[UPDATE] CorePlayer Beta 2 v1.1.2 build 1971

Saturday, September 15, 2007

CorePlayer has been updated to Beta 2 v1.1.2 build 1971.

So what's new with Beta 2?

- REMOVE: symbian remove media key support
- REMOVE: Screen blanking menu item (where the device does not support it)
- FIX: Initial serial number entry crashing
- FIX: symbian audio quality
- FIX: symbian networking more stable (there can be still issues...)
- FIX: Flac file support
- FIX: N72 d-pad crashing
- FIX: uiq3 fullscreen toolbar hiding
- FIX: uiq3 preferneces dialog "select page" popupmenu
- FIX: uiq3 softmenu handling
- FIX: uiq3 audio
- ADD: uiq3 dpi to native 1:1 pixel
- ADD: Language selection preference page and detect the OS language in use
- ADD: '0' numpad hotkey for mute (when uninstalled and reinstalled)
- ADD: AD-41 remote support
- ADD: uiq3 dynamic screen configuration support (like P990 flip open/close)
- ADD: Improved Bluetooth support
- Plus another 50+ fix/add/changes

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