[UPDATE] Locatik v0.91

Sunday, December 23, 2007

I didn't post about Psiloc Locatik last week, i'll remind that's a free service which allows you to display your current position and share it with your friends. It allows you to lookup your friends on an interactive Google Map at www.locatik.com. Locatik supports any Nokia S60 3rd edition NSeries or ESeries mobile device with or without GPS.


The phone application sends your current position to Locatik servers (in the form of tiny reports called Tiks) however only when you want it to do so...


Also, it supports two ways of determining your current location:
+ Internal or external bluetooth GPS receiver
+ GSM cellular tower id: Utilizes complex mathematical algorithms to aid in determining your position based on previous appearances of GPS devices in your area. The more of them passed in your vicinity in the past, the more accurate your results will be.

Therefore there are a number of modes of sharing your location information:
+ Public Mode: When you’re in Public mode everyone can go to www.locatik.com and (knowing your username) can see where you were at the moment of sending the last report.
+ Friends Mode: When you set the Location Sharing to Friends on your phone, the next report you send will only be visible to the people you have on your Friends List on the web site.
+ Off: When chosen this option completely turns off part of the application responsible for collecting information on your location
To signup for the beta, visit locatik.com. Then you can download the mobile application from m.locatik.com through your cell phone browser.


More info to be found directly in official site ;)


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