[UPDATE] TTmusic v1.17.13

Friday, September 7, 2007

The popular TTmusic player (yes it becomes popular :)) has been updated to add more features !The new version features the following :
1. 3 edition version with two players than support full-screen (240x320) is not affected by the theme interface will be even more perfect.
2. Mp3 player completely solve the problem of gibberish
3. Choose local songs 9 hours
4. Support for a variety of music formats : OGG, MP3, AAC, MP4, WMA, M4A, AMR, MID, WAV
5. The background (that is, hidden procedures) / prospects switching operation : hot keys can be switched to the front and background hotkey : Edit button + asterisk keys. Note : Editing button on the keyboard that is small pencil;
6. Sleep mode (time to stop playing) : sweet every day you go to sleep with-the world's most professional Nokia
7. Alarm clock (regularly broadcast) : sweet morning every day you get up and shout
8. supports full-screen lyrics : LRC lyrics documents downloaded music files into directory, but must be named, support ANSI, Unicode, UTF-8 format.

1.17 new features:
1. Every day people can do for each signature skin, order your own daily fine!
2. Additional lyrics time adjustment function: When the lyrics show opened, every button on a upward direction, slowing down 300 milliseconds; Each downward direction of a bond to expedite 300 milliseconds; The three canceled lyrics adjustment.
3. Full-screen skin support from the theme, the traditional oggplay skin no longer supported.
4. Wall keys directly background
5. Fluency increased player options: If the players do not want to have stalled, chose a more fluent, but in some models may lead to switching procedures jeans.
Traditional function
1. Software support list players, players folder. Every day sounding MP3 WMA OGG support, audio player
2. To facilitate the management of playlists
3. Can a single cycle, all the circle, and random way to play your favorite music player
4. The software supports viewing song information.
5. Sounding every day marking the direct interface shortcuts, user-friendly, and arranged a large number of special function keys

6. The process of scanning must use their own music library, the phone sounding songs added to the daily list of players
Options open - open directory / songs to choose the memory card and then find themselves placed MP3 folder
Very convenient, why? Because of our peacetime ringtones and songs mixed together own players a search on all added.
After the addition of good songs on it you can appreciate slowly 1,10
7. Every day course will be indispensable sounding lyrics that
8. Software provides a sleep mode, in your sleep time will not forget the players and shut down phone battery depletion
9. Sounding every day also provided such as a keyboard key lock, alarm functions
10. His lyrics can be defined folders 1,10
11. Support for the replacement of the skin

You can download some skins from here.

Download it!

NB : It doesn't work in some firmware variants...


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sorry to say, but the new version still doesn´t work with e61 and latesst firmware..
Error message: TTMusic Error 2,-5

Greetings, phanthomas

Yep it works only in APAC firmware, this has been confirmed so it doesnt matter if you have the latest firmware or not.

Thanks for your comment friend ;)

Do you know anything about the developing-status? And if a european/ american version is certainly planed?


N80: TTMusic Error 2,-5


No, sorry i've no idea of upcoming compatible version with the other variants :s


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