[UPDATE] cClock v1.13

Friday, September 28, 2007

cClock has been updated to version 1.13 and brings lot of improvments (since the v1.07) like :

- Bug fix : Preview screen obvious flicking if "White on black".
- Bug fix : "Miss call" icon sometime don't refresh correctly.
- Feature : "Always on top", if it is "No", you can see the "desktop" or program on top if you press any key. If it is "Yes", you will see "cClock" stay on until you unlock the keyboard.
- Feature : More fonts options.
- Modify behavior : Make AM/PM seprate row, as "Wednesday" is too long if users select "Big" on Week option.
- Feature : Add Stopwatch function.
- Feature : Add option to disable time, as some users request only to see the stop watch.
- Feature : Add option to startup to stopwatch screen.
- Modify behavior : If only either one of them :Day of the week, or Week number in year, the text will be position in center.

- Feature : make the LCD_DIGI font resizeable.
- Feature : Split the options to 5 tab.
- Modify behavior : If the "Power saving mode" is "no", cClock will on the keylock after about 2 mintues.
- Modify behavior : Add a space between week.
- Modify behavior : Delete "Day" in Chinese Calendar date.
- Feature : Add preview at configurator.
- Feature : If "Backlight" is "Yes", cClock stays on the screen until you unlock the phone.

- If the "Power saving mode" is "no", once the cClock launch, it will turn on the keylock.
- Feature : Options for adjusting the font size of date and time.

- Feature : Add selection on Clock style, "System" mean using system font, "Default" is the LCD_DIGI font. 

- Feature : Add "Icons position", "Icon size", "Bluetooth" options.

Change configuration file location, so that it can uninstall correctly.

Download it!

NB : Don't forget to sign it!


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