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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Another little cool Desktop Wizard software from The3sky that plays an animation on the desktop of your s60! for example, if you use a caterpillar theme, you can design a wizard of the Caterpillar, ran the Caterpillar plant in the leaves or branches, reptilesAll you have to do to change the animation, is to Replace the mbm file in c: \ data \ AnimSprite \ AnimSprite.mbm or e: \ data \ AnimSprite \ AnimSprite.mbm

You can download some animations from here or creat your own ones with the help of an mbm wizard...

Download it!

NB : You have to sign it to be able to use it!


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the rar file with the animations is corrupted...

and how can i learn how to make the animations?

*Link updated

*The way to create mbm from gif is simple but tedious. too lazy to post screenshots, but here's the main steps. if i can do it without screenshots i'm sure you guys can do it too.

1) Save the gif into individual frames in jpg/bmp format (using macromedia fireworks or imageready for example). Label them properly for usage later. Notice that any transparent portion is now gone and replaced by white.
2) Load each frame and use the bucket tool to fill all white areas with black.
3) Use the magic selection tool to select the black portion, then copy and paste it into another empty white background of the same resolution. You should just get a black background, with a white blotch where the main resolution is. Save this in the same numbered series as the above ones, cos they are linked.
4)Run the mbm wizard and load the pictures in...making sure the selected colour format is /c16 for all. The sample images had /c16 for the colour images and /2 for the b/w images, but this didn't work for me. /c16 for all worked fine for me so you can experiment here. The loading of the picture should be in the order - Colour1 followed by b/w1 then colour2 followed by b/w2.
5)Once all loaded, click file and save as. You should get a mbm file where u indicated.
6) Try opening the new mbm file in mbm wizard to see if you get all the frames inside.
7)If ok, just rename to Animsprite.mbm, transfer to your phone and voila!

i'll try to make more detailled tutorial in the upcoming days ;)


lyke u said. easy but tedious lol!

hey slipkornsaad

ive made a n95 gif wallpaper which are compiled from 4 or 5 images of my car and they change in sequence,but found out once put on my phone n95 wont let gif images work on it, can someone plz tell me if there is a 3rd party app i can use to get the wallpaper working plz? ive searched everywhere online and i cant find any help, surely theres a way

hope u can help me

thank you

hey everlastuk, thanks for your comment !

did you try AnimSprite v2.00 or AnimSprite v2.02 ? it supports gif animations (even with 50 frames animation!)

hope that helps, regards ;)

yea but the thing is wot do i do with AnimSprite v2.00 or AnimSprite v2.02? do i need to install it on my phone? and then will it hopefully use my own made gif as a moving screensaver?

thanks :D

p.s am i being cheeky askin ya msn addy?

arrrrrghh!! this is driving me wild plz help :( dude if i give u my imei number cud u register both versions of the app for me? plzzzzzzzzz?

can you put some picture of that following?

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