes some new features like : Dialog tabs, file download from url, download manager, traffic counter (on Shift key), Send by Enter key (option), groups that contain only offline contacts are hidden, drawing new msg icon also on collapsed groups, receiving html messages on ICQ/AIM

Download it!

[UPDATE] Mobile GMaps v1.37.02

Another update for Mobile GMaps with new fixes !

- Configurable max. number of places for View KML — you can view more than 25 places in a KML.
- Fixed a null-pointer exception occuring at MGMaps startup with Mobile Tracking enabled using the internal GPS.
- Other small updates and fixes.

Download it!

[UPDATE] All Psiloc Applications !

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

All Psiloc applications got an update to introduce the DRM Common Solutions 3.0 that protects the valuable binary code against reverse engineering!

Download them!

Handy Calculator v1.0

Handy Calculator for your Symbian-based smartphone gives you access to all basic calculator functionality (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, square root, percentage, etc) in prompt and easy way. Just one touch of joystick allows you to fulfill any math operation with your Handy Calculator. The speed is constrained by how fast you can press the buttons.

Numerous additional options of Handy Calculator that will answer your daily calculation needs:

1. History list shows 5 last operations;
2. Last results list contains last 20 results of calculations;
3. Copy – Paste function allows you to insert calculation results to other applications, etc.

Exact and fast calculations will make your Handy Calculator one of the most frequently used applications on your smartphone.

Download it!

Psiloc Introducing DRM Common Solutions 3.0

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Like Jukub Lipinski from Psiloc said : We have been working hard on the 3rd major release of the common library used by all Psiloc (and some third-party) applications. DRM Common Solutions 3.0 introduces some new features I would like to describe further:

- The newest version of the library is more stable and error-proof. We have gathered the feedback from our end-users and simplified the User Interface displayed after pressing License button in the main application view. All the options are divided into functional groups and are accessible much faster
- We have introduced a feedback mechanism which allows us to collect anonymous data about the behaviour of Psiloc applications. This data can contain information on frequency of usage of particular features or the descriptions of the problems encountered. The data is sent to us and thanks to your help we can develop better applications. The participation in the Quality Feedback is voluntary and is OFF by default
- We have redesigned our loyalty program. Psiloc Cash allows you to get a free license for Psiloc applications either by spreading the word about our applications among your friends or by helping us to develop better applications by turning the Quality Feedback ON
- The latest version of the library takes advantage of the solution for lack of the SISSYSTEM parameter in Symbian 9 PKG. Now, when you uninstall any of Psiloc application, other will still work and you don't have to reinstall them.
- DRM Common Solutions 3.0 is incompatible with the previous versions. For you it means that if you upgrade any of the applications to a version containing the new Commom Solutions (which is recommended), you also need to update all other Psiloc applications. You might also need to restart you phone after upgrade And here is the rest of it.


Your Alarms is a multialarm applications designed mainly for OS 9.1 S60 devices, which do not have this functionality implemented with native clock applications, but it should also work with other 3rd edition S60 devices as well

This version is definetely a beta, tested, but just with few devices, anyway, this application is also self-signed, which means that it can not have WriteDeviceData capability, and because it is missing it, you can not modify alarms made by any other application, thus you should first use the normal clock application to delete all alarms, and then use this applications to re-set them.

Also some other cool functionality, like setting workdays & changing alarm sounds are disabled in this version, due the reason that they also require WriteDeviceData capability.

Download it!

[UPDATE] Wikipedia v1.0

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Wikipedia has been updated to brings more features and informations! with :

- Approximately 2050 full-length articles, more than 8,500 full-colour images and over 3.5 million words (equivalent to a 4,000+ page book in text alone)
- Storage Card & Phone Memory Compatibility
- Keyword Search
- Adjustable font sizes and styles
- Cross Reference Links - tap on a link to easily go to the related article
- An easy-to-use alphabetical index for all articles
- Compatibility with ALL S60 devices, from the Nokia 7650 to the N95 :)

Download it!

NB : More informations to be found here!

[UPDATE] Handy Calendar beta 3

More beta updates for handy calendar, it's time for the beta 3 that includes the following Changes:
1. New languages added.
2. Many translation fixes.
3. Fixes.
4. # hot key to jump between current date and today.

Download it!

[UPDATE] AnimSprite v2.02

AnimSprite has got a new update with new integrated animations and A reduced memory footprint and an increase of Frame Rate setting mbm ;)

Download it!

NB : Don't forget to sign it!

FIVN Player v2.5

Here is the new version of FIVN Player, just released from Loc Nguyen. It's a music player with some nice features, as search, Stereo widening and equalizator... it can reads : aac, amr, mp3, mp4, ogg and wav

Download it! Dowload more languages!

[UPDATE] Mobile GMaps v1.37.00

Friday, September 21, 2007

MGMaps has been released. It fixes a number of bugs and includes a few updates. Important changes:
- Added the View Friends service: you can now view on your phone where your GMap-Track friends are.
- Mobile GPS Tracking (Move Map) is now temporarily disabled for 30 seconds whenever you move the map manually — this allows you to browse and search the map while Mobile Tracking is enabled.
- The GMap-Track login screen is automatically displayed if you enter an invalid username/password or if you enable GPS Web Tracking without entering a username.

Download it!

Nokia Conversation v1.0

Conversation is a messaging application that allows you to follow your conversations, organized by individual contacts. In addition, the application provides an easy way for replying to messages, and to continue the conversations.

After installation, the application will appear in your device as an application shortcut, and as a new tab in your Contacts application.

Download it!

[UPDATE] CorePlayer Beta 2 v1.1.2 build 1971

Saturday, September 15, 2007

CorePlayer has been updated to Beta 2 v1.1.2 build 1971.

So what's new with Beta 2?

- REMOVE: symbian remove media key support
- REMOVE: Screen blanking menu item (where the device does not support it)
- FIX: Initial serial number entry crashing
- FIX: symbian audio quality
- FIX: symbian networking more stable (there can be still issues...)
- FIX: Flac file support
- FIX: N72 d-pad crashing
- FIX: uiq3 fullscreen toolbar hiding
- FIX: uiq3 preferneces dialog "select page" popupmenu
- FIX: uiq3 softmenu handling
- FIX: uiq3 audio
- ADD: uiq3 dpi to native 1:1 pixel
- ADD: Language selection preference page and detect the OS language in use
- ADD: '0' numpad hotkey for mute (when uninstalled and reinstalled)
- ADD: AD-41 remote support
- ADD: uiq3 dynamic screen configuration support (like P990 flip open/close)
- ADD: Improved Bluetooth support
- Plus another 50+ fix/add/changes

Buy it!

Nseries PC Suite 2.0 released at Nokia Beta Labs (now for real) !

Nokia Beta Labs presents: Nokia Nseries PC Suite 2.0 with a huge size of the software package !Use the applications to transfer photos or videos from your device to your PC, to copy your favorite music from your PC to your device or to synchronize your calendar and contact information. And much more.

Download it!

X Safe 2

A direct competitor to Handy safe has been released by Nova Epoc Systems called X Safe 2 To remind you, X Safe for Series 60 3rd Edition is a perfect assistant for secure and convenient managing all your important information. Keep your sensitive information private and password protected. Store credit cards, calling cards, user names, passwords, accounts (bank, internet, email), web pages, contacts and much more. Flexible and fully customizable user interface, tree view and list view modes. Support for custom templates.

- Strong data security, encryption is done with 256 bit Blowfish cipher.
- Ability to store data of different kind and organize multilevel folder hierarchy.
- Well designed and flexible user interface. Tree view mode, that dramatically simplifies data browsing. 'Quick Info' feature - view information without interruption of browsing
- Fully customizable user interface. Field icon support for different data types, double/single line editing mode, different data layouts, field dividers.
- Over 30 predefined templates for most commonly used entry types: different credit/debit cards, various accounts (bank, E-mail, internet), calling cards, user names, passwords, hosts, websites, etc.
- Custom templates support. Define your own templates, specify fields, their data types and initial values.
- Direct operations on fields, call specified phone number, create SMS/MMS message, send E-mail, etc.
- Send data via different services: IR/Bluetooth/SMS/MMS/E-mail.
- Over 60 icons are available for predefined and custom templates, also for individual entries.

Download it!

[UPDATE] AnimSprite v2.00

AnimSprite has got a major update by the3sky ! it's now compatible with GIF files, that means that we can use a gif animations too, so not conversion to mbm is needed, animations can be downloaded everywhere, just look for a gif that you want and put it on e:/data/animsprite, you can insert more than one and choose or change everytime you want. No more file name restrictions. cool !

Download it!

Don't forget to sign it!

[UPDATE] Handy Calendar beta2

Friday, September 14, 2007

After the beta1 version of Handy Calendar a beta2 version has been released ! There are lot of fixes of the reported bugs. The trial message dialog at startup was removed. The trial period was prolonged up to 31 days.

Handy Calendar was also translated into several languages. They are not 100% ready. To take part in translation and proofreading, go to:


Download an appropriate language file here, translate/fix it and send us to :

Download it!

[UPDATE] IM+ v6.10

IM+ has been updated to v6.10 with some fixes for E-Series (E61i E90 etc)

Download it!

[UPDATE] DivxPlayer 0.89

Thursday, September 13, 2007

I think that everyone knows already DivxPlayer? anyway, it has been updated to v0.89 and brings some more features :

- feature preview video clips in the form of small shops with a picture (miniatures)
- added option to continue playing from the start or stop file;
- Improving the quality of video images;
- added customization of video and audio synchronization (delay / ahead of sound);
roller-off on the startup.
- Assortment after name, file size, length, date and last seen
- Should be now able to call up also files from the Internet (untested!). Anyhow can a connection with the DivX Site (over the Browser!) and also software to be updated here and Movies are taken up downloaded.

Download it!

Mr. Lock 1.0 : Autolock freeware by mobifunsoft !

Yep, this time, mobifunsoft has annouced a cool "advanced" autolck freeware !Here is what you can do:

- You can set the idle period after which Mr Lock will lock the keypad.
- You can also define the profiles in which Mr Lock will be enabled.
- And last but not least, you can ask him not to lock the keypad when you are running a particular application.

Download it!

[UPDATE] Slick 0.21

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Slick has been updated to 0.21

0.21 : Fixed vibration crash, UIQ version, setting own status, setting auto-away mode after some time, receiving messages from users not in contact list, detecting and opening web links

Download it!

[UPDATE] CellTrack v1.0.3

Monday, September 10, 2007

CellTrack has got an update :i don't know really what's new on this version but you could read the log from the Symbian test tool

Download it!

And don't forget to sign it!

Handy Calendar Beta 1 is ready !

Friday, September 7, 2007

Well, as promised by epocware, the first public beta version of Handy Calendar is available! You can post your bug reports and feature suggestions in the my-symbian's thread. When reporting use the following pattern:

ID: Your forum nickname + number, e.g. epocware-1
Subject: Where/what + [ERROR/FEATURE] + short description, e.g. Delete entries [ERROR] gives “Memory full” error while deleting All entries.
Phone: Your phone, firmware version, phone language.
Details: Preconditions, steps to reproduce for a bug; a detailed description for a feature request.
Current result: The current result, error messages for a bug.
Expected result: The result you expect.

A Beta 2 will be available in a week or so according to epocware team...

Download it!

[UPDATE] Devicescape v1.1.33

Did you still remember Devicescape? Ok, it has got a new update also!You can view the release note here

Download it!

[UPDATE] TTmusic v1.17.13

The popular TTmusic player (yes it becomes popular :)) has been updated to add more features !The new version features the following :
1. 3 edition version with two players than support full-screen (240x320) is not affected by the theme interface will be even more perfect.
2. Mp3 player completely solve the problem of gibberish
3. Choose local songs 9 hours
4. Support for a variety of music formats : OGG, MP3, AAC, MP4, WMA, M4A, AMR, MID, WAV
5. The background (that is, hidden procedures) / prospects switching operation : hot keys can be switched to the front and background hotkey : Edit button + asterisk keys. Note : Editing button on the keyboard that is small pencil;
6. Sleep mode (time to stop playing) : sweet every day you go to sleep with-the world's most professional Nokia
7. Alarm clock (regularly broadcast) : sweet morning every day you get up and shout
8. supports full-screen lyrics : LRC lyrics documents downloaded music files into directory, but must be named, support ANSI, Unicode, UTF-8 format.

1.17 new features:
1. Every day people can do for each signature skin, order your own daily fine!
2. Additional lyrics time adjustment function: When the lyrics show opened, every button on a upward direction, slowing down 300 milliseconds; Each downward direction of a bond to expedite 300 milliseconds; The three canceled lyrics adjustment.
3. Full-screen skin support from the theme, the traditional oggplay skin no longer supported.
4. Wall keys directly background
5. Fluency increased player options: If the players do not want to have stalled, chose a more fluent, but in some models may lead to switching procedures jeans.
Traditional function
1. Software support list players, players folder. Every day sounding MP3 WMA OGG support, audio player
2. To facilitate the management of playlists
3. Can a single cycle, all the circle, and random way to play your favorite music player
4. The software supports viewing song information.
5. Sounding every day marking the direct interface shortcuts, user-friendly, and arranged a large number of special function keys

6. The process of scanning must use their own music library, the phone sounding songs added to the daily list of players
Options open - open directory / songs to choose the memory card and then find themselves placed MP3 folder
Very convenient, why? Because of our peacetime ringtones and songs mixed together own players a search on all added.
After the addition of good songs on it you can appreciate slowly 1,10
7. Every day course will be indispensable sounding lyrics that
8. Software provides a sleep mode, in your sleep time will not forget the players and shut down phone battery depletion
9. Sounding every day also provided such as a keyboard key lock, alarm functions
10. His lyrics can be defined folders 1,10
11. Support for the replacement of the skin

You can download some skins from here.

Download it!

NB : It doesn't work in some firmware variants...

[UPDATE] cClock v1.07

cClock has been updated to 1.07
- 1.07
Feature : Add 9 more configurable feature.

- 1.06
Feature : Display Chinese calendar date.

Feature : Add a configurator.

- 1.05
Bug fix : other profiles display twice and at wrong position

- 1.01-1.04
Bug fix : AM/PM position, deep power saver mode not working

- 1.00
First release

Download it!

Slick : IM software by Lonely Cat Games ! (v0.2 Alpha)

Finally a messenger application by lonelycatgames! It allows you to chat with your friends connected though various online messaging applications.

- Supported protocols: ICQ, Yahoo, AIM (more to be added later)
- Text messaging
- Emoticons
- Alerts - sound, backlight, vibration, notify window displaying number of new messages
- More features to be added

Currently it is still in development, and alpha version is available for free for public testing.

[UPDATE] AnimSprite v1.01

Thursday, September 6, 2007

A new update for AnimSprite !

Version history:
1.00 original function
1.01 fixed auto start bug,enable selecting "Display NO" to disable auto-start for more power saving.

Download it!

Don't forget to sign it!


The idea behind AppQLaunch by yohanes is (Description by author) that Sometimes typing something is faster than point and click, and this has been proven by the popularity of QuickSilver in Mac, an application that can be used to launch applications (and do some actions) quickly by typing (feature appeared already in taskman for example).

For every application that I often use, I have put the shortcut in the standby screen, and for application that I use but not too often, I put them in the top level menu. The standby screen is always fast, but the menu is always very slow even with the latest firmware version. Things gets worse when I tried to open “Installat.” (which contains all installed applications, and all new applications that I haven’t decide whether to use them often or not). The “Installat.” folder is very slow to open.

type in some program name, click, and it will be launched. So such application, is named AppQLaunch. It won’t help when the application is very slow to start (such as Nokia Maps), but it really helps me launching small applications quickly. This program is not polished (it even uses default icon)

Download it!

AnimSprite : animations on your screen/desktop !

Another little cool Desktop Wizard software from The3sky that plays an animation on the desktop of your s60! for example, if you use a caterpillar theme, you can design a wizard of the Caterpillar, ran the Caterpillar plant in the leaves or branches, reptilesAll you have to do to change the animation, is to Replace the mbm file in c: \ data \ AnimSprite \ AnimSprite.mbm or e: \ data \ AnimSprite \ AnimSprite.mbm

You can download some animations from here or creat your own ones with the help of an mbm wizard...

Download it!

NB : You have to sign it to be able to use it!

Cortado : View, print or fax documents for E90

The Cortado Premium Services allow you to access documents (e.g., in form of e-mail attachments) quickly and simply with your Nokia E90 Communicator. Based on the Content Beamer technology, documents can be viewed on the display or sent directly from your handheld to a printer, fax machine or a laptop monitor. A download of the document is therefore unneccessary. Additionally, Cortado provides the possibility to write and send faxes en-route.
- View e-mail attachments on the handheld, without downloading the original document
- Print documents via Bluetooth or infrared
- Forward e-mail attachments and other documents as fax at high speed
- Create and send faxes using fax templates
- Display e-mail-attachments and other documents from the handheld on a notebook monitor

You can read more here...


Wednesday, September 5, 2007

It's time for WebGate to bring us a Video ringtone player that Personalize your incoming calls with a video like Video Ringtones and Skyecaller PRO or YOYAP!ClipTone integrates tightly with your Profiles / Contacts. What you need to do is go to Profiles / Contacts -> Ringing Tone. You will find all your video files on the list of available ringtones – just choose the video you want and your incoming calls will start coming in colourful sounds and motion.

Download it!

[UPDATE] Fring 3.23 : auto-roams between Wi-Fi & 3G!

Fring has been updated and it added a new auto-detection and auto-roaming feature in the Voip client! you can read the full story and download the client over here

MiniServer: Download files to the mobile from your PC using WiFi!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Nop from atopo.net has created a little utility in order to transfer a SIS file from the PC over WLAN network, a quick and FREE solution (compared to SymSMB and its €24.95).
What it does is to scan a directory and serve a web page with the directory's contents. All you have to do is point your mobile's browser to the address shown (your PC's address) and download the files you want! you can read more informations about that here

MessageTones by Rock Your Mobile!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

finally rock your mobile has released(a must have) application (for me anyway) called (MessageTones). this application allows the user to personalize the signal tones for incoming messages. This can be done for any contacts, groups and profile settings on all Nokia S60 3rd Edition Smartphones. The software solution is well and user friendly designed and offers several additional functions to simplify the daily work with this essential tool. From now on you always hear who sent you the latest message!

How to use:

1. Install MessageTones application
2. Go to Profiles
3. Choose the profile for which you would like to have MessageTones activated and click on Personalize
4. Choose MessageTones.wav as a tone for your messages
5. Run MessageTones application
6. Create new Message tone rule for profile, contact or group
7. Exit MessageTones application

Download it!
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