Psiloc miniGPS : Locate yourself in the GSM network

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Finally Psiloc did it! Psiloc’s miniGPS collects details about GSM network cells and perform predefined actions such as sounding an alarm, switch the phones profile, turn the bluetooth off/on, change the phone background image or send an SMS as the phone switches in or out of the cell based on your location within the cellular network. Thanks to Psiloc miniGPS you can free your mind, make your phone more intelligent than ever and your life easier. Here are some points taken from psiloc's user guide :

When you open the miniGPS you will see the 'Main' Tab. It contains basic information about your current position in the network. You can switch between Tabs by pressing right and left on the joystick button.The available Tabs are:

• Main MiniGPS
• Events
• Locations
• Log

Events: In this tab user can add Events to Locations. If you don't have any Locations defined, the application will ask you to add one. Event type - you can select between five available options:

• Send SMS
• Run Alarm
• Change Profile
• Change Bluetooth State
• Change Theme

You can choose whether you want your event to start when you enter or exit location.

In the same window other options are displayed, depending on selected event. These options are:

• Message and Recipient (available for 'SMS' event) - you can input a message here, which will be displayed on the screen or sent by SMS when event starts.

• Sound file (available for 'Alarm' event) - allows you to select one of available tones to play when event starts.

• Profile (available for 'Change Orofile' event) - you can set the profile you want to switch to, when event starts.

• Change Bluetooth State (available for 'Change Bluetooth' event) - you can turn Bluetooth ON or OFF.

• Theme (available for “Change Theme” event) - you can set which Theme will appear on your display when event starts.


To add new Location select “Options” and choose “Define Location”. Enter Location's name and press “OK” button.

Once you create a custom Location you can help miniGPS to learn your new position. Select Options and then “Teach Location”.

You will see the information about how many minutes you would like to teach miniGPS your location. After your chose the miniGPS will start collecting cells to a Location. This way you can create your own database of network cells.

You can delete a Location using the “C” button or by pressing “Options” and then “Remove Location”


This tab is displaying information about details of the current cell. It is displaying time date and Location of the current cell. You can browse your history using the up and down directions on the joystick. User can clear log using Option “Clear Log” from Options menu.

Download it!


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