KeyMap : Map your device's keys for playing game more conveniently!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Another little application from the3sky, it allows to change the map of the keys for playing a game more conveniently :

1.Mapping keys while playing games.
2.Supported keys including Arrow keys,OK,0-9,*,#.
3.Disable mapping at desktop,SMS,MMS,Email,and so on.

How to use?
1.Run app and select "Mapping key".
2.Press original key,then press mapping key.
3.You can do it once again for more key's mapping.
4.Select "Save",put it to backgroud running.
5.Now you can play games with your custom keys.

Download it!*

Application must be signed to be ready for use !


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Than'x for this app, it is great but it has one big disadvantage, it does't support +/- (volume and zooming) keys on N73 :(. It is posible to add feature like that? It will let us comfortable play games in landscape mode (like on psp or ngage). I know it's only two buttons, but it coul be set as acceleration and brke in racing games. For me that will be a big advantage.

sory for my bad english. Best regards ;)

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