X Safe 2

Saturday, September 15, 2007

A direct competitor to Handy safe has been released by Nova Epoc Systems called X Safe 2 To remind you, X Safe for Series 60 3rd Edition is a perfect assistant for secure and convenient managing all your important information. Keep your sensitive information private and password protected. Store credit cards, calling cards, user names, passwords, accounts (bank, internet, email), web pages, contacts and much more. Flexible and fully customizable user interface, tree view and list view modes. Support for custom templates.

- Strong data security, encryption is done with 256 bit Blowfish cipher.
- Ability to store data of different kind and organize multilevel folder hierarchy.
- Well designed and flexible user interface. Tree view mode, that dramatically simplifies data browsing. 'Quick Info' feature - view information without interruption of browsing
- Fully customizable user interface. Field icon support for different data types, double/single line editing mode, different data layouts, field dividers.
- Over 30 predefined templates for most commonly used entry types: different credit/debit cards, various accounts (bank, E-mail, internet), calling cards, user names, passwords, hosts, websites, etc.
- Custom templates support. Define your own templates, specify fields, their data types and initial values.
- Direct operations on fields, call specified phone number, create SMS/MMS message, send E-mail, etc.
- Send data via different services: IR/Bluetooth/SMS/MMS/E-mail.
- Over 60 icons are available for predefined and custom templates, also for individual entries.

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